XCTR Hacking Tools – All in one for Information Gathering



Initially, you need to create a project where you will save everything.

All of the collected information is saved as “project-name” in the results directory.

⚙️ You can update user agent and proxy information in the settings section and also update URL, proxy, project name, wordlist, thread numbers.


This tool includes:

  • Dork Finder
  • Admin Panel Finder
  • Cms Finder
  • Ip History
  • Reverse Ip
  • Page Viewer
  • Proxy Finder


Installation with requirements.txt

git clone https://github.com/capture0x/XCTR-Hacking-Tools/
cd xctr-hacking-tools
pip3 install -r requirements.txt


python3 xctr.py

All results save in results/project-name.

Dork Finder

The dork finder has 2 sections. Bing and Yandex.



Admin Panel Finder

In this section, firstly need to choose a wordlist for scanning.

Press 2 to change the wordlist and log in.

Url should be https:// targetsite. com/ (HTTP or s and / symbol at the end of the URL.)

If scanning is slow you will update the proxies. (Press 3 to update)

CMS Finder

You’ll find cms version from meta name.

IP History

This tool displays and saves the IP history of the domain.

e.g usage:

targetsite. com

Reverse IP

With this tool, you can find domains on the server.

e.g usage:

Page Viewer

You can increase the number of page views of the target site.

e.g usage:

https:// targetsite. com

Proxy Finder

This tool finds proxies on free-proxy-list.net and updates proxy.txt on the main directory.

Known Issues

Bugs and enhancements

For bug reports or enhancements, please open an issue here.

Support and Donations

Contact us with email capture0x@mail.com.tr

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