Genisys – Telegram Members Scraping



Powerful Telegram Members Scraping and Adding Toolkit


  • ADDS IN BULK[by user id, not by username]
  • Scrapes and adds to public groups
  • Adds 50-60 members on an average
  • Works in Windows systems
  • You can run unlimited accounts at the same time in order to add members
  • CSV files auto-distributer based on number of accounts to use
  • Powerful scraping tool that can scrape active members from any public group
  • You can add members both by username and by user ID
  • Least chances of account ban
  • Script auto-joins public group from all accounts for faster adding
  • Filters banned accounts and remove them, making things easy
  • Genisys can also store unlimited accounts for adding purposes
  • Adding scripts launches automatically based on number of accounts to use

How to use

Suggestion: It is better to add by ID because if you add by username only users having usernames will be added. Moreover, it is slow

  • Install Requirements
pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Read the complete tutorial HOW_TO_USE.txt and use it
  • Add your accounts to add and scrape members
  • Scrape members
  • Add members


Sometimes users may not get added at all, this may be because the account is probably limited. Try with another account

Support | Screenshot


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  • This tool is official and completely free to use. Do not buy if anyone tries to sell by copying script


  • Tool Astra has been recently released. Check it out