PyHook – Offensive API Hooking Tool



PyHook is the python implementation of my SharpHook project, It uses various API hooks in order to give us the desired credentials.

PyHook Uses frida to inject it’s dependencies into the target process

Supported Processes

ProcessAPI CallDescriptionProgress
mstscCredUnPackAuthenticationBufferWThis will hook into mstsc and should give you Username and PasswordDONE
runasCreateProcessWithLogonWThis will hook into runas and should give you Username, Password and the domain nameDONE
cmdRtlInitUnicodeStringExThis should hook into cmd and then would be able to filter keywords like: PsExec,password etc..DONE
MobaXtermCharUpperBuffAThis will hook into MobaXterm and should give you credentials for SSH and RDP loginsDONE
explorer (UAC Prompt)CredUnPackAuthenticationBufferWThis will hook into explorer and should give you Username, Password and the Domain name from the UAC PromptDONE



Link my blog post covering this topic: