Best Linux Educational Software


Top 10 Best Linux Educational Software for Your Kids


An educational expense is always high all over the world. This expense will be more if you want to use educational software on your machine. You may be searching over the net to get the best educational software for the kids or yourself. If you are using Linux distro, I can help you get a list of the best Linux educational software. If you are a student, you may doubt that Linux rarely provides software supporting educational purposes. Wait a minute ……….. You should correct yourself now as you will see the following list.

Best Linux Educational Software

Here, I will show you a generic list of Best Linux Educational Software, which ultimately helps you to get the best one for your kid.

1. KDE Edu Suite

KDE Edu suite is not just software; it is a package of software for different user purposes. This was started as a free educational package named KDE educational project, which now included many software packages.

This software can be used for a kid’s first learning app, can be used as a school teaching software, and but also for the adult person’s need based on their necessity. The package is full of different software; you choose your variant (for kids’ purpose, for school purpose, university purpose ) and install it on your device. All this software is free for you.


  • Huge software package
  • Available for a different use (age – subject- need)
  • Can be installed on different KDE distros
  • Free packages

Installation of KDE Edu Suite:

KDE Edu Suite can be installed on most GNU/Linux distributions; It can also be installed from the software center. If not found, you can install the latest KDE Edu Suite on Ubuntu/Mint by typing the following commands in the console:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:mutlaqja/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install indi-full kstars-bleeding

2. GNUKhata

If you are a business person who usually works with numbers, function, and calculation, Linux is with you to help with all those calculative tasks. GNUKhata is an open source accounting and inventory management software available for free


  • Lightweight accounting software
  • Easy to use and fast
  • Robust and reliable
  • Based on a double-entry bookkeeping system
  • Full servicing  facility for significant reports
  • Making reports ranging from Ledgers to balance sheet
  • All transactions like Sales, Purchase, Contra, Journal, Receipt, Payment
  • Unique document controlling  facility in vouchers and inventory
  • Linking to sales and purchase transactions to invoices
  • Export and import from a different software package
  • Available of for-profit or nonprofit organization and company


GNUKhata is available now for Debian/Ubuntu distribution like Ubuntu and Linux Mint. GNUKhata provides the following procedures

  • Download the installer from here.
  • Open the terminal in the download location.
  • Copy and paste the below code in the terminal and run.
sudo chmod 755
sudo ./

3. Google Earth

Interested in geology, earth, material science? Google earth Linux version may be your next choice. Google earth is the most reliable, free, and fully update software for this type of need. Some say it the best application to learn about earth-space-material science.


  • render  a 3D representation of earth based on the satellite image
  • Provide GPS communication system
  • Provide area – weather – map update of the world with a history
  • Render 3D image – ocean- sea view
  • Also, have access to outer space science technology
  • A particular project like google mars can even get access through google earth.


Google Earth is also available for different distros; in Ubuntu, you can install it using apt-get by opening a terminal window and entering the following command:

sudo apt-get install google-earth-stable

But there are several other options to install it, but for me, this easy and fastest.

4. Celestia

For learning outer space, Celestia always is in the first position. Celestia is a simulation software that helps to determine our universe in 3D rendered version


  • 3D rendering of space science
  • Regular update feature to cop up with new space news.
  • Simulation software to observe different space matters


In ubuntu  15.10, it was possible to install Celestia by using just apt. Open your terminal and write the following code.

sudo apt-get install celestia celestia-gnome celestia-common-nonfree

Download from an official site

5. GCompris

It is always said Linux is for everyone. This particular software is specially developed for kids’ education. Now it has more than 100 activities for kids to learn through different types of tasks. An application includes puzzle games, teaching alphabets, math problems especially for kids; try it for your kids today


  • Learning about the computer: keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, and others
  • reading: letters, words, reading practice, typing text
  • Mathematics: numbers, operations, table memory, enumeration, double entry table
  • Science class: the canal lock, the water cycle, renewable energy
  • Geography: countries, regions, culture
  • Games: chess, memory, align 4, hangman, tic-tac-toe
  • Learning other: colors, shapes, Braille, learn to tell time
  • Available for Raspberry Pi


Installing Gcompris package on Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) by running the following command on terminal:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gcompris

Or download the official package

6. GeoGebra

It is the best mathematical software to play with function, graph, numerical numbers, geometry, algebra, calculus, statistics, and 3D mathematics. It helps to work with geometric function, rendering graph based on service. This particular application is used for educational purposes and scientific research, which is the best part of it.


  • Solve mathematical function
  • Solve calculus, numerical problems, and statistical purposes
  • Render graph from a function
  • Solve geometric problem
  • 3D graphical calculator


For different distros, GeoGebra keeps the installation program the same, which is more comfortable for usual users. Download the package and install it.

From here, you can download the version which is suitable for your software architecture and install it.


Maple is an open source math software that combines the world’s most powerful math engine with an interface. MAPLE is widely used for it’s straightforward to analyze, visualize, explore, and solve mathematical problems.  This application is specially used for scientific research


  • Solve mathematical function
  • Develop a 3D simulation for a mathematical function
  • Solve different type of maths like a differential equation
  • Matrix manipulation with solving element
  • Data manipulation, visualization, and analysis

8. Scratch

Scratch is an open source free software for developing interactive stories, design games, and animations. This is one of the best applications that work in a creative domain and got a lot of attention for users for its versatility in game development and animation.


  • Develop animation
  • Develop a game
  • Design character and cartoon
  • Learning programming for kids
  • Design, develop, and share with the community feature.


This is the method provided by the scratch website to install in Ubuntu; you can find it here.

9. Tux4Kids

Want to teach your kids to learn computers, puzzles, math? Tux4Kids is the best answer for this. This application is free and available for all distros in Linux OS. The app is widely used in the school because it is a combination of fun and learning features.


  • Learning painting with the necessary tools for learning graphics.
  • Learning math using puzzles and fun problems
  • Type learning software is also included.


To install it on your device, follow the following code in your device through the terminal :

sudo apt-get install tuxmath

10. Gnome-dictionary

In the Linux distribution community, it is the most valid and updated dictionary software available for free. It supports multiple language searching, treasure features. It’s sharing feature made it unique from the other software system.


  • Multiple language support
  • Updated and valid data
  • Sharing feature
  • Simple, easy using UI

Installation For regular users who aren’t wanted to mess up with terminal code issues developer updated the software through the ubuntu apps directory, which is available in the software center. You can download it from here.

At last, I have come to the last of my article. But there are hundreds of other excellent and useful Linux educational software available in the market. Linux is an ocean where you will find different fishes with different tastes. So never mind if you don’t like this generic list of best Linux educational software. Try to choose another one from the software repository. And don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section.