ezXSS – Easy To Test Blind XSS For Penetration Testers And Bug Bounty Hunters



ezXSS – An Easy Way For Penetration Testers And Bug Bounty Hunters To Test (Blind) XSS

Current features

Some features ezXSS has

  • Easy to use dashboard with statics, payloads, view/share/search reports and more
  • Payload generator
  • Instant email alert on payload
  • Custom javascript payload
  • Enable/Disable screenshots
  • Prevent double payloads from saving or alerting
  • Block domains
  • Share reports with a direct link or with other ezXSS users
  • Easily manage and view reports in the dashboard
  • Secure your login with extra protection (2FA)
  • The following information is collected on a vulnerable page:
    • The URL of the page
    • IP Address
    • Any page referer (or share referer)
    • The User-Agent
    • All Non-HTTP-Only Cookies
    • All Locale Storage
    • All Session Storage
    • Full HTML DOM source of the page
    • Page origin
    • Time of execution
    • Screenshot of the page
  • its just ez 🙂


  • A host with PHP 7.1 or up
  • A domain name (consider a short one)
  • An SSL if you want to test on https websites (consider Cloudflare or Let’s Encrypt for a free SSL)


ezXSS is easy to install

  • Clone the repository and put the files in the document root
  • Create an empty database and provide your database information in ‘src/Database.php’
  • Visit /manage/install in your browser and setup a password and email
  • Done! That was easy right?


For a demo visit demo.ezxss.com/manage with password demo1234. Please note that some features might be disabled in the demo version.


ezxss dashboard
ezxss dashboard settings
ezxss dashboard payload
ezxss dashboard report
ezXSS Login