PowerSnail – PowerShell alternative/restriction bypass



PowerShell alternative/restriction bypass

What’s the purpose?

Allow the usage of PowerShell scripts/commands/cmdlets even if it’s in the application blacklist

How to use?

  1. Download PowerSnail.exe
  2. Run PowerSnail.exe
  3. Type in the commands/cmdlets you want to run

What if I want to run a script? How should I do that?

  1. Follow step 1-2 in “How to use?”
  2. Dot source the script (*.ps1)
  3. Do the magic


Scenario: I want to run Invoke-AllChecks (PowerUp.ps1 kit) in the target system. Unfortunately, the system does not allow PowerShell and Command Prompt. After digging through my tools pouch, I found PowerSnail! It should be able to help me bypass the restrictions >:D

Command: . C:\Users\owl\Desktop\Exploit_Testing\PowerUp.ps1; Invoke-AllChecks

Output should look like this…