LadonGo: Full platform penetration scanner framework


Ladon Scanner For Golang (LadonGo)

LadonGo is an open-source penetration scanner framework that can easily detect C, B, and Alive hosts, fingerprint recognition, port scanning, password cracking, remote execution, high-risk vulnerability detection, etc. with one click. Version 2.0 contains 15 modules like high-risk vulnerability MS17010 detection, SmbGhost, remote execution of SshCmd, WinrmCmd, password cracking SmbScan, SshScan, FtpScan, MysqlScan, WinrmScan, survival detection/information collection/fingerprint identification PingScan, IcmpScan, BannerScan, HttpTitle, WeblogicScan, Port Scan PortScan.

Functional module

PingScan(Using system ping to detect Online hosts)
IcmpScan(Using ICMP Protocol to detect Online hosts)
HttpBanner(Using HTTP Protocol Scan Web Banner)
HttpTitle(Using HTTP protocol Scan Web titles)
T3Scan(Using T3 Protocol Scan Weblogic hosts)
PortScan(Scan hosts open ports using TCP protocol)
MS17010(Using SMB Protocol to detect MS17010 hosts))
SmbGhost(Using SMB Protocol to detect SmbGhost hosts))
SmbScan(Using SMB Protocol to Brute-For 445 Port))
SshScan(Using SSH Protocol to Brute-For 22 Port))
FtpScan(Using FTP Protocol to Brute-For 21 Port))
MysqlScan(Using Mysql Protocol to Brute-For 3306 Port))
WinrmScan(Using Winrm Protocol to Brute-For 5985 Port))
SshCmd(SSH Remote command execution Default 22 Port))
WinrmCmd(Winrm Remote command execution Default 5985 Port))

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How to Use