NOIA – Simple mobile applications sandbox file browser tool


noia demo

Noia is a web-based tool whose main aim is to ease the process of browsing mobile applications sandbox and directly previewing SQLite databases, images, and more. Powered by

Please note that I’m not a programmer, but I’m probably above the median in code-savyness. Try it out, open an issue if you find any problems. PRs are welcome.

Installation & Usage

npm install -g noia


  • Explore third-party applications files and directories. Noia shows you details including the access permissions, file type and much more.
  • View custom binary files. Directly preview SQLite databases, images, and more.
  • Search application by name.
  • Search files and directories by name.
  • Navigate to a custom directory using the ctrl+g shortcut.
  • Download the application files and directories for further analysis.
  • Basic iOS support

and more sunglasses


Desktop requirements:

  • node.js LTS and npm
  • Any decent modern desktop browser

Noia is available on npm, so just type the following command to install it and run it:

npm install -g noia

Device setup:

Noia is powered by, thus requires Frida to run.

Rooted Device


Non-rooted Device

Security Warning

This tool is not secure and may include some security vulnerabilities so make sure to isolate the webpage from potential hackers.