Auto Scan – Automate Auxiliary Module in Metasploit

Auto Scan

AutoScan is a WebApp that uses Flask API and MongoDB. This app launches a Nmap scan and depending on the open ports, the App will start some Auxiliary Module. The results will be shown on the WebApp.

Interface :

Start a new scan


See all the scans


See the results for one scan


Built With :

Frontend :

We created the interface with React Typescript and Material-UI.


The API was created with Flask :

  • flask-restful to encourage best practices
  • pymetasploit3 to use Metasploit
  • nmap3 to use Nmap
  • marshmallow to check the Input
  • flask-pymongo to store the result
  • flask-jwt-extended to create Token

Database :

We use MongoDB to stock the results.


git clone
cd Auto-Scan 
docker-compose up -d 

Open your browser and search :