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Python is a high-level, interpreted scripting language, highly used for automation and backend purposes. People from different disciplines use Python for a variety of different tasks, such as data analysis and visualization, artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, automation, etc.


Official DocumentationPython Docs
Quick Start guideClick here
Suggested Code EditorSublime Text or VS Code
Suggested IDEPycharm or Pydev

Basic Resources

Basic RoadmapClick Here
Complete NotesPython Notes
Python Libraries & FrameworksAwesome Python
Interactive Beginner Coursefuturecoder

Python Playlists on Youtube

TeluskoClick Here
CS DojoClick Here
EdurekaClick Here
Code with HarryClick Here
Geeky ShowsClick Here
Corey SchaferClick Here
FreecodecampClick Here

Top Youtube Creators

Channel NameLink
Geeky ShowsClick Here
Code with HarryClick Here
Corey SchaferClick Here
TeluskoClick Here
FreecodecampClick Here
CS DojoClick Here

Top Blogs

Learn PythonClick Here
Geeks for GeeksClick Here
W3schools DocumentationClick Here
Towards Data ScienceClick Here
Python in Plane EnglishClick Here
Python Programming TutorialsClick Here


Data Camp Cheat SheetsClick Here
Python 3 Cheat SheetClick Here
Scientific Python Cheat SheetClick Here
Comprehensive Python CheatsheetClick Here
Python Cheat Sheet for AllClick Here
Gto76 Python CheatsheetClick here
Mosh’s Python CheatsheetClick here
Finxter Python CheatsheetClick Here
Python Cheatsheet by WebsitesetupClick Here

Top Twitter Creators

Scientific PythonClick Here
RodrigoClick Here
Mike DriscollClick Here
Matt HarrisonClick Here
Aditya TiwariClick Here
Real PythonClick Here
Trey HunnerClick Here

Top Podcasts

Real Python PodcastClick Here
Talk Python PodcastClick Here
Python Bites PodcastClick Here
Podcast initClick Here
Test and CodeClick Here
Teaching PythonClick Here

Python for Different Fields

Data Science ResourcesClick Here
Machine Learning ResourcesClick Here
Artificial IntelligenceClick Here

Other Useful Github Repositories

The AlgorithmsClick Here
Awesome – PythonClick Here
TensorFlowClick Here
Project Based LearningClick Here
Python-ExercisesClick Here
Python ReferenceClick Here

The Learn Python is a github repository by Aditya Tiwari