Red Team Attack Lab for TTP testing & research


Red Team Attack Lab

Disclaimer: right now this is in a development state. This is also my first time really using Vagrant & Ansible.


A virtual environment with various realistic operating system and vulnerabilities for red teamers play with


Every lab environment that I have come across (Splunk Attack Range, DetectionLab, etc) has been heavily focused on blue team controls and/or only runs in cloud environments.

As someone who doesn’t want to pay extra money to host environments in AWS or Azure, this was quite annoying, so I decided to hack together something that runs locally.

My main focus is on setting up a red teamable environment either for testing the development of tools, discovering new techniques, testing older TTPs, or staying up to date with the newest emerging threats.



sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get install -y linux-headers-generic vagrant virtualbox virtualbox-dkms
sudo gem install winrm-elevated
sudo gem install winrm
ansible-galaxy collection install chocolatey.chocolatey
vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostmanager vagrant-vbguest

How to Run

Full Build (may take ~2 hours!)

vagrant up

If a host fails to connect via WinRM after spinning up (intermittent issue), just re-run the provisioning via vagrant provision $host.

Specific Build

vagrant up dc01 win10-1 win10-dev kali

For full list of hosts see hosts


TODO: create architecture document…

See hosts