Best Data Science Companies



Best Data Science Companies | Every Data Scientist Must Know

When it comes to mitigating risk and detecting fraud, data science can be the only choice upon which any business can rely on. It has become an integral part of many companies due to its advantages and capability of creating new opportunities. Many companies have indulged themselves in generating solutions around the power of data, such as detecting suspected data, eliminating outliers, improving accuracy, and so on. Many businesses hire data science companies to help them with targeting potential audiences and constructing data-derived solutions. 

Best Data Science Companies

This article highlights the impact of data science companies in testing samples, sustaining innovation, and meeting business objectives. You will find the list of top companies that can help you to make equipped determinations with data science services. 

1. Consagous Technologies

Consagous Technologies is dedicated to helping brands by being their technology partner. They can manage big data analytics and create operational efficiencies. Consagous can be seen as a powerhouse that any brand can use to emerge and establish its position in the market.

What they offer 

  • Collects all the records and important data to provide a competitive advantage over your competitors and develops software to uplift businesses for achieving goals.
  • Experienced in working in industries like Healthcare, Fintech, Food Industry, Retail,  E-commerce, Logistics, Hospitality, Entertainment, Social Media, and Education.
  • One of the most prominent companies can find crucial information from the client’s data using machine learning or statistics.
  • You can become their partner to predict customer’s reactions, generate cost-effective solutions, and increase benefits for your company.
  • Comfortable with frameworks like TensorFlow, Caffe, Torch, and Apache alongside Theano, Azure ML Studio, Keras libraries are included in their service list.
  • Capable of facing the challenges associated with big data like looking for dirty data, efficient and accurate measurement, predictive analysis, and detect anomalies.


This is one of the best data science companies with over 30 years of experience developing Enterprise Software, Mobility, and BI Solutions. It has helped many renowned companies in the digital transformation. SPEC INDIA has established itself as a leader when generating high-quality, scalable, and data-centric techniques.

What they offer

  • Can build software to improve customer service, develop web-based apps, deploy and test analytical software, and produce business intelligence and analytics. 
  • They can provide efficient, regulating compliance and are known for excellence in professionalism. 
  • Many people have highly praised them for mobility and industrial efficiency systems. They can integrate automation by analyzing AI & ML solutions.
  • Capable of rendering predictive analytics and 365x24x7 SLA Driven approaches to facilitate business with sophisticated support and data-driven maintenance.
  • Utilizes the power of data to empower companies through engineering and technology. Besides, they can enforce the sales team with DevOps and Cloud Services. 
  • Focuses on combining cutting-edge technologies with interactive user experience to produce well-tested results and maintain 24/7 support. 

3. Idealogic

If you are looking for innovative solutions for your business, then Idealogic can be your perfect companion. They are focused on providing competitive advantages to your business. With the combination of up-to-date tools and implementation of new challenges, Idealogic is dedicated to helping their brands to remain at the top.

What they offer

  • If you have any idea and want to do a project out of this, this self-claimed world’s most natural solution can help to implement your plan in the real work process.
  • Blockchain can perform well to make your business succeed, and Idealogic has a specialized team for this advanced mode of technology to work on your idea.
  • Analyzes data to extract the insights for using it to develop mobile applications, web apps, desktop software, and marketing purposes.
  • Can provide unique, competitive, and profitable technologies for any business while Сomprehensive suite of services remains their top priority while serving clients.
  • Experienced enough to calculate the risk factors, analyze the opportunities, and delivering the highest quality service at the right time.
  • Works as a bridge between your idea and your business needs. They are focused on minimizing this gap through flexible development and best engineering practices.

4. Velebit AI

This company has established itself as a key player when it comes to harnessing the power of data. Velebit can enable you to incorporate AI and ML in developing business solutions to make the work process more efficient. You can also get business insights from them to gain success afterward.

What they offer

  • This company uses data to create a new variety of products and design new strategies or redefine the existing ones to extract value from products.
  • Can help create customized algorithms such as Similarity Prediction, developed through image search and text similarity.
  • They are experts in employing deep learning for improving and boosting the simulation of linear and nonlinear dynamic systems.
  • Velebit AI has already developed several amazing mobile applications like Babbly. This app uses data science, AI mode, cloud computing, and cameras to translate languages.
  • Their other renowned project is Visual Search that validates their skills and ability to work with data analytics, Image processing, and AI-powered technologies.
  • If they get the opportunity to work for you, they will collect your datasets, process them to make them usable, and execute them to meet your demand.

5. enterpriseIT

This top data science company of New Zealand comes with specialized teams to work on cloud, integration, database, Linux/UNIX, BI, Big Data, and data analytics. They take good care of their clients by providing technological strategies, empowering them with data science tools, and stable communication throughout the contract.

What they offer

  • If you consider the highly-scalable and Disaster recovery to protect your database environment for ensuring high-availability, then EnterpriseIT is the best.
  • Can support you by delivering infrastructure solutions, auditing the existing processes, and recommending specific tools to meet your requirements.
  • Whether it’s Agile, BEAM, or Waterfall, EnterpriseIt will match your workflow to deliver plans to improve operations and ensure DevOps for sustainable innovation.
  • Design customized API using C#, Golang, Python, Java, Node.js, and Rust to enable consistency, security, automation, management during implementation.
  • Understands the need to offer database technologies and operating systems for your business. They can deliver monitoring and maintenance services also.
  • Being the gold partner of Oracle, they will motivate you to integrate Engineered Systems so that your work process will be faster and the quality will be increased.

6. Sigma Data Systems

Sigma is placed in this list of top data science companies as they can analyze each block of data with significant importance and takes your company one step further. They came out in the market as an expert to manage big data to create better and furnished results for delivering better products at a lower cost. 

What they offer

  • They will try to understand your business first to deploy and model algorithms to extract meaningful information from the data provided. 
  • After deploying the model in the real world, they will analyze the customer’s behavior and evaluate the acceptance rate to find the best fitting model for your company. 
  • Data science plays a vital role in promoting products alongside finds potential clients for your business. Sigma uses data for data filtering to create a niche audience for you.  
  • Besides, Sigma can guide you to empower employees and staff for increasing efficiency. They are known for using NLP to deliver customer-centric intelligent solutions. 
  • It is well equipped with expert people and can deliver services based on ElasticSearch, TensorFlow, Python, Spacy, Logstash, Microsoft Power BI, etc.
  • Can generate visualization solutions, migrate data, customized mobile apps and software, IoT systems, conduct predictive analysis for gaining higher profit. 

7. Impetus

This data science company is focused on creating new opportunities or techniques by incorporating data analytics for businesses. They are certainly giving the highest priority to the capabilities of data science for collecting business insights.

What they offer

  • Around 1600 employees who are technically gifted to analyze data for boosting the performance of critical indicators and earning business objectives.
  • It helps integrate intelligent strategy for your organization and model solutions and simplify the complexities through practical information.
  • Teradata, Netezza, Ab Initio, Oracle, and Some other database companies have already received assistance from this company, so you can undoubtedly rely on it.
  • It can help your organization adopt best practices to identify the KPI, incorporate data science strategies, and get the expected ROI by Advanced analytics and AI.
  • You can also contact them if you seek AWS and automated query translation services, Real-time apps, or Predictive Analytics related services.
  • Decreased the rate of rejection by 7% while increasing the conversion rate by 6% by testing models in the deep analysis of multi-channel data for clients.

8. Diceus

This company is known for its ability to help companies make the most out of their data. Companies can take suggestions from this company to know how to leverage data and which platforms should be used for best performance. They can also provide maintenance and support for your company.

What they offer

  • They can make the improved demonstration of your data as their experts incorporated big data technologies for precise analysis and making accurate predictions.
  • It can help you grow and become the market leader through collaboration and providing highly-scalable customized applications for your business.
  • Covers all the cloud computing technologies like Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Spark, Impala, Oozie, AWS SQL, Lambda, Apache Airflow for taking data-centric approaches.
  • Enables you to extract analytical information about your business and optimize big data services to make internal operations efficient and cost-effective as well.
  • Their deep learning knowledge can be used in any industry, such as Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Robotics, Renewable Energy Space, Agriculture, and Aerospace.
  • Empowers companies with their digital conversion from business analysis to executions by incorporating sophisticated technologies in every aspect.

9. Intellias

This software development company is known for using data science to deliver scalable engineering solutions for any company. Currently, they are serving only in Ukraine, Germany, and Poland and are powered by more than 1600 employees. If you have an IT company, you can take their consultation.

What they offer

  • Distribute the product market into different segments to find correlations and design products by delivering data-driven algorithmic approaches.
  • Takes day-to-day data into the count and analyzes the big data to uncover the secret relationship or operational characteristics within the organization.
  • Expert in managing big data to make it useful and representable for modeling, analyzing, and predicting accurate decisions.
  • Collects raw data to focus on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and combines ETL and BTL methods with breakthrough tools in deep Learning & AI.
  • Provides visualization of your data, can integrate NLP for services like chatbots, and manage databases to incorporate intelligence into your existing business process.
  • Companies like Microsoft, Nokia, Siemens, LG, and KIA have received their services as they cover Platform Development, DevOps, Cloud, IoT, GIS, and Blockchain services.

10. FreezePro Software

As an outsourcing company, it started operation back in 2006. They provide research & development, consulting, UI/UX design, technical support, software development, and data science services to a wide range of clients from different industries. They are known for maintaining long-lasting relationships with clients.

What they offer

  • Delivers strategies to develop better products and become reliable. They are also concerned about increasing the efficiency of organizational operations.
  • Focuses on reducing the cost of processes and evaluating the market to design promotional strategies to boost sales and earn revenue for its clients.
  • FreezePro has a dedicated team to analyze your data and build sophisticated business models to solve business challenges.
  • Uses different platforms like Hadoop, Spark, Matlab, Cassandra to build data visualization and develop ETL processes to deliver data management services.
  • Expert in incorporating data engineering techniques to enable data-driven product models and achieve the record of risk factors and plan accordingly.
  • You can hire them to reduce operational and infrastructure costs, distribute the allocated resources, and create value for your business.

11. Fayrix

This company can empower any business by executing software development projects of any scale. They are in the market for more than 14 years now and are backed by 1500 professionals. They are currently rendering IoT, Machine learning, blockchain, web, and mobile app services and strive to build long-term relationships with their clients.

What they offer

  • Unlike other companies, this has dedicated services designed for startups like customized mobile applications, data surveys, process optimization.
  • They try to implement data science technologies to extract meaningful information from your business and increase efficiency with accurate predictions.
  • They can manage sales increase, risk management, and business process optimization business processes to derive AI and ML-powered data science solutions.
  • If you want to generate an analytical report for KPI indication, Risk Management, Recovery, and Simulation Modeling, you can contact them anytime.
  • Can offer services like ETL implementation, High-performance computing, Integration of predictive models where high-load computing is required.
  • They can study the existing operational methods of your business, evaluate the performance, and guide you to manage projects throughout their lifecycle.

12. HashCash Consultants

HashCash has successfully established itself as one of the best companies that provide blockchain services. You can rely on them when moving resources and settling installments across borders progressively for Remittances. They also offer services based on AI, Big Data, IoT, and render media-related services as well.

What they offer

  • They employ big data analytics to extract the hidden information from the massive amount of data to provide better solutions over existing solutions.
  • Start engaging cloud platforms for your business and connect on-premise hardware as they can integrate Hadoop Clusters and cloud-based analytics for your business.
  • It can help you in effective decision-making by analyzing new data sources, evaluating performance, and taking necessary actions to use it in the processes.
  • They collect customer data to analyze behavior and help your organization produce new or multiple products to satisfy the customer’s habits in the quickest time.
  • You can contact them to identify the causes of failures, issues, and defects, detect fraudulent behavior in real-time, and recalculate the risk factors.
  • On top of that, they are adding value to the businesses through strategy definition, data assessment, technology identification, and architecture recommendation.

13. StarTele Logic

This Indian company has taken place in the list of best data science companies because of its ability to identify business problems and deliver user-centric applications to solve. They are specialized in targeting mobile audiences by developing and designing highly flexible, futuristic, and cost-efficient applications.

What they offer

  • This company is unique as they use scientific processes, methods, and systems for extracting ideas using structured and unstructured methods from data.
  • Have enough knowledge to understand the importance of today’s data to predict future behavior or correlation to establish in the digital market.
  • It can guide you throughout the processes like data inputting, sorting, and preparation and increase the efficiency of the traditional work process.
  • Focuses on replacing manual labor with digital transformation and reducing the production cost to enable you to deliver better products at a lower price.
  • Hire experts from StarTele to build customized solutions for your business and deploy engagement models to increase the conversion rate like BOT.
  • After analyzing the requirements, they pay attention to identify the building components and design databases before defining specifications and creating the prototype.

14. N-iX

This Ukraine-based software development company has been out there since 2002 and established itself as a powerhouse of innovative technologies. They are experts in expanding your business by identifying new opportunities, and you will surely love their approach and cooperation as well.

What they offer

  • One of the best data science companies is renowned for services like games, mobile apps and software development, QA & testing, and data science solutions.
  • Can build high load infrastructure to make your applications scalable, usually developed with Java, NodeJS, and Python programming language.
  • Renders Data Science as a Service or DSaaS to incorporate competitive intelligence through data analytics and develop technologies intended for business.
  • Transforms all of your structures and unstructured data into visual representation so that business decisions can be derived.
  • Their ability to integrate data analytics tools to parse big data can set you apart from the others while they focus on improving the current workflows as well.
  • Can generate predictive analysis models to forecast the future of businesses, customized algorithms like DeepLearning4J, and deploy automation.

15. ScienceSoft USA Corporation

This USA-based company can be referred to as a one-stop solution to solve any data-related problems. They have over 30 years of experience and well equipped to implement data science strategies like deep learning and statistics. Besides, they can also provide support with data presenting tools and data warehouse testing.

What they offer

  • Able to predict the amount of demand and empower suppliers through a deep neural network, hierarchical clustering, and multi-class supported vector machines.
  • Can identify the reasons behind the lack of availability, poor performance, and losses in quality to apply predictive analysis for achieving undisrupted functioning.
  • Get the enterprise-level solution by subscribing to their data analytics service. Data wirehouse, Data lake for big data, and Reporting are also included in the package.
  • Walmart, Nestle, eBay, NASA JPL, T-Mobile, Baxter, M&T bank are their most prestigious clients and partnered with Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Salesforce, etc.
  • Manages data and implements in databases by data governance, quality management, and extraction to apply the Naïve Bayes algorithm for platform-based solutions.
  • Emphasizes the quality of data by developing models and regulations to implement OLAP cubes and enable descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.

16. XenonStack

XenonStack is one of the leading companies known for its innovative technologies and digital enterprise services. It uses DevOps, Big Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Cloud Migration, Machine learning to create Cloud Consulting, Cloud Migration with AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure Cloud Competency related services and solutions for any organization.

What they offer

  • XenonStack can provide full support in the digital transformation as they are a part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and the Linux Foundation now.
  • Their ability to enable hybrid multi-cloud environments can accelerate your growth and achieve your business objective at ease.
  • Can integrate data management and development solutions based on data engineering, data science, BI, data visualization, and governance.
  • Contact them to get automated data curation services and open metadata management to make a catalog of your data assets.
  • Renders multi-cloud foundation to assure security in the cloud. Offers multi-layered security framework and automated DevSecOps security pipeline for their clients.
  • Presents services like Continuous Security in DevOps, Identity and Risk Assessment, Penetration Testing, etc., to keep data secured.

17. Empirical Path

This has attained a place in the list of top data science companies as they are in the market since 2002 and has already served many data-driven companies like Mailchimp, Business Insider, Panera Bread, The Brooking Institute, and so on. They can measure your business performance and suggest analytical platforms as marketing partners.

What they offer

  • If they become your technological partner, you will be guided entirely to use platforms like Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Data Studios, Google 360, and optimizing tools.
  • Focuses on integrating web analytics tools to analyze visitor’s behavior, generates reports, and suggests data-driven solutions to enhance the performance.
  • Like other data service providers, they share reliable and meaningful approaches alongside incorporating tools like Power BI, Google Studio, Tableau, DOMO, etc.
  • Expert in experimenting with tools like Visual Website Optimizer, Adobe Target, Optimizely to evaluate the performance of your organization’s website.
  • They are the official partner of Google Marketing Platform to ensure the return you can expect out of your investment and generate enterprise-level analytics.
  • Reliable to train your employees to learn how to integrate marketing tools, tag managers, generate graphical reports, test, and evaluate models.

18. ThirdEye Data Inc

This is one of the top data science companies which is located in Silicon Valley. They are focused on improving the performance of Machine Learning and Artificial Technologies by incorporating big data analytics alongside adding value to the existing technological solutions.

What they offer

  • Intended to mix deep learning with the petabytes of data from your business to generate the highest revenue and leverage solutions.
  • You can use their expertise to collect useful data from specific sources and process data for predictive analysis to achieve business objectives.
  • They can provide Microsoft BOT Framework and IBM Watson services to build and deploy intelligent chatbots, useful for converting interested traffics into potential customers.
  • ThirdEYE Data can build innovative apps, reduce time-to-market, capitalize on analytics, and improve sales channels in the Microsoft Azure Platform.
  • Enables you to develop interaction-based algorithms for cognitive services while they can also work on the fine-tuning of your business operations.
  • You can hire them to achieve digital transformation, clean your data to use in data models, perform ETL jobs, and enrich it for analytics.

19. Nexsoftsys

Nextsoftsys has been there for many years for empowering business and taking it to a new height. Alongside all data-based services, they are focusing on data integration, QA & Testing solutions, IoT, and cloud computing-related operations for fueling businesses.

What they offer

  • They dig deep into the insights of your business to extract the valuable information and break it down to evaluate and manage the massive amount of data with ease.
  • Help discover potentials or opportunities from your business and contribute to the decision-making process when it comes to implementing big data strategies.
  • Capable of using data in real-time and measuring customer’s behavior for predictive analysis. They also offer Datastore, Data Lake, and Data archiving operations.
  • Provides a dashboard that comes with analytics and alerting to support continuous monitoring and Real-time ingestion.
  • Before applying suitable hardware, they intend to understand your requirement first to ensure ETL systems and fine-tuning of equipment for the best outcome.
  • It can create powerful algorithms and deploy them on a cross-sectional system. Provides intelligent guidance to design the roadmap of data management and analytics.


You can take GFAIVE’s expertise to develop a predictive analysis tool for your business. Their expertise in web and blockchain development, high-quality work, familiarity with AI integrations, skillful software development, and fluent communication with clients are responsible for being on the list of best data science companies.

What they offer

  • Integrate AI solutions such as Demand Forecasting, Product Category Optimization, Inventory Optimization to boost the performance of KPIs and gain revenue.
  • If you want to increase the forecast accuracy and reduce the cost of manual processing, this group of intellectuals can contribute a lot to achieving the goal.
  • As they are mainly working with data from the fashion industry, the capability of predicting the demand for specific models has set them apart from others.
  • Can help you by rendering Logistics & supply chain consulting and Custom Software Development, which will make your communication flawless and improve efficiency.
  • Produces ML-powered algorithms and incorporates data science to solve the problems by identifying the risk factors and creating rescue models.
  • Capable of building deep learning models and deploying customer interactions through all channels to identify the most potential person to add value to the business.

21. Damco Solutions

This is one of the best USA-based data science companies that always inspires its clients to achieve success. This bunch of technologists has been providing IT Services and Solutions for more than a couple of decades now. They are experts in establishing sustainable growth through leveraging technologies and rendering end-to-end clarifications.

What they offer

  • Renowned and appreciated for rendering the highest customer value and then can identify business advantages for experiencing growth.
  • Backed by CMMi and IS0 quality certified. Intended to meet their client’s demands by following the agilest and most straightforward of ways.
  • Uses data for composing marketing strategies and tries to develop content marketing ecosystems across channels to optimize lead nurturing processes.
  • Capable of integrating interactive automation, developing solutions for data recovery, ensuring data security, and managing resources in the cloud for your company.
  • Can help you with Enterprise Apps on, CRM Migration, Implementation, Maintenance, and Consulting to enable the use of the SalesForce platform.
  • They combine data science advantages with the cloud to transform your operational activities within the organization to improve growth and productivity.

22. Ballard Chalmers

They represent one of the top data science companies operating in the United Kingdom. They deliver data solutions and Microsoft Cloud Platform services to companies like Pizza Hut, HM Customs & Excise, American Express, Dell, Kelway Professional Services, and Transport for London.

What they offer

  • Being one of the gold partners of Microsoft, Ballard Chalmers is focusing on software development, modernization, and integration of cloud services.
  • Besides, they provide specialized services for on-premises and hybrid systems. You can rely on their experience of over 30 years in this data science industry.
  • Develops flexible and mature approaches to adopt different methodologies in terms of business to meet the customer’s demand.
  • Already covered business from all the major industries such as energy & utilities, financial services, non-profit, education, and health.
  • Uses big data to complete the modernization of the existing applications and design new apps to support business innovation alongside internal operations.
  • To incorporate the power of data science, they are dedicated to combining hybrid cloud infrastructures with offline enterprises to gain improved security and efficiency.

23. Burning Buttons LLC

If you are looking for a digital transformation of your business, then you can choose this company to be your partner. They will guide you throughout the process and deliver the latest technologies to help you achieve the business objectives.

What they offer

  • This company ten years of experience in serving industries like Travel, Fintech, E-commerce, Medtech, Real Estate, and Networking.
  • After analyzing your requirements, they will first try to identify the opportunities for adding value and developing end-to-end solutions for your business.
  • Able to design simple, user-friendly, and scalable software or applications. They are intended to help start-ups by creating disruptive innovations and reducing operational costs.
  • Suitable to work with SMBs and Large Enterprises to offer highly-profitable solutions and increase revenue through predictive analysis.
  • They can integrate automation for collaborating all the employees under one umbrella, although ensuring security will remain the top priority.
  • Identifies functional and nonfunctional requirements to build dynamic UI, conduct surveys for designing models, and integrate third-parties to improve business metrics.

24. Focaloid Technologies

Focaloid Technologies is inspired to promote user-engaging designs while also putting attention in making digital solutions that can add value to your business. Their ability to deploy cross-platform apps has helped it take place in the best data science companies.

What they offer

  • Holds a dedicated team that can build software for a wide range of platforms like Android, iOS, Java, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Magento,, and WordPress.
  • By developing customer-centric applications for web and mobile, they can help you gain increased revenue and earn customer satisfaction as well.
  • Can help you with every aspect of digitalization alongside Enterprise, Mobile & Web Platform Solutions, Design and Animation Solutions, IoT Development.
  • Provide services in AWS & Microsoft platforms to host apps, Salesforce to redefine the processes, and Google cloud for cost-effective and futuristic solutions.
  • Integrates Big Data technologies to identify spammers and interprets customer behaviors while that can deploy Chatbots, Virtual Agents, and work with NLP.
  • You can take their help to secure your data by Vulnerability Scanning, Penetration Testing, Security Auditing, Risk Assessment, and Ethical hacking.

25. RiskSpan

This company has been empowering businesses since 2001. RiskSpan is an American company founded to provide data management, model development, and model validation services. Most of their clients are from banking, insurance, and capital markets, especially where data plays an influential role.

What they offer

  • They can enable companies to get the most out of loan and securities data by delivering scalable platforms and tailored solutions as well.
  • Use structured or unstructured proprietary and commercial datasets to develop sophisticated predictive models and integrate data analysis tools.
  • If you are in trouble with the massive amount of data, this company can employ ML techniques to find the missing data and derive data-driven decisions.
  • Risk management and data governance programs are also included in their service so that you can validate the techniques and integrate data tracing.
  • Use their website to look at the hosted loan and securities datasets, evaluate the quality of your data, and run complex models to generate intuitive reports.
  • Take their guidance to use Python cash flow modeling and machine learning for accurate forecasting and reduce the risks involved in the banking or insurance industry.

26. Exist Software Labs, Inc

This company is dedicated to generating innovative and intelligent solutions for businesses. They are one of the leading companies that have incorporated the Java programming language to develop scalable, robust, and highly customizable applications for their clients. They are capable of guiding your company to attain the desired success.

What they offer

  • A considerable amount of data is captured through a business process. This company tries to manage Big Data effectively for processing and extracting value.
  • Can drive your organization through strategic decisions and enable you to streamline operations, reduce business risks, and improve customer relationships.
  • This company is powered by strategy and data analysts, prominent data architects, and consultants to produce a balanced strategy, design, and implement tools.
  • Works with companies to implement big data from hardware to the software stack. Offers cloud platform services to develop, deploy, and test performance.
  • Experienced in enterprise service integration and API integration. It can help to reduce the IT complexity and increase flexibility for managing different services.
  • They can empower you with DevOps, System Integration, QA & Testing, Mobile App, and Blockchain Development alongside data computing strategies.

27. Crest Data Systems

It is an outstanding company for Data Analytics, Cyber Security, DevOps, and Cloud-based services. Currently, they are operating in the Bay Area, California. By leveraging the bleeding-edge technologies, they have already served more than 500 clients that include some of the leading Silicon Valley startups as well.

What they offer

  • They are furnishing end-to-end services alongside consultation and 24×7 customer care to enable their clients to stay ahead in the competition.
  • Their service areas cover Data Analytics, Elastic Search, Azure, Automation, Microservices, Splunk Management, and Openstack Analytics.
  • Able to reshape your attitude towards security management mechanisms as they can integrate platforms like Splunk ES, IBM Resilient, Phantom, Google Chronicle, etc.
  • Crest Data Systems can enable you to incorporate mathematics, statistics, information science, and computer science for collecting data from vital data sources.
  • Capable of collecting data in real-time and from IT infrastructures and apps to implement AI and ML for predictive analytics, prognostication, and forecasting.
  • Take their help if you are looking for productivity, operational resiliency, and business agility, as they can drop your, IT cost significantly by migrating to the cloud.

28. Adverity

You will be able to discover their experience and confidence with data if you have a look at their tagline, which is “Smart with Data.” This company was created to serve, especially the marketing agencies, to use data in marketing strategies by delivering media and eCommerce ecosystems.

What they offer

  • They own the most massive data source library available in the market, which you can use to integrate automation to reshape data processes.
  • Enabling their clients to use Big Data collected from different platforms and empowering them to gather more insights from the businesses.
  • This can be seen as a 360° marketing consultant that can help you generate better reports and make improved predictions.
  • This group of experts can breakdown the data chunks into more processed and small datasets so that you can find the similarity, correlation, and relevant information.
  • Rely on their service for experiencing improved business decisions, higher growth, and transparent marketing ROI. Besides, they can add value to your service.
  • Extend your strengths and become proficient as they can render automated data acquisition, compelling visualizations, and augmented analytics of all data for you.

29. Accelteam Sdn Bhd

It is a Malaysian company working to bring light to your digital transformation and generate business analytics. From Government, Government, Oil & Gas, Energy, Utilities, Plantation, Retail, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Insurance, Banking, Securities, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, they can serve clients from any industry.

What they offer

  • This company takes analytics as a disruptive innovation, which can help businesses take a position in the blue whale market and make data-powered decisions.
  • Capable of computing data of different sizes, shapes, and velocities. They are empowering organizations with data engineering integrations.
  • Covers a wide range of data science services such as data warehouse automation, data preparation, analytics on location intelligence, and automated machine learning.
  • Incorporates self-service BI factors in developing customized dashboards that can enable employees of your company to draw better-informed decisions.
  • Able to integrate Hadoop, Spark, and Apache platforms useful to drill in real-time, maintain communication globally, and get enterprise-level data storage solutions.
  • They can let you know the unseen patterns and trends to create new business opportunities and add value to your products or business.

30. Tiger Analytics

You have probably already heard the name of this company. They are renowned for extracting value out of business through data computing. More than 100 market leaders from a wide range of industries have already taken consultation with this advanced analytics and AI consulting firm.

What they offer

  • Services include Marketing Science, Customer Analytics, Operations & Planning, Risk Analytics, Data Science, Data Engineering, and Business Analytics.
  • If you are serving as a digital marketing company, you can take their help to reduce the customer acquisition cost by 50% for your clients through optimized algorithms.
  • Serving financial organizations like banks, insurances, brokerages, as Tiger Analytics can identify the risk factors and apply risk mitigation measures.
  • Take an algorithmic approach starting with the end-to-end pipeline and ends with Deployment to increase the impact of digital ads and minimize the cost.
  • This company can help you protect data from vulnerability and manipulation throughout the data collection process and reduce operational costs.
  • Expert in KPI reporting, visualization, and insights discovery for facilitating the businesses with ML models, methodical investigations, tabular analysis.


Data science has created a significant impact on facilitating businesses with many advantages and opportunities. Mitigating risk, predictive analysis, cost-efficient solutions, visual analytics, and detecting fraud are some of the mentionable values that can be added to any business through data science technologies.

On top of that, any organization can incorporate big data to achieve sustainable operations and improve efficiency. No matter what industry your business is from, you can contact any of the data science companies described above to get full support and successful digital transformation.