FETB – ExifTool For Analysis using File Binwalk Commands


FETB : Take URL of File For Analysis using File + ExifTool + Binwalk Commands

File + ExifTool + Binwalk (FETB)

How its Work

  • FETB : Take URL of File (images,PDF,Microsoft Office files and more) For Analysis using File,ExifTool,Binwalk Commands
  • FETB : install The File (After Completing The analysis it asks you if you want to remove the file or not )
  • FETB : Generate Random File Name

Example :

python fetb.py -u https://github.com/c0brabaghdad1/S0x4/raw/master/images/Perl.png
fetb demo

How To Install ( Linux )

How to install (linux)
git clone https://github.com/c0brabaghdad1/FETB.git
python FETB.py --help / -h