Best Raspberry Pi Blogs For The Pi Geeks



Top 40 Raspberry Pi Blogs For The Pi Geeks

If you are a Raspberry Pi Geek, then this article about the Raspberry Pi blogs is sure to take the nerves out of you. It is often that you get stuck with a new project and crave for the accurate tutorials. Also, some beginners get confused about where to start and wish they had a resource to start with. To help with that, many Raspberry Pi enthusiasts like you have created blogging sites that are being updated regularly.

Best Raspberry Pi Blogs

In this article, I am going to talk about 40 best Raspberry Pi blogs you should really look into. If you are thinking of starting a new project or making your own invention using the Raspberry Pi, you are ought to need these blog sites.

1. Raspberry Pi blog

Since 2011, the official Raspberry Pi Foundation has been working to help millions of young people to learn computing and digital marketing through its wide range of blog services. This UK based foundation provides free learning resources and training to get more and more people engaged with modern-day technology.

The site covers everything including news, announcements, and various ideas on the Raspberry Pi projects. Besides that, the blog also covers a variety of topics including digital marketing, empowering with education. Community and charity. You will also get day to day official news on software updates and hardware releases from their website. If you are looking forward to being a Raspberry Pi expert, this blog is your best choice.

2. Adafruit

Founded in 2005, the Adafruit runs with the goal of creating the best online place for learning everything about electronics. Well, we can say that they have succeeded perfectly. Their blogs especially the Raspberry Pi category is full of the best contents from around the world. Also, they celebrate the end of the workweek as “Friday is Pi day” launching some exciting news and tutorials on the topic.

Their website features various videos on Raspberry Pi products along with the extensive blogs. Besides their exclusive blogs, they make and sell some awesome hardware and feature excellent tutorials written by their staff members and sometimes by the founder herself, Lady Ada. If you are looking for the best Raspberry pi blogs, don’t miss this site!

3. Raspberry Pi Spy

This unofficial site has been distributing knowledge since the beginning of the SBC’s. They are one of the first ones to cover most of the topics about the Raspberry Pi from the early days. Besides blogs, they offer tutorials, guides, scripts, resources, and software downloads.

Their articles are loved by newbies since they are super simple for anyone to understand easily. You will always find their resources helpful whenever you are stuck. Still today, the Raspberry Pi Spy blogs are on a roll while offering new and young Brainiac a helping hand with free training.

4. Recantha’s Raspberry Pi Pod

The Recantha’s Raspberry Pi Pod was made by a ColdFusion web developer Mike Horne (Racantha) as his personal blogging website. He made the Camjam Edu kit with his co-organizer Tim Richardson to help beginners learn computing with Python. The Pi Pod is full of content on everything related to the Pi from around the world. This website is a perfect place for Pi enthusiasts. If you are looking for the most regularly updated Raspberry Pi website, well, you just found it!


This site was made by another Raspberry Pi community member Alex Eames as a follow up of his YouTube Channel, Besides the interesting blogs, the site provides a great number of well-produced video tutorials and guides of cool projects. Recently, Alex has started a new project of making a series of add-on boards and accessories for the Raspberry Pi, called The series includes reference rulers and a handy GPIO port label. Topics on Arduino and WEMO are also covered by his blogs.

6. pyimagesearch

Though the site is actually based on Python rather than Raspberry Pi, its Pi category will blow your mind. The site was founded by Adrian Rosebrock who is a Ph.D. holder in the fields of computer vision and machine learning. His blogs are widely aimed to help beginners learn machine learning with his own computer vision projects that he picked up while studying.

The pyimagesearch features a wide range of ideas on the facial or object recognition that you can develop applying the Pi camera module. Adrian writes his projects based on his own knowledge and experiences while making them super easy for anyone to try.

7. The Pi hut

The Pi Hut is one of England’s official Raspberry Pi resellers site where you can find all things necessary for your next project. Their blogs are an amazing source to get everything to know about the Pi. Besides that, they also offer some high-quality tutorials to help beginners learn some exciting projects. If you want to be updated with everything that’s happening in the Raspberry Pi Universe, this website is your right choice.

8. Dave Akerman

Dave Akerman, a leading high-altitude ballooning expert, made this personal blogging website as a way of sharing his own knowledge and experience on balloon launches using Raspberry Pi. You will get a lot of tips from his blogs along with exciting photographs of his launches from the stratosphere. David is working to make sure that every programmer can make their own little space program within their budget.

9. Pimoroni

Another renowned Raspberry Pi reseller who provides effective blogs along with the products. This UK based company is famous for its Pibow Rainbow case and the later featuring amazing custom add-on boards with extensive accessories. Like the incredible hardware products, Pimoroni’s blogs are one of the best for makers and hobbyists at home. They also provide interesting and entertaining experimental videos regrading the Pi on their YouTube channel called “Bilge Tank”.

10. stuffaboutcode

Martin O’Hanlon’s stuffaboutcode is an online platform for beginners to start their Pi career! Martin started with hacking Minecraft using Pi or fun and ended up being a content writer on the site. However, old habits never die! Besides a lot of Minecraft stuff, you will find excellent content on the Python, guizero, Blue Dot, and of course, the Raspberry pie. This website is undoubtedly one of the best Raspberry Pi blogs

11. Lifehacker

Launched in 2005 by the Gawker media, Lifehacker is an incredible blogging site that works to help beginner programmers with interesting lifetime hacks on software. Though they cover a wide range of topics on different things related to the technology world, their Raspberry Pi category will knock your brain down!

You will get everyday life hacks to beat your Raspberry Pi project problems. Moreover, the website is best known for publishing content within every half an hour a day. So, check regularly to be updated with everything new!

12. Raspberry Pi Kid

Raspberry Pi Kid was made by an 11-year-old kid Krystal (now 16) being a great inspiration for teenagers looking forward to becoming a Raspberry Pi expert. This kid has a great passion for science and technology and dreams of getting admitted into MIT someday!

Now let’s talk about the blog. This site is amazing for Raspberry Pi experiments and tutorials. Also, Krystal has a follow-up YouTube channel to help learn the experiments faster. Seriously, this kid rocks!

13. The Rantings and Ravings of a Madman

This blog site is a perfect example of the proverb, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” The website might look too simple to be a tech website and maybe a little dull too…… But they offer some awesome content on tech, games, and Linux, gathered from around the world. The Rantings and Ravings of a Madman’s Raspberry Pi blogs category is a blast and is updated regularly so that you don’t miss anything. You will find a day to day news on the Pi available on this website.

14. My Raspberry Pi Experience

You can tell from the name that the blog is highly based on the writers’ personal experiences and experiments with the Raspberry Pi. This site is an ideal blogging site powered by Blogger. You can find a great number of blogs in My Raspberry Pi Experience that talk about everything Pi-related, mostly how writers found something interesting or the results of their personal experiences. They also include appealing pictures to make you understand the situation perfectly.

15. RPiBlog

This website’s framework was built by a non-profit British group with the aim of engaging more and more people in programming and computing all over the world. They cover a wide range of topics GPIO, IoT, Software, hardware, and many more.

Just like the whole website, RPiBlog’s Raspberry Pi category is worth looking at. You will find many projects and how to do them on the Pi. They are very helpful to beginners especially high school students who want to pursue a career with machine learning.

16. raspberrypihobbyist

This Raspberry Pi blog website runs with a goal (or we can say “Hobby”) of connecting the Pi with the whole world. The contents are written as simply as the structure of the website. The blogs feature some amazing experiments and tutorials for beginners to try at home. The writers are totally the Raspberry Pi hobbyist who are working to increase beginners’ enthusiasm.

17. Pi Top

If you want to build your own customized Raspberry Pi-powered laptop, this Raspberry Pi website is your best option. You can learn all the things related to that including 3D printing and designing your PCB. Their STEM learning management system offers teacher-facilitated guides to help students with projects and experiments.

Pi-Top’s motto is to inspire a generation of investors by starting a pathway to real-world technology. Their tutorials are well written and very easy to try at home.  Check out their blogs to be one step ahead in being a Pi hobbyist.

18. Hackaday

Though most people have negative thoughts upon hearing the word “Hacking”. However, you are among those people, Hack A Day is here to change your mind completely. They are helping and promoting ethical hackers in a fun and playful way to teach as well as entertain the engineers. Now, you should really check their raspberry pi blogs. Those are some of the best you can find on the internet.

19. Electronics-lab

This daily updated website is an open-source of hardware electronics projects which is a favorite place to many electronics enthusiasts. Their blogs include a wide range of topics related to Arduino, circuits, Raspberry Pi, and electronics. Their articles are of high quality and simply written for beginners to understand. You will find their DIY very easy and useful. This Electronic-lab website is a complete electronic guide for newbies.

20. Embedded Lab

Founded in 2010 as a hobby project by electronics enthusiast Raj Bhatt, Embedded-lab is an online teaching factory for newbies who are looking forward to gaining expertise in Microcontrollers,

Raspberry Pi, Embedded systems, and Arduino. Raj started with writing his personal projects to help newbies with the DIY projects which later turned into a maker community.

Their Raspberry Pi category is so rich and full of content that it’s a great source to start from the fundamental level. Interesting fact, you can email your problems, questions, and doubts directly to the founder and he will answer!

21. Ozzmaker

If you are a super Star Wars fan but also an electronic freak, this website is the place for you. The Ozzmaker contains a wide range of articles featuring projects and guides on Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Their writers are engineers who like to conduct experiments using the Raspberry Pi and build autonomous robots inspired by the Star Wars!

22. FactoryForward

Besides being an E-commerce store as well as an electronics distributor, Factory Forward is running a blog section with the aim of bringing the latest technology and microcontroller development boards along with sensors to the tech Geeks. This website is an open-source for hardware projects and provides access to regularly updated technology in your footsteps. Their Raspberry Pi blogs including projects and tutorials are a great way to unleash your inner inventor.

23. Raspberry Pi Maker

Don’t get confused by the website’s too simple look. Have a look inside and you will get drowned in the amazing articles. The Raspberry Pi Maker is all about making projects with the Raspberry Pi. They are so interesting that you will spend the day looking at them. You will also find articles about both Hardware and Software projects.


“Yet another Raspberry Pi blog….” This is what you are gonna see first after landing on the homepage. The writer of the website is a long time Linux enthusiast who has a great level of interest on the Raspberry Pi board and Arduino UNO.

The features affordable scientific instruments based on the Pi and is working with the goal of bringing physical computing and coding to the classroom. This Raspberry Pi website is a great source for school students who are interested in the Pi.

25. The Raspberry Pi Guy

This website was created and is managed by Matt Timmons-Brown, a British 19-year-old studying computer science, and electronics engineering at the University of Edinburgh. Matt started with a YouTube channel with some Raspberry Pi tutorials, followed up by his website, The Raspberry Pi Guy. This website is full of Raspberry Pi projects and tutorials that are quite useful to the beginners. However, you can check out his YouTube channel to get more information on the Pi.

26. Cat Lamin

This blog website is made by a primary school teacher Cat Lamin, who later left her job to become an independent consultant and share her knowledge and love for the Raspberry Pi with the whole world. This website is full of rich content, projects, and videos to help beginners starting. Recently, they have started to give some parenting tips too!

27. Maker Pro

This cool website is a place for makers and inventors who want help with working on their dream projects and launching their inventions to market. The Maker Pro is a great community to exchange your thoughts and collaborating with your partners. The website features contents on a wide range of including Raspberry Pi, Linux, Arduino, and PCB. If you ever get stuck with your project, give this site a quick visit.

28. SparkFun

Founded in 2003, Sparkfun is a great platform for open source hardware and an electronics retailer that sells microcontroller development boards and breakout boards made by them. Their open-source components, sources, and tutorials are everything that you need to get started. Check out their Raspberry Pi blogs for getting amazing ideas and projects. They have great beginner-level projects to help you get started.

29. Instructables 

The website was created in 2005 by Eric Wilhelm and Saul Griffith at the MIT media lab as a place to share their projects and connect them to the whole world. Instructables is specialized in user-created and DYI projects. They call themselves craftsmen to make a friendly environment. Their Raspberry Pi blogs and projects are a great source for beginners.

30. The Unofficial Raspberry Pi blog

The Unofficial Raspberry Pi blog was built by a Raspberry Pi geek Adam Riley in 2012. The website may be simple but the contents very rich. However, Adam didn’t continue with blogging and stopped by the beginning of 2013. But still, his blogs are quite helpful.

31. Cerberus security Laboratory

Once you get inside this website, you won’t feel like getting gout. This appealing website is all about ensuring the appropriate security of your products using Raspberry Pi based on the latest methods. Cerberus Security Laboratory mainly develops tough security-related hardware, firmware, and software components based on your needs. Their Blogging page is full of stuff about Raspberry Pi and IoT. Seriously, you can spend your whole day looking at this site.

32. Edureka 

Edureka started its journey in 2011 with the goal of becoming the largest online learning ecosystem for technology professionals. Though Edureka is best known for its data science and cloud computing contents, the Raspberry Pi category is rich enough. The Pi blogs are associated with IoT to help beginners to learn about the upcoming technologies and projects.

33. is one of the best online course provider websites. They offer suitable courses for beginners filtered by the fee, course type, spoken language, course reviews, and many more. Besides their courses, they provide high-quality blogs on programming, data science, etc. Check out their Raspberry Pi blogs to get vast knowledge on the topic. Also, they have a lot of free resources to help you with Pi-related problems.

34. Wolfram 

Founded in 1987 by Stephen Wolfram, Wolfram is regarded as a heart of scientific and technological innovation. Their motto is to make people more known to the modern world technologies. Like most of their contents, the Raspberry Pi blogs are high quality and well researched. If you want to gather a wide knowledge of the world of technology, this is the perfect place for you.

35. is a great platform for developers passionate about Arduino and Raspberry Pi. The website is full of rich content on everything about Arduino, BeagleBone, Raspberry Pi, etc. and many interesting projects. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or have already started the journey, this website is a perfect learning source for everyone. This place is a great community for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts.


This China-based online store called UCTRONICS, sells, designs, and manufactures electronics and products to help you with your projects. The company first started with Arduino and Raspberry Pi related products and now provides a wider range of products including STEM education products, lens solutions, and camera modules.

Besides their amazing products, the website includes a high-quality well-written blog site to help beginners as well as professionals with updated technologies. The Raspberry Pi category is very rich and includes a variety of topics including projects and tutorials.

37. Raspibotics

Raspibotics is a Raspberry Pi blog website created and maintained by a Pi enthusiast Harry. The blog is full of Harry’s personal experiences and projects to help beginners. The blog features a wide range of topics about the Pi including tutorials, guides, and DIY projects. The website is especially good for school students who are looking forward to becoming experts in the Raspberry Pi.

38. Raspberry Pi Geek 

This German website is a very cool place for Raspberry Pi Brainiac. Besides their own blogs about the Raspberry Pi stuffs, the Raspberry Pi Geek feature magazines, audio, and eBooks, newsletter, and online shops to help the Geeks in every way possible. They write their blogs in a fun and entertaining way so that everyone can understand easily.

39. Element 14

Launched in 2009, Element 14 is a standard community for electronics collaboration. They provide high-quality blogs, videos, and webinars with efficient information on the latest technologies and electronics. Their Raspberry Pi blogs are rich in content and easy to understand. You will understand everything perfectly even if you are a complete beginner.

40. Bujarra

Bujarra is a Spanish Raspberry Pi website created to keep the Pi geeks updated with the latest news. They offer a wide range of tutorials and experiments using the Raspberry Pi. The blogs are written by Pi enthusiast Hector Herrero whose main goal is to make pi related stuff easier for Spanish people. You can also take advantage of the website using google translate.


Since its earlier days, the Raspberry Pi has been attracting a great number of programming enthusiasts. Some of these pioneer programmers have created their own blog sites to help the upcoming hobbyists with their knowledge and experiences. Because of these sites, using the Pi to make new projects has become quite easy. Also, these Raspberry Pi blogs are a big reason that more and more people are getting to know about modern-day technologies.

To get coped up with the current world, it’s really necessary to have a regular idea of the updated software and hardware. And to help you with that, these sites have no alternatives. Don’t forget to mention your thoughts in our comments section!