Cybersecurity Attack and Defense Strategies eBook



Cybersecurity – Attack and Defense Strategies, Third Edition: Improve your security posture to mitigate risks and prevent attackers from infiltrating your system

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  • Chapter 1: Security Posture
  • Chapter 2: Incident Response Process
  • Chapter 3: What is a Cyber Strategy?
  • Chapter 4: Understanding the Cybersecurity Kill Chain in the age of Cyber Attacks
  • Chapter 5: Reconnaissance
  • Chapter 6: Compromising the System
  • Chapter 7: Chasing a User’s Identity
  • Chapter 8: Lateral Movement
  • Chapter 9: Privilege Escalation
  • Chapter 10: Security Policy
  • Chapter 11: Network Segmentation
  • Chapter 12: Active Sensors
  • Chapter 13: Threat Intelligence
  • Chapter 14: Investigating an Incident
  • Chapter 15: Recovery Process
  • Chapter 16: Vulnerability Management
  • Chapter 17: Log Analysis

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