Social Hunter



Crawls the given URL and finds broken social media links that can be hijacked. Broken social links may allow an attacker to conduct phishing attacks. It also can cost a loss of the company’s reputation. Broken social media hijack issues are usually accepted on the bug bounty programs.

Currently, it supports Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok without any API keys.


From Binary

You can download the pre-built binaries from the releases page and run. For example:

tar xzvf socialhunter_0.1.1_Linux_amd64.tar.gz

./socialhunter --help

From Source

Install Go on your system
Run: go get -u


socialhunter requires 2 parameters to run:

-f : Path of the text file that contains URLs line by line. The crawl function is path-aware. For example, if the URL is, it only crawls the pages under /blog path

-w : The number of workers to run (e.g -w 10). The default value is 5. You can increase or decrease this by testing out the capability of your system.

./socialhunter -f url.txt

The Social Hunter is a github repository by Utku Sen