pyback – FUD cross-platform python backdoor



FUD (if you keep it that way) cross-platform backdoor and CNC written in python 2 with post exploitation modules and encrypted communication.

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Top Features

  • Automated obfuscation and packing with pyarmor and pyinstaller
  • Cross-platform modules (of course)
  • Direct shell access ( no need to type extra garbage )
  • AES encrypted communication
  • Command and Control center
  • Can execute commands on all sessions at the same time ( AKA Botnet )
  • Download/upload files
  • Detect virtual machine and sandbox
  • Take screenshots
  • Dump clipboard
  • Keylogger
  • Spawn a separate powershell session
  • Enable/disable RDP
  • Enable/disable UAC
  • Easy session interaction and handling
  • Windows persistence using registry entries ( more methods will be added )


you can use python native installation or wine


python 2 ,version 2.7.15 or later
to install pyback simply run the

or use wine:

wine /root/.wine/drive_c/Python27/python.exe


run the generator script and follow the steps, you can choose to pack and obfuscate the backdoor automatically during the config operation.


using wine:

wine /root/.wine/drive_c/Python27/python.exe
the backdoor generator will use pyarmor for obfuscating all the scripts and then pyinstaller for packing the backdoor executable. ( these are both installed with the script )
the generated backdoor will be saved in the dist directory inside pyback folder.
send the backdoor, start the c2 and wait for connections.


Usage Tips

. DO NOT USE QUOTES in path names, for example use file name instead of "file name" when changing directories with cd
. If you want to upload a file it should be placed in the same directory as the file.
. spawn module will spawn a separate shell using powershell for windows, catch it with netcat.
. While using the CNC shell your prompt will be like this: [ CNC ] >>> and it can run local system commands.
. To get a list of all available commands in CNC or backdoor prompt simply type help.
. ANY COMMAND not included in the help banners will be executed as system shell commands so be carefull with that.


see changelogs for different versions here


DO NOT upload this on VirusTotal or anywhere else, I DID IT FOR YOU

Updated in 09 Feb 2021: