ShonyDanza – Easy To Navigate tool for Researching And Pen Testing



A customizable, easy-to-navigate tool for researching, pen testing, and defending with the power of Shodan.

With ShonyDanza, you can:

  • Obtain IPs based on search criteria
  • Automatically exclude honeypots from the results based on your pre-configured thresholds
  • Pre-configure all IP searches to filter on your specified net range(s)
  • Pre-configure search limits
  • Use build-a-search to craft searches with easy building blocks
  • Use stock searches and pre-configure your own stock searches
  • Check if IPs are known malware C2s
  • Get host and domain profiles
  • Scan on-demand
  • Find exploits
  • Get total counts for searches and exploits
  • Automatically save exploit code, IP lists, host profiles, domain profiles, and scan results to directories within ShonyDanza


git clone


  • python3
  • shodan library
cd ShonyDanza
pip3 install -r requirements.txt


Edit to include your desired configurations

cd configs
sudo nano
#config file for shonydanza searches

#maximum number of results that will be returned per search
#default is 100


#IPs exceeding the honeyscore limit will not show up in IP results
#scale is 0.0 to 1.0
#adjust to desired probability to restrict results by threshold, or keep at 1.0 to include all results


#REQUIRED - at least one key: value pair
#add a shodan dork to the dictionary below to add it to your shonydanza stock searches menu
#see for a great source of queries
#check into "vuln:" filter if you have Small Business Plan or higher (e.g., vuln:cve-2019-11510)

'ANONYMOUS_FTP':'ftp anonymous ok',
'RDP':'port:3389 has_screenshot:true',
'OPEN_TELNET':'port:23 console gateway -password',
'APACHE_DIR_LIST':'http.title:"Index of /"',
'HP_PRINTERS':'"Serial Number:" "Built:" "Server: HP HTTP"',
'DOCKER_API':'"Docker Containers:" port:2375',
'ANDROID_ROOT_BRIDGE':'"Android Debug Bridge" "Device" port:5555',
'MONGO_EXPRESS_GUI':'"Set-Cookie: mongo-express=" "200 OK"',
'CVE-2019-19781_CITRIX_NETSCALER':'http.waf:"Citrix NetScaler"',
'CVE-2020-5902_F5_BIGIP':'http.favicon.hash:-335242539 "3992"',
'CVE-2020-3452_CISCO_ASA_FTD':'200 "Set-Cookie: webvpn;"'

#IP or cidr range constraint for searches that return list of IP addresses
#use comma-separated list to designate multiple (e.g.,,, 



cd ../

See this how-to article for additional usage instruction.

Legal Disclaimer

This project is made for educational and ethical testing purposes only. Usage of ShonyDanza for attacking targets without prior mutual consent is illegal. It is the end user’s responsibility to obey all applicable local, state and federal laws. Developers assume no liability and are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this program.