SuperLink – Social engineering tool


Social engineering tool for multiple purposes such as locating target’s location, webcam access, OS Password grabber

SuperLink (Social Engineering Tool)


  • v1.4.4: minor bugs and issues fixed
  • v1.4.5: add map maker for target’s location

About SuperLink

SuperLink will host a fake website using PHP server & Ngrok and generates a link when target opens the generated link, it will request for some permissions then if it gets them, you’ll have:

  • Access to target’s webcam
  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • Accuracy
  • Altitude – Not always available
  • Direction – Only available if user is moving
  • Speed – Only available if user is moving
  • Reverse geocoding for target’s longitude, latitude

Along with Location Information it also gets Device Information without any permissions :

  • Device Model – Not always available
  • Operating System
  • Platform
  • Number of CPU Cores – Approximate Results
  • Screen Resolution
  • GPU information
  • Browser Name and Version
  • Public IP Address

Do other stuffs without permissions:

  • Redirect target to another URL (a bad one)
  • OS Password grabber (only Windows10)


  • Online camera (for webcam access)
  • Mini Music player
  • Redirect to YouTube (for password grabber)
  • Smiling moon
  • Weather forecast (for location data)

Tested on

  • Kali linux (2021)
  • Pop! OS (20.04)
  • Windows 10

Installation & Usage

Note!: First, go to ngrok website and signup, then login and go to here and copy your ngrok authentication token. In the first time that you run the script it will prompt you for your ngrok authentication token, and your telegram chat id, so the script can send the generated links to your telegram account, but you must start the @SuperLink_Delivery_Bot bot at first, so it can send you messages. you can have your chat id from here.

Kali Linux / Ubuntu / Parrot OS:

git clone
cd SuperLink
sudo ./linux_installer

default port for PHP server & ngrok tunnel is 9090, if you want to use a different one, then:

sudo python3 -p PORT


sudo python3


  1. Download this repository
  2. Download & install python3.8+ from
  3. Extract the zip file
  4. Open a cmd in the extracted folder
  5. Enter pip install -r requirements.txt in cmd
  6. Download PHP version 7+ from
  7. Add php.exe to your pc PATH
  8. default port for PHP server & ngrok tunnel is 9090, if you want to use a different one, then Enter python -p PORT in cmd otherwise Enter python in cmd