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C2 Tool Collection



A collection of tools which integrate with Cobalt Strike (and possibly other C2 frameworks) through BOF and reflective DLL loading techniques.

These tools are not part of our commercial OST product and are written with the goal of contributing to the community to which we owe a lot. Currently this repo contains a section with BOF (Beacon Object Files) tools and a section with other tools (exploits, reflective DLLs, etc.). All these tools are written by our team members and are used by us in red team assignments. Over time, more tools will be added or modified with new techniques or functionality.

Toolset contents

The toolset currently consists of the following tools:

Beacon Object Files (BOF)

AddMachineAccountAbuse default Active Directory machine quota settings (ms-DS-MachineAccountQuota) to add rogue machine accounts.
AskcredsCollect passwords by simply asking.
DomaininfoEnumerate domain information using Active Directory Domain Services.
KerberoastList all SPN enabled user/service accounts or request service tickets (TGS-REP) which can be cracked offline using HashCat.
LapsdumpDump LAPS passwords from specified computers within Active Directory.
PswShow window titles from processes with active windows.
SmbinfoGather remote system version info using the NetWkstaGetInfo API without having to run the Cobalt Strike port (tcp-445) scanner.
SprayADPerform a fast Kerberos or LDAP password spraying attack against Active Directory.
StartWebClientStart the WebClient Service programmatically from user context using a service trigger.
WinverDisplay the version of Windows that is running, the build number and patch release (Update Build Revision).


PetitPotamReflective DLL implementation of the PetitPotam attack published by @topotam77

How to use

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Each tool contains an individual file with instructions on how to compile and use the tool. With this approach, we want to give the user the choice of which tool they want to use without having to compile all the other tools.

The C2 Tool is a github repository by Outflank B.V.