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Top 10 Raspberry Pi Zero Projects You Should Try in 2021

A single-board computer is like the ultimate gadget of tech enthusiasts in the world. Sometimes you can’t even imagine how many wonderful things can be done with a tiny board called Raspberry Pi Zero. Once you have a Raspberry Pi in your pocket, you are open to a whole world of possibilities. In this article, I will give a brief idea about the most amazing Raspberry Pi Zero projects available for you to try.

Best Raspberry Pi Zero Projects

If you search on the internet, you will find endless ideas about what to do with your Raspberry Pi Zero. So, after many research and experiments, I have decided that these 10 projects are the coolest and simplest projects to start with. Ok then, let’s find out what these are.

1. DIY Google Home with a Bluetooth Speaker

Google Assistant is a fascinating technology. You will be surprised to see what more you can do with this amazing AI. Now, ever wanted to do something more interesting with the GA? Well, if not, but you have a spare Raspberry Pi Zero W lying around, you can surely try something now! One of those amazing DIY projects is Google home with a Bluetooth speaker.

Also, this project is rather easier. All you have to do is pair your Pi with a Bluetooth speaker and microphone along with the Google Assistant SDK. Pretty soon, you will own your customized Bluetooth speaker to ask questions or give commands to the assistant.


Highlights of the Project

  • You will need a Raspberry Pi Zero W Docking Hub for the project.
  • Make sure to prepare your SD card with the latest version of the Raspbian OS.
  • The Pi and Docking Hub will require a little bit of a setup beforehand.
  • You will have to use codes to configure the audio settings.

2. Portable Game Console

This is like the most exciting thing you can build with your Raspberry Pi and hence, one of my favorite projects. Retro games emulators are really common nowadays. But no one really talks about the game console. In truth, making a game console with your spare Pi will help you in several ways. The best thing is that you can play any game anywhere you like. SO, think about how cool this project will be!

gaming console

Highlights of the Project

  • You will have to build the over-discharge protection circuit.
  • It’s better if you have a Raspberry Pi kit with you. If not, you can buy the necessary components separately.
  • You might require a case to place the components neatly.

3. PIX-E GIF Camera

If you are a frequent member of the online social media platforms, you must be quite familiar with the GIFs. These things come in real handy when we are trying to express a facial impression. Cool thing, no doubt.

Now, think about having a camera that makes GIFs out of the real scenes you are experiencing? Sounds really interesting, right? Well, this certainly is one of the most amazing Raspberry Pi Zero projects you can check out. The best thing is that you can customize the camera design any way you want!


Highlights of the Project

  • You will need two major devices for this project: a 3D Printer and a Raspberry Pi camera.
  • You can change the GIF style settings any way you want.
  • If you made some settings, you could even make your camera upload the GIFs directly to your social media account!

4. OctoPrint – Wireless 3D Printing

OctoPrint is talked about among the tech enthusiasts a lot who work with 3D printing. OctoPrint allows us to enjoy many more additional features than regular printers and get them to the 3D printer from the computer without using a microSD card. Though it’s best suited to the latest versions of the Pi, you can build it with the Pi Zero too, which will need some mods and soldering.


Highlights of the Project

  • You can use a webcam and monitor too to control and print all the aspects.
  • Get the OctoPrint image from the official OctoPrint website.
  • You need to have a good and fast internet connection to make the project successful.

5. Smart Environment Monitor

This project is best for people who genuinely care for the environment and would like something nice to keep it healthy. It’s one of the basic Raspberry Pi Zero projects, which is capable of monitoring most of the things of the environment like humidity levels, temperature, atmospheric pressure, etc., and sends the information to the AWS IoT platform that will process and analyze. This project might seem simple, but it can come in real handy when you are trying to figure out the most populated area in the town.


Highlights of the Project

  • You will need some sensors for the project, like humidity and temperature sensor.
  • It will send out alarms to alert you about the harmful measurements that are detected.
  • You will need to expand the filesystem and enable 12C.

6. VPN Server

If you are a frequent user of VPN apps, then this project is the best option for you. With regular VPN apps, you get a limitation or have to buy the premium version to get the service. But with a Raspberry Pi Zero VPN server, you can easily re-route all the traffic in a private tunnel to ensure better privacy and security. So, you get a personal VPN server and get extra network safety with this amazing project.

VPN Server

Highlights of the Project

  • The project requires a dedicated piVPN to set up as well as configure the private tunnel.
  • You get two protocol options to choose from WireGuard and OpenVPN.
  • Also, you will have to enable SSH on your Raspbian and direct the ports to the router.

7. Electric Skateboard

In the world of skateboards, the electric ones are undoubtedly the fun ones. However, no matter how fun they are, you can’t ignore that they are costly. So, why not make one for yourself with the spare Pi lying around your house? In this project, the Raspberry Pi works as the “Brain” of the whole operation. Though the project seems to be troublesome, it’s actually rather easy to make it.

Highlights of the Project

  • Besides a regular skateboard, the project requires a battery that will power up the whole setup and a motor controller.
  • Wiimote is another essential thing to control skateboard efficiently.
  • Don’t forget to get a mount to hold the pieces together.

8. Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

Besides experimenting on projects, you can try saving some money with your Raspberry Pi! So, how about a hardware wallet that will save your bitcoins and let you use it whenever you need it? Honestly, this is one of the coolest Raspberry Pi Zero projects that I have seen people make! The best thing about this wallet is that you get a private key for every transaction that will never leave the device, ensuring total security.

Highlights of the Project

  • You can send your cryptocurrency to anyone on the network with a safe and authentic transaction.
  • You will use special hardware designed and developed by Trezor.
  • The bridge installation is required unless you are using the Trezor beta wallet.

9. USB Dongle

Here comes another amazing Raspberry Pi Zero project that you can make easily at your home. The Pi can help you to make a USB dongle that comes with internet access as well as memory support. After completing all the settings, you will have to make connections between the dongle and your computer to work properly.

Highlights of the Project

  • The project requires you to buy some serial cables and a USB connector.
  • You will need to solder the USB male connector to the Ground, data, and VCC ports of the Pi.
  • You can also access the USB dongle via the internet by enabling SSH.

10. Raspberry Pi Zero Drone

Drones are one of the most advanced and amazing technology of the modern world, which is extremely expensive and is used mostly by the military and some popular companies. But in truth, a drone can prove to be a lot helpful to you too and an exciting thing to show to your friends! It’s ok if you can’t afford it as long as you have a spare Raspberry Pi Zero in the house! This Raspberry Pi Zero drone will be able to do everything a regular drone can do!

Highlights of the Project

  • You will need a PXFMini autopilot board and a special Linux Operating System image for the project.
  • The autopilot board is capable of making its own Wi-Fi with a USB dongle.
  • You can use a common game path to control the drone from a ground control station.


So, there are 10 best Raspberry Pi Zero projects that you can easily try with the equipment at home. While there are many raspberry Pi projects available in the world that you can make with a Raspberry Pi Zero, these 10 are the most amazing ones. Thanks to the affordability and effective features of the Pi, which has allowed us to get the world in our grasps!

I hope you could find anything interesting and easy to try with your spare Pi. Don’t forget to mention your thoughts in the comment section!