tw1tter0s1nt – Twitter OSiNT investigation using twint



Hello everybody, I go by the name c0m3t-k2 or falkensmaze.

I have created this tool for begginers, to automate the process of twint.

  • This python tool uses the twint library to automate the Twitter OSiNT Investigation steps.
  • You just have to fill up the required information and select your chosen investigation and it’s done!
  • I will update this tool whenever new ideas pop in my head so let me know if you find any bugs or if you can help me improve the tool!


  • ‘Till now the tool was very automated, you only needed to put in the username and select the option
  • Right now tough, it is much more interesting.
  • You can use the tool like a terminal cmd-line interface.
  • If you get stuck, type in ‘help’
  • And for all of the script kiddies out there that want everything automated, don’t worry , I re-coded an automation file “”


git clone --depth=1
cd twint
pip3 install . -r requirements.txt


git clone
cd tw1tter0s1nt
pip install -r requirements.txt / pip3 install -r requirements.txt
chmod +x

If the requirements file doesn’t work, type in : pip3 install twint


  • Penetration testers/Ethical hackers
  • IT students that are looking for something cool to search.
  • OSiNT investigators (This tool is a MUST for you! It makes the job much more faster and efficient!)
  • Journalists who are looking for more information on a specific celebrity or person

Some things to note:

  • You NEED the python library twint. Installation gudie right here :
  • The author of the tool is not responsible in any way of one’s misactions using tw1tter0s1nt.
  • Please keep in mind that this is a tool made by only a person and so it is hard to keep up with all the bugs and issues.
  • Still, if you find any bugs, report them in the issues section!


  • Kali Linux ==> Fully supported
  • Pop!_OS ==> Fully supported

Automation Script Announcmnet

  • I put a lot of hard work in developing and maintaining the original script .
  • The automation script usually for script kiddies is a better copy of the old automated file
  • It is completely usable however , I wanted to announce this :
    • Maintance updates will be applied once every month!
    • Module updates will be applied 2 weeks after BETA update
    • Aesthetic (if any) will be applied 4 weeks after will be updated
    • Security updates will still be initiated right after I or someone else discoveres a hole in the script (I want my users to have a secure OSiNT investigation)
  • What I am trying to do is create a Twiiter OSiNT framework!
  • The tool will still automate a lot of subprocess that you will have to go through if you would do it without the script.
  • Using the script is not wrong , however in some time I will probably end its updates!
  • If the tool will get attention and if you want to contribute to it, you can absolutely implement the new features from twosint-framework to the automation file.
  • The problem is that I do NOT have enough time to update the automation software fast.

Basic ussage:


Anyone can contribute to this tool , but don’t steal code nerd!

CURRENT VERSION –> twosint 2.0.3

Thanks, c0m3t-k2!