DevOps metrics for kubernetes



topokube koozie

Tracking deployment metrics for applications deployed to kubernetes.

What is this?

This is my idea for a potentially useful way to track the 4 Key Metrics (lead time, deployment frequency, mean time to recovery, change failure rate) automatically for applications deployed to k8s.

Project State

I’m still hacking on what this should look like. This is currently POC quality, though it can recognize when things are deployed to the cluster.

Prerequisite Steps:

install docker (yes this is currently only working with docker)

brew update && brew install helm kind helmfile
helm plugin install

Running In Kind:

sudo sh -c "echo ' topokube.local' >> /etc/hosts"
make inkind
open https://topokube.local:30443/ui/index.html

Cause a deployment and watch the output

make cause-deploy
kubectl logs -n topokube -l -c node-app