RedTeam Toolkit


Red Team Toolkit is an Open-Source Django Offensive Web-App which is keeping the useful offensive tools used in the red-teaming together.


Red Team Toolkit is an Open-Source Django Offensive Web-App containing useful offensive tools used in the red-teamming together for the security specialist to identify vulnerabilities.

The open-source projects such as nmap, rustscan, dirsearch, shreder, circl, crowbar, etc are used what will be a powerful toolkit together.

Currently it supports the following options:

  • FullScan (scan ports and vulnerabilities/CVEs on the target – PDF output)
  • Livehosts (scan all live hosts in the network scale – PDF output)
  • DirScan (scan all directories on a target – PDF output)
  • CVE Description ( CveID Search)
  • SSH Dictionary Attack
  • RDP BruteForce
  • WebApps Section
    • Apache Path Traversal PoC ( CVE-2021-41773 )
    • Web Crawler for gathering URLs
    • SubDomain Enumeration
    • HTTP Verb Tampering
    • (SQLi will be added soon)
  • Windows Section (Being updated, other major CVEs will be added)
    • Microsoft Exchange ProxyShell PoC ( CVE-2021-34523, CVE-2021-34473, CVE-2021-31207 )
  • Linux Section to implement major Linux CVEs (UNDER MAINTENANCE)

Installation Guide

You can find the installation guide in the Installation wiki page


You can find the Demo gifs in the Demo wiki page


Thanks to all Open-Source projects that helped me in this project .


  • You see any issues
  • You can make the project works better
  • You have any suggestions/ideas such as adding other open-source tools
  • You have created a script that can add an useful functionality to this project and solve a problem

Please consider contributing to this project .
All Python scripts are placed in /toolkit/scripts/ .
If you want to help us, don’t be afraid to contribute! We have many things you can do to help out.
To contributing you can create an issue or (better) you can fork & create a pull request.

if you do not know where to start, please contact me by email :