SMB Relay Attack Auto Script


Bash script that automates all the steps to relay the SMB authentication request in order to obtain a Shell.

SMBRelay is an SMB Relay Attack Script, which automates all the steps to relay the authentication request to these systems in order to obtain a shell. Ideal for penetration testing.

SMBRelay creates and delivers the payload by leveraging the Nishang tool.


git clone
cd smbrelay; chmod +x
./ --install

When you run it, it will install the dependencies and configure the Terminator terminal for its correct use. The install script works with apt package managers (Debian).

How do I run the tool?

To run the tool it is only necessary to run it as follows (as root):


The tool will run the Terminator terminal with 4 splits.

Top left : Parameter configuration for the use of the SMB Relay attack.

Top right : Launch Responder on the network interface set in the configuration.

Bottom left : Launch of the Reverse Shell.

Bottom right : Launch of the Nishang script to the victim team.



Run this tool only when you have permission to do so. This script is created for educational purposes or for professional pentesting audits at the enterprise level.