SearchMap Information Collection Tool




Searchmap is a comprehensive information collection tool for pre-penetration testing that integrates domain name resolution, IP reverse domain name search, WHOIS query, CDN detection, port scanning, directory scanning, and subdomain mining. 

1. Installation Instructions

  • 1. The tool is developed using python3, please make sure that the python3 environment has been installed on your computer.
  • 2. The port scanning function of the tool calls the nmap interface, please make sure that nmap is installed on your computer.
  • 3. For the first use, please use the python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt command to install the necessary external dependencies.
  • 4. If the pip tool is not installed on this machine, please use the following command to install it:
$ curl -o  
$ sudo python    
$ sudo python3  

sudo apt-get install python-pip

2. How to use

1.-u Get the basic information of the website

$ python3 -u
$ python3 -u

2.-p Implicit port scan using nmap

$ python3 -u -p

3.-r Batch scan website basic information

$ python3 -r myurl.txt 

4.-n Use multiple pings to determine whether the target uses cdn acceleration

$ python3 -u -n

5.-d Perform multi-process scanning detection on the website directory, which can automatically identify fake response pages

PS: The default dictionary used by the program is dict/fuzz.txt, and the user can replace the dictionary content for FUZZ by himself.

$ python3 -u  -d

6.-s Subdomain blasting for the input domain name

PS: The default dictionary used by the program is dict/subdomain.txt, and the user can replace the dictionary content for FUZZ.

$ python3 -u  -s

7.-a Perform a full-featured scan of the target domain name

$ python3 -u  -a

8.-o save scan content as log

$ python3 -u  -o myscan.log

9. Combination usage

$ python3 -u -p -n -d -s

$ python3 -r  myurl.txt -p -n -d -s

PS: A security novice, there are many bugs in the first writing tool, everyone is welcome to submit Issues.

This tool is only provided for security testers to conduct security self-examination . All consequences caused by user abuse have nothing to do with the author. Users must abide by local laws . This program cannot be used for commercial purposes, only for learning and communication

The seearchmap is a github repository by asaotomo