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Best Voice Changer Apps for Android



Top 10 Voice Changer Apps for Android Device in 2021

To call your friends without revealing your identity for a prank, the only thing that will come to your mind is to have an unknown phone number. But that’s not enough nowadays. Definitely, your voice will be your identity, and it is hard to change it naturally. Well, PlayStore has some funny apps that can even change your voice into someone else’s. Even you can convert your voice into female or male and add effects of different categories like alien, ghost, robot, and characters of popular movies. Sounds interesting, right? If so, you are just in the right place where we are going to introduce you to the best voice changer apps for Android.

Best Voice Changer Apps for Android

You can find hundreds of voice changing apps out there though most of them will fail to impress you. We are even fed up because of so many apps that are nothing but trash. The effects didn’t work properly, and the system was somewhere too complicated. But thanks to some of the genius app developers. We got some apps that really work. And so, we listed them in a row with all necessary information. So, check them out to find the best one for you.

1. Voice changer with effects


Important Features

  • Up to 40 effects such as robot, helium, backward, monster, squirrel alien, and more effects are available to apply.
  • You can create a voice from the text. The sound will be saved in high quality.
  • The recordings are easily usable as notification sound and ringtone as well.
  • This voice changer helps you share all your recordings via different social media like WhatsApp, email, etc.
  • Here you will get a piano with an equalizer, which is totally different to play with.

Pros: This app allows you to create images with sound. Furthermore, you can import the pre-recorded sounds from the phone.

Cons: The app doesn’t let you listen to effects live.

2. Voice Changer – Audio Effects


Have you ever wanted to modify your voice? Voice Changer, Audio Effects will serve you the purpose with a wide range of features. This app maintains high quality by eliminating background noise. You can cut out any part of the recording with the audio trimmer. Also, you will get some funny effects to troll your friends. In fact, you will have a singing karaoke with three customizable parameters, and you can use it to customize a new voice. Want to learn more? Have a look over the features below.

Important Features

  • There are a lot of customizable effects like reverb, echo, tempo, mid, pitch, and so on.
  • Speed changer of this app can faster or slower your voice recording give it a fun upshot.
  • You can share the audio files with your friends using any social media platform.
  • With the simple mode, you can change your voice tone to a feminine or masculine level. Also, these can be upgraded to an advanced level.
  • The recordings are allowed to set into alarm ringtone notification and so on.

Pros: When you save the recording, you will get high-quality sound. Moreover, you can record your voice with a unique robotic effect.

Cons: Some users complained that the female voice is a bit robotic.

3. Voice Changer


Are you searching for any Voice changing app that offers dozens of effects and will turn your tone into a funny one? Then, you are most welcome to Voice Changer by AndroidRock. As you will begin, you will soon find out how the app will manage to change your tone and let you have fun with your friends. There are options to make your voice sound like an older person or similar to a child.

Important Features

  • Voice Changer does its job quite smoothly as it has come with a very simple interface.
  • You need to record speech to apply filters to it.
  • It lets you discover unique effects like hoarse, underwater, drunk, martian, fan, bee, etc.
  • This app allows you to put on filters to your previous recorded speech.
  • The app lets you view your recorded voice, edit them and save them as audio files.
  • This app also permits sharing the audio files with friends through Bluetooth or any social media.

Pros: You can apply the same listed filter multiple times to make a whole new different effect to your voice.

Cons: Too many ads may disturb users while using this app.

4. Voice Changer

Voice Changer

If you are looking for one of the best voice changers for Android, then why not try Voice Changer by 302 Lock Screen? Well, this app has come with a very user-friendly interface and a bunch of funny effects to change your voice. Undoubtedly, all the features will help you to have fun with your friends. And you can even prank someone as you can turn your voice from an older man to a baby’s tone. Again, this app offers the most authentic robotic voice to make it a little bit mysterious and funny.

Important Features

  • The app will let you record your voice and change the tone with effects right away, like a call recording app.
  • You can apply effects to your old audio files as well.
  • The app lets you use a Smart microphone for karaoke, and you can hear your voice through it.
  • You can view, edit with effects and save the audio files on your device.
  • The app offers some unique effects, including chorus, martian, underwater, telephone, Alien, Giant, Nervous, creepy movie, the devil, and so on.

Pros: Voice changer guarantees the best sound quality. Also, you can share audio with friends via social media.

5. Super Voice Editor – Effect for Changer, Recorder

Super Voice Editor

The name says it all for Super Voice Editor, Effect for Changer, Recorder. You can simply record your own voice or just change it to a different character. There is no limit for recording. Moreover, it is usable as a voice modifier or voice modulator. Also, you can change your voice in messenger and Tiktok. For professional use, you will get reverb and equalizer options.

Important Features

  • Using this app, you can change your voice into male or female, superhero, child, animal, and more.
  • Audio editors let you edit every type of music in various formats.
  • You can make your own DIY ringtone efficiently with Super Voice Editor.
  • There is a numerous collection of characters’ voices to convert your voice into them.
  • You can use a lot of different scenes for your voice using the Audio Tuner.

Pros: If you want to shut the funny voices, then this app allows you to send them to your friends. Besides, you can easily cut and split any voice from any audio files.

Cons: Some users found the pitch adjuster a little difficult to use.

6. Voice changer sound effects

Voice changer sound effects are considered as one of the top players in the list of the best voice changer apps for Android. This is a very funny app with tons of settings that lets you customize each effect as per your requirement. And when you don’t need any effect you can directly record your plain voice. Furthermore, you will be able to turn your voice record into a basic target voice.

Important Features

  • There are a lot of mesmerizing effects like helium, hexafluoride, cave, chipmunk, bee, alien, monster, and so on.
  • You can make your voice recording in fast or slow motion and big and small sounds as well.
  • In this app, you can save the recordings in your collection and share them as well.
  • It has a smart microphone that will provide karaoke so that you can hear your own voice.
  • Song, sound, audio files, etc., are easy to import. And, you are free to add effects and change them.

Pros: Here, you can set your voice recordings as ringtones. You can even customize the sound with effects such as Volume, Bass, Echo, Reverb, etc.

Cons: The recorder only saves voice in wav format instead of mp3 format.

7. Voice Changer Voice Recorder – Editor & Effect


Have you ever planned to shock your friends with a funny voice and play a prank with them? Voice Changer Voice Recorder has come with the best sound effects and all you need to get rid out of boredom. You can also convert to funny voice effects like Robot, Bee, Child, Oldman, Woman, Alien, Devil, etc., to enjoy with your friends.

Again, if you want your dream voice, then you can even edit that with custom parameters. Although, the app will help you to perform like a real singer and rock the floor.

Important Features

  • This app enables a fascinating voice recorder for memory, and you can also share them on any platform.
  • You can even use this app in voice games or for voice improvement.
  • There are also options to change your tone into a funny one in phone calls or Messengers.
  • The app lets you enjoy different voice effects while singing, including chorus, karaoke, phonograph, concert, and theatre reverb.
  • You will also find superhero voices from Transformer, Star War, Minions.

Pros: The app permits you to play audio from the saved list while you are in a call or recording. Moreover, The sound quality will never let you down.

Cons: Too many commercials may interrupt while enjoying this app.

8. Voice Changer -Super Voice Effects Editor Recorder

Thanks to SmartDroid Tech for bringing such an excellent app where you can do both voice recordings and editing. Well, it is Voice Changer, Super Voice Effect Editor Recorder. All you need to do is record your voice, put on an effect, change the tone and have fun. Moreover, this voice changer apps for Android offers a lot of fancy voice editing, and you can turn voices into your favorite superheroes or any famous character.

Important Features

  • You will find almost 20 popular superhero voices along with other voice effects.
  • There will be classic character lines for best voice acting and voice changing.
  • You can create your own editing voice and set the audios as your ringtone, alarm, or notification sound.
  • The app allows you to save the voice and share the editing one on social media.
  • Not only superheroes, but you can put any effect like baby, male, female, cartoon, Autobots, underwater, telephone, chorus, etc.

Pros: You can customize the speed of your voice with Tempo and Pitch effect. Plus, the simple interface of this app guarantees the best sound quality.

9. VoiceFX – Voice Changer with voice effects


VoiceFX is one of the most popular voice changer apps for Android that you can get for free. One of the perks of this app is its familiar UI and smooth operations. It is not just a voice changer, and it also includes advanced voice recording facilities. You can mix your recorded files with numerous effects. This app lets you edit your music for quick use and sharing on social media.

You can also Livestream your voice over other media players and social media while using a changed voice. There are options for in-app purchases that are completely optional.

Important Features

  • This app can’t load audio files from external sources.
  • You can instantly record and change the voice to available effects.
  • It includes autotuning features and voice effects such as female, male, robot, mask, alien, monster, cave, double, etc.
  • You can save the recorded files into MP3 format, which allows the recordings to use as ringtones and other alerts like a music-making app.
  • It is a very lightweight app and does not consume much system resources.

Pros: Anyone can alter their voice according to their needs without any prior knowledge. It works seamlessly on both Android phones and tablets.

Cons: Some users found issues while using live voice steaming and playback functions.

10. Change My Voice

Change My Voice

Now we have come to the last recommendation for today, and it is called Change My Voice. It is free to use voice changing app for Android with occasional ads within the app interface. This app comes in a lightweight package, so you don’t have to think about the system resources. It is a very powerful app with lots of audio effects that are ready to use. You can select from the available voice effects within its UI. Choose an effect and record your voice; that’s how easy it is to operate.

Important Features

  • This app offers a very accessible interface with a minimalistic app design.
  • Users can get custom effects and voice output with audio tunings within the app.
  • There are effects for music filters such as pitch alteration, speed, metal effects, amplification, echo, chorus, etc.
  • You can mix different files to get customized audio files for quick sharing in supported formats.
  • It offers quick access recording tools in the access panel, such as play, pause, record, sharing buttons.

Pros: The operations of the app are very simple and fast. This app can render the modified voice instantly, without any extra processing time or issues.

Cons: Some users found inaccuracies in the results.


So, you have been introduced to the 10 best voice changer apps for your Android device, and I am pretty sure that you will already get impressed. I agree that most of these apps share similar features, but these are the common features in this category, after all.

In any case, you got confused, and I am leaving my personal choice here. While checking the app, Voice changer with effects and Voice Changer by AndroidRock impressed me the most with so many options and easy interface. Hopefully, you will enjoy using them too.


For your concern, let me warn you about the use of this app. You must be educated and have self-respect. Hopefully, none of you will use this app for illegal issues, and also, you must be aware of this kind of app that makes you a fool. However, make sure you have checked the features of this app and install the right app for your needs. I can make sure that none of these 10 best Android voice changer apps will disappoint you. Also, share this content with your friends whom you think will need to know about it. Thank you for staying with us.