CrimeFlare Bypass Hostname



A tool to see the real IP behind a CloudFlare protected website.


This tool serves to search for the original IP behind websites that have been protected by CloudFlare, the information generated can be useful for further penetration. The information generated by this tool is as follows.

  • CloudFlare IP
  • Real IP
  • Hostname
  • Organization
  • City
  • Country
  • Postal
  • Location
  • Time Zone

Code Samples

This tool is made with PHP code with very simple programming using several APIs to get maximum results, but this tool does not guarantee 100% to be able to bypass websites that have been protected by CloudFlare. Some websites sometimes cannot be detected by their original IP.

API Used In This Tool


  • Clone the repository below
git clone


cd CrimeFlare
sudo apt-get install php-curl
php crimeflare.php