CVE-2022-0847 DirtyPipe Root Exploit



A root exploit for CVE-2022-0847 (Dirty Pipe)

What is this

This is Max Kellermann’s proof of concept for Dirty Pipe, but modified to overwrite root’s password field in /etc/passwd and restore after popping a root shell.

Side Note: I do not claim any credit for finding this vulnerability or writing the proof of concept. This exploit is merely a small modification of Kellermann’s proof of concept to enable quick/easy exploitation. Please read the original article on this extremely interesting vulnerability @ when you get the opportunity. It really does deserve your time to understand it.

How to use this

  1. Compile with ./ (assumes gcc is installed)
  2. Run ./exploit and it’ll pop a root shell

su: must be run from a terminal

If you get this error message:

  1. Login as root with the password aaron.
  2. Then, restore /etc/passwd by running mv /tmp/passwd.bak /etc/passwd

The CVE-2022-0847 is a github repository by Aaron Esau