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intext:"index of" "parent directory"

Search filters

allintextSearches for occurrences of all specified keywords.allintext:"keyword"
intextSearches for the occurrence of keywords at once or consecutively.intext:"keyword"
intitleSearches for occurrences of keywords in the title all or one.intitle:"keyword"
allintitleSearches for all occurrences of keywords at once.allintitle:"keyword"
inurlSearches for a URL that matches one of the keywords.inurl:"keyword"
allinurlSearches for a URL that matches all the keywords in the query.allinurl:"keyword"
siteSearches specifically for that particular website and lists all results for that""
filetypeSearches for a specific file type named in the query.filetype:"pdf"
linkSearches for external links to"keyword"
numrangeUsed to find specific numbers in your search.numrange:33-43
before/afterUsed to search within a specified date range.filetype:pdf & (before:2021-01-01 after:2021-05-01)
allinanchor (and also inanchor)This shows the websites that the keywords refer to in links, in order of most links.inanchor:rat
allinpostauthor (and also inpostauthor)Exclusively for the blog search, blog posts written by specific people are picked out.allinpostauthor:"keyword"
relatedList web pages that are “similar” to a given web
cacheDisplays the version of the web page that Google has in its


Search Term

This operator searches only for the exact term inside the quotation marks. You can use this for example if the term you are looking for is ambiguous and could easily be confused with something else, or if you don’t get enough relevant results.

Here is an example:

"Admin Loginpage"


This operator searches for a specific search term OR another term. |


This operator searches for a specific search term and another term. &

Operators combinaison

This operator combines search terms

( | (intext:"admin")
( | & intext:"admin"

Include results

This will order results by the number of occurrence of the keyword. +site:twitter.*

Exclude results


Better Results (Subdomains)






Glob pattern (*)



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Encoding/encrypting sensitive data such as usernames, passwords and so forth. Run inquiries against your own site to check whether you can locate any sensitive data. On the off chance that you discover sensitive information, you can remove it from search results by utilizing Google Search Console. Protect sensitive content by utilizing a robots.txt document situated in your root-level site catalog. Utilizing robots.txt helps prevent Google from indexing our site, but it can also show an attacker where sensitive data might be located. User-agent: * Disallow: /

You can also block specific directories to be excepted from web crawling. If you have the /phpinfo site and you need to protect it, just place this code inside:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /phpinfo/

Restrict access to specific files:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /member/info.html

Restrict access to dynamic URLs that contain ? symbol:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /*?

Disclaimer: DONT BE A JERK!

Needless to mention, please use this tool very very carefully. The authors won’t be responsible for any consequences.

The google dork is a github repository by Proviesec