Meterpreter Injection Technique




Another meterpreter injection technique using C# that attempts to bypass WD.


The idea behind this project was to try to figure out how inject shellcode into a remote process and go under the Windows Defender’s radar.

The technique is quite simple:

  • Open a remote process using OpenProcess.
  • Decrypt the meterpreter payload in memory.
  • Allocate some memory in the remote process using VirtualAllocEx, ensuring we assign the correct permissions to write to the memory of course.
  • Write our payload into the allocated memory using WriteProcessMemory.
  • Protect the memory using VirtualProtectEx, setting the protection to PAGE_NOACCESS.
  • Create a new suspended thread using CreateRemoteThread.
  • Sleep for 10 seconds while Defender scans the remote process memory for malicious code.
  • Change the protection on the memory using VirtualProtectEx, setting the protection to PAGE_EXECUTE_READ_WRITE.
  • Resuming the remote thread using ResumeThread

It would appear that protecting the page with PAGE_NOACCESS containing our meterpreter shellcode is not scanned by Defender and is not detected. By suspending the thread upon creation we are able to ‘hold’ the shellcode in memory until Defender has done it’s scan then execute the shellcode when Defender has finished.

git clone
cd ZombieThread




Remember, the code looks for an instance of explorer to inject into, if you want inject into another process, you must change it in program.cs code.

AV Scan Results

The binary was scanned using on 20/06/2022.


The meterpreter injection is a github repository by Bl4ckM1rror