DevOps and Containers Security eBook


DevOps and Containers Security, Security and Monitoring in Docker

What is DevOps?

In recent years, the evolution of technology has allowed us to achieve this communication between the development and operations teams, giving us the possibility of working with the infrastructure as a code, which makes it possible to work with processes that were previously manual or not very automated with the advantages of all the work that has been done in the development part to improve quality (test), collaborative work (version management), dependency
management and integration with third-party products. These practices are oriented to reduce the time and effort in each of the development phases, managing to deliver code in production with greater speed and quality, reducing errors and limiting manual tasks that do not add value to the process.

DevOps is a software development methodology that seeks to optimize the delivery process as well as strengthen collaboration between the software development teams that build the solutions, and the operations teams responsible for these solutions are available in different environments. The integration and collaboration of application developers (Dev) and those in charge of keeping them in production (Ops) offering important benefits: