WordSmith – Zip And RAR File Password Cracker



Password cracking software written in python using Tkinter. Supports rar and zip files.

WordSmith (Password Cracking Tool)

A password cracking tool written in Python’s standard GUI package, Tkinter.


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Installation
  • Features
  • Credits
  • Video Demo


This software is not to be used for malicious purposes. I made this for educational purposes and to improve my experience with the Python Standard Library.


If you do not have Python 3.7+, you can download it here. In the terminal navigate to the project directory and type pip3 install -r requirements.txt. This will install the dependencies of the program. Once the program is installed you can run the program directly from WordSmith.py


  • Supports password cracking on .zip and .rar files.
  • Users can choose to crack files individually or crack folders with the optional choice of cracking the folder’s subfolders.

WordSmith will traverse through the files of a folder and determine whether they are password protected or not. In the event that they are password protected it will then attempt to crack the files using a provided dictionary list. Lastly, WordSmith will stored all extracted files to a provided path and it will store a text document that contains password/user pairs


I’d like to thank the contributors to stack overflow and the python standard library.

Video Demo