Reverse Shell Generator



Hosted Reverse Shell generator with a ton of functionality


This is an Online Reverse Shell Generator that allows anyone to configure their IP Addresses, Ports, and Shell of choice for your favorite reverse shell payloads, this generator has functionality to save all settings in local storage, so that you can return to the site at any time and not lose any of your settings. All interactions and shells generated, never interact with the server, so no logs are created. This can also be used in real-life Penetration Tests and/or CTFs. All the shells are compiled from publicly available, and well-known one-liners. The team is constantly updating, so make sure to Bookmark the website.

Hosted Instance


  • Generate common listeners and reverse shells
  • Automatically copy to clipboard
  • Button to increment the listening port number by 1
  • URI and Base64 encoding
  • LocalStorage to persist your configuration
  • Dark and Light Modes


  • weibell
  • briskets
  • papadope
  • 0day
  • 0x03f3