PhishMailer – Generate Professional Phishing Emails



Generate Professional Phishing Emails Fast And Easy


Coded By BiZken

Special Thanks To Fanny Hasbi For helping Me With The Code Structure:

PhishMailer Will Help You To Create Professional Phishing Emails Fast And Easy

If You Copy The Code And Make Your Own, Don’t forget To Give Me Some Credit Kid!

You Don’t Get Creds Using This Tool

Legal Disclaimer

I Won’t Say That You Can Only Use This Tool For Educational Purposes And That You Can’t Use It To Hack Other People Because I Have used It To Hack Others But Remember That It Is Illegal To Do It So If You Get Caught You’re On Your Own Don’t Come To Me And Blame Me For It


  • Phishing Email Creator With 20 Different Templates:
    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • Gmail(2)
    • Twitter
    • Paypal
    • Snapchat(2)
    • Spotify
    • Linkedin
    • Discord
    • Dropbox
    • Steam
    • RiotGames (League Of Legends)
    • Rockstar SocialClub
    • BlockChain
    • DreamTeam
    • 000Webhosting
    • AskFM
    • Gamehag

And More Are On The Way

  • Creates .HTML
  • Send your emails to your target
  • Easy To Use

Gmail (Simple) Result:



You Need Python3

Tested On Kali Linux

First Clone The Repostory With “git clone”

git clone

Then Go To The PhishMailer Folder And Change Permission On “PhishMailer” (If You Ain’t Root)

chmod +x

And then Run it:


To Do

  •  Send Emails
  •  Add More Email Templates
  •  Add More Target Specified Emails, With Profile Pictures for example
  •  Add Emails With More Languages
  •  Mass Email Sender
  •  Fix More Email Clients To Send From


If You Have Any Ideas And/Or Have Created Some Phishing Email(s) And Want To Have Your Name Here As A Code Helper You Can Contact Me Here: Instagram: bizk3n