Striker – Recon & Vulnerability Scanning Suite


Striker – Recon & Vulnerability Scanning Suite


Striker 2.0 is still in the prototype phase, which means it’s not intended to be used by regular users. It has been made public for contributions to make the development faster.

Usage: python3


Phase 1: Attack Surface Discovery

This phase includes finding subdomains of the user-specified domain, filtering alive hosts as well scanning of 1000 most common TCP ports.

Phase 2: Sweeping

Mass scanning of misconfigured HTTP response headers, croassdomain.xml as well as checks for some sensitive files is done in this phase.

Phase 3: Aggressive Information Gathering

This phase is dedicated to data gathering by crawling the subdomains. The gathered data is used to find outdated JS libraries, detect CMS and technologies in use.
HTML forms that are tested in later phases for vulnerability detection are also collected during this crawling.

Phase 4: Vulnerability Scanning

[This phase is under development]


/db/outdated_js.json is taken from retire.js.
/db/tech_signatures.json is taken from Wappalyzer.
/db/waf_signatures.json is extracted (and converted to JSON) from sqlmap‘s WAF detection modules.
/modules/ is a modified version of retirejslib.