Foundations of Linux Debugging eBook



Foundations of Linux Debugging, Disassembling, and Reversing

Analyze Binary Code, Understand Stack Memory Usage, and Reconstruct C/C++ Code with Intel x64

About the Author

Dmitry Vostokov is an internationally recognized expert, speaker, educator, scientist, and author. He is the founder of the patternoriented software diagnostics, forensics, and prognostics discipline and Software
Diagnostics Institute (DA+TA: DumpAnalysis. org + Vostokov has also authored more than 50 books on software diagnostics, anomaly detection and analysis, software and memory forensics, root cause analysis and problem solving, memory dump analysis, debugging, software trace and log analysis,
reverse engineering, and malware analysis. He has more than 25 years of experience in software architecture, design, development, and maintenance in various industries, including leadership, technical, and
people management roles. Dmitry also founded Syndromatix Anolog. io, BriteTrace, DiaThings, Logtellect, OpenTask Iterative and Incremental Publishing (, Software Diagnostics Technology and Services (former Memory Dump Analysis Services; PatternDiagnostics. com), and Software Prognostics. In his spare time, he presents various topics on Debugging TV and explores Software Narratology, its further development as Narratology of Things and Diagnostics of Things (DoT), and Software Pathology. His current areas of interest are theoretical software diagnostics and its mathematical and computer science foundations, application of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data mining to diagnostics and anomaly detection, software diagnostics engineering and diagnostics-driven development, and diagnostics workflow and interaction. Recent areas of interest also include cloud native computing, security, automation, functional programming, and applications of category theory to software development and big data.