POWER-KI programming language for Intelligent Applications



POWER-KI® the programming language for Intelligent Applications (IA)
©2010-2021 – XPLAB – Research in Automation – Brescia – ITALY
POWER-KI official site

POWER-KI establishes a New and Original paradigm for programming languages.

Among the most significant features:

  • Separation between Data, Flow, Code;
  • Plastic Architecture (Full-Reflective, Self-Modifiable and Persitence of its executive elements);
  • Designed for Multi Threading;
  • Native Cloud:
  • Simple Code Syntax;
  • Core Library (DataBase, Knowledge Base, OPC-UA ..);
  • Wrap technology to extend with external or custom libraries (OpenCV, RealSense2, Snap7, Voice …).

The WorkBench, included in the DEV distribution, is the development environment for editing:

  • of the code;
  • GUI Graphic User Interface;
  • WUI Web User Interface (HTML5, CSS);

as well as for testing, debugging and deploy.

The ecosystem of applications ranges from Wiz and Tools for the automation of application generation and hot debugging (PWK-Insider), to applications such as PWK-ES Enterprise Server for the management of applications and Cloud services.

POWER-KI is an industrial grade language, which has found wide use in advanced factory and plant automation applications, what now is called Factory 4.0, anticipating its times by a decade. But the application possibilities range from the Web/eCommerce, to the IoT, to decision-making and management systems in general.

POWER-KI GitHub Repository


Ready to install (.msi) package:

– DEVELOPER edition (+ Calcolatrice V3) (The license file 00_00_00_00_00_00.lic is in the c:\PWK-PRG directory)
– EXECUTOR (+ Calcolatrice V3)
– GUI Client



Extend the POWER-KI Power with your code.
WRAP Developer’s Guide.


We call XAPP PWK-applications included in the distribution like:
– CALCOLATRICE (V3) with PWK-01-BASIC lib (Manual).
– Snap7Conn: Siemens PLC connection;
– VOICE-TEST-X01: Microsoft Voice Cognitive services.


– New WRAP: AWS.

CHANGE LOG (ver. 11 CodeName: Veloce)

32.18 – 06/02/21

  • in GUI added RANGE (solid or range) draw (x, ymin, ymax).

32.16 – 17/01/21

  • So many internal changes !
  • New funtions: EXOMKR (for object oriented like), BUF matrix.


– °OFF-LOAD: moving a LIB from PWK CORE to WRAP.