Best Node.Js Books For Beginner and Expert Developers



Top 20 Node.Js Books For Beginner and Expert Developers

Node.js is an incredible platform for creating seamless high performing, and scalable websites. It is an excellent platform for connecting a huge range of devices in recent days through centralized API. Node.js has a wide range of applications in recent days for web application building and development. Thereby, to have a proper guideline for learning Node.js, a perfect set of Node.js books is indecipherably important. People who know basic node application wants to explore deeper and work with this interesting tool further. 

Best NodeJs Books for Developers

Node.js has become very popular for its scalable network programming and web development features. Through node.js, we can connect the real world to the internet by accessing some devices and components. Node.js is a platform that builds network applications where it uses javascript as the server-side language, and this has been quite a powerful alternative to PHP.

What is a Node.Js file? Well, Node.js documents contain errands that will be executed on specific occasions. An ordinary occasion is somebody attempting to get to a port on the server. Node.js documents must be started on the server before having any impact.

1. The Node craftsman book – An advanced NodeJs tutorial

If you already know basic JavaScript and looking for a book that will help you to master in node.js as well as JavaScript simultaneously, then this book, ‘Node craftsman book’ is perfect for you. This node.js book will help you strengthen your base in the software development field using node js. After finishing this book, you can further explore software development and object-orientation, web framework, handling database, and many more.


You will get to know about building node projects and how to connect nodes, and also, you will be able to visualize the node js development. This book has two parts of contents in total.

The first part talks about the node basics, and the second part is web application building details. You will find contents like JavaScript basics, event emitters creation, MySQL with node js, passing test, continuous delivery workflow, and many others. 

2. Nodejs With Koa2 – Build Next-Generation Webapps

Node.js is a platform using which you will be able to experiment with web development. This Node.js book ‘Node js with Koa2’ is a book for people who intend to create websites using the Koa2 framework. If you already know the basics of JavaScript, node, and a few web development languages, then you will find this book extremely easy and helpful.


Node.js and specially Koa2 is not that difficult to work with, but you need a proper guideline and a stepwise approach. Following this book, you are assuring that thing, and you can expect to make an entire website on your own.

In this book, there are 12 chapters. You will find a basic introduction of node.js and why to learn this, some coding, basic projects, real functionality, probable errors, and many more important topics.

3. Beginning Node.js

Website development has become a very important phenomenon in recent days. Node.js is an incredible platform for creating seamless high performing, scalable websites, and to start with it, we need a stepwise guideline.

This Node.js book ‘Beginning Node.js’ explains every important and basic topic for you to start your project with it. You will find the server-side programming fundamentals here. This book has explained the details of JavaScript as well, in case you need it.


This book will help you so that you can start building your full-stack node.js application right after finishing this. This book contains 14 chapters in total. Starting with the development of node.js, core concepts of node.js, events, and stream details, starting with HTTP, Express introduction, debugging, etc., are some of the important contents from this book. 

4. Building APIs with Node.js

Node.js is an excellent platform for connecting a huge range of devices in recent days through centralized API. This Node.js book ‘Building APIs With Node.js’ is that one book that will help you to build a single-thread architecture of node.js. The best part about this book is that if you have a basic knowledge of JavaScript and a little bit of client-server architecture, you do not need to worry further.

The code that is mentioned in the book is written with the latest JavaScript for the reader’s convenience. Along with the theoretical parts, there are also practical parts to ensure you are properly prepared. There is a total of 13 chapters in this book. Some of the contents are Node.js introduction, environment setup, API building, application testing any many more. 

5. Node Cookbook

For creating an efficient client-server solution Node.js is the best platform, and to start with having minimal javascript knowledge, this book ’ Node Cookbook’ is a perfect choice for you. You are not required to have Node knowledge to start this book.

If you know object-oriented programming, then you are good to go with it. This book will provide you all the necessary knowledge of asynchronous programming, along with code samples of express 4, and also the knowledge of specialized streams.


This book also carries many practical recipes that will help you grow from basic to the advanced node using your device. You will have a complete server-side scenario after you are done with this book. This book has 11 chapters inside. Web server making, data serialization methods, database interfacing, network plagiarism integration, writing own node module, etc., are significant concepts from the book. 

6. Node.js Blueprints 

Node.js is a platform that builds network applications where it uses javascript as the server-side language, and this has been quite a powerful alternative to PHP. ‘Node.js Blueprint’ is the book that will help you dive deep into the platform to explore node.js’ capabilities of node.js. This book is full of real-world examples that will make sure you are well prepared to face any kind of problem and make sure you can make the best use of this platform.


After reading this book, you will get to know about node.js design patterns, construct your own architecture, build a site using a full database, master plugging, make an online chatting application, and much more.

Inside this book of 12 chapters, you will find topics like paradigms of common program, blog application writing using node and angular js, using backbone.js creating to-do application, web app developing workflow, and many others. 

7. Learn NodeJS in 1 Day

Node.js is a flexible platform for which supports server-side applications as well as client-side applications. These are some of those features that make node such a popular platform. This book, ‘Learn node.js in 1 day’ would be an incredible companion for creating more efficient applications and exploring more in web development.


This is a Node.js book for beginners who are having trouble with understanding the basics of node.js. This book has tried to discuss the basic yet the must-know issues so that a learner can easily get the idea of node.js in the shortest possible time and get started with it.

Concepts that take so much time to understand are really explained more easily in this book. You will find contents like Node.js download and installation, details of modules, node.js with, node.js with the express, etc. 

8. Manning Node.js in Practice

The book ‘Node.js in Practice’ is a full problem solving based Node.js book full of problems with very familiar and non-familiar problems that you might face with node.js’ journey of node.js. Through this problem-solving phase, you will get to learn about many important topics and get experienced enough to deal will many more problems along with the solutions.


To start with node.js, you are required to be skilled enough so that you can solve any kind of problem, and there is no better option than learning something by problem-solving to be more experienced.

This book contains various kinds of problems like streams, deployment, event-based programming, etc. Inside this book of 3 parts, you will find topics like globals details, buffer details, file system, debugging, and lots more. 

9. Using Node.js for UI Testing

Testing any program has automatically become a very convenient feature for the programmers to work with. This book, ‘Using Node.js for UI testing’ is that one guide that will teach you how to check for bugs automatically. This book will ensure that you are provided with the knowledge that you will need to check your code from the command line and module by module.

The Node.js book is full of tips and tricks to make sure your code is approaching correctly, and if any bug occurs, how it can be solved. This is suitable not only for front-end developers but also for backend developers.

This book has 8 chapters inside. Some of those are starting with jombie.js, simple web app creation, installation of jombie.js and mocha, testing interaction, debugging, etc. 

10. Learning Single-page Web Application Development

This is one of the best Node.js books that work with single page web application building with automated tools. If you know basic frontend work, javascript, CSS, HTML, this book would be perfect for guiding you. “Learning single page web application development” will teach you to work with javascript with both server-side and client-side server. Using javascript, you will create a large-scale application.

This book will guide you with an important point to evaluate new tools and frameworks which are very popular and available in the market and will ensure a higher user experience. This book is a really interesting one for the enthusiast. Here you will find 8 chapters. Single page application understanding, details of node.js and MongoDB, conference web application creation, working with angular.js, etc., are some topics from the book. 

11. Web Development with MongoDB and NodeJS

This book ‘Web development with MongoDB and Node.js’ is a two in one book for both MongoDB and Node.js learning. After finishing this book, you will be able to build a full-featured web application, and all you are required to have is a basic knowledge of JavaScript and HTML.

This Node.js book is a full guideline to build a proper and complete web application from the starting to the end. You will be able to configure your environment according to node.js and Node.js, and MongoDB, and you will also be able to use the Express.js framework for your application.

There are also manuals for testing the code automatically using the mocha framework. This book contains a total of 12 chapters. JavaScript basics with a full-stack, basics of Node.js and MongoDB, introduction to express, controller, and view model are important chapters from this book. 

12. Practical Node.Js

Node.js has a wide range of applications in recent days for web application building and development. People who know basic node application wants to explore deeper and work with this interesting tool further.

In a nutshell, ‘Practical Node.js’ is the book for you if you are looking for a step by step guideline, following which you will be able to create a real-world web application using professional tools. Building a modern web development server is not that easy because it requires connecting many more things, and this book will introduce you to that.

This book is a practical problem base book where you will apply different features by solving those problems. Some topics from this book are Node.js setting and essentials, TDD and BDD for node.js, Security in node.js, real-time app, Node.js app deploying, etc.

13. Node.js for Embedded Systems

Through node.js, we can connect the real world to the internet by accessing some devices and components. This book ‘Node.js for embedded system’ is the book where the author has tried to show javascript’s role with the embedded devices. This book is suitable for engineers and developers trying to connect embedded devices to the internet using node.js.


Though node.js is focused on javascript, this book also contains codes where a learner will find the other languages like python, C++, Ruby, etc. A reader will find 15 chapters in this book. Some of them are connecting world, espruino, details of the practical photon, components of prototyping, web frontends for things, wireless data with Bluetooth, etc. 

14. Node.js Recipes 

‘Node.js recipes’ is a book based on problem-solving and has many tips and tricks for the node.js developers and problem solvers. This practical book allows you to justify your knowledge and make yourself more flexible for solving issues of the node.js platform.

In this book, recipes are the mean situations that you might face in real-world server-side development. This book is really efficient who are working in web development regularly because of the problem they might face daily; they will find the efficient solution of those.

This book is containing 12 chapters in total. Understanding and networking with node.js, web server building, event, and child process using, connecting to a data store, debugging, and deploying node.js are some of the mentioned topics.

15. Node.js for PHP Developers 

A PHP developer should definitely know how to work with node.js for web development and building websites. In this book, Node.js for PHP developers is that book where the author has tried to connect these two based on the similarities compared to the features. So the amazing thing about choosing this book would be that you will learn about the tricks and tips of both PHP and Node.js. 


You will get the key aspects of these two, and thus you will be able to improvise your knowledge while working with them individually or together. You will get to learn about the conversion of PHP framework, syntax, codes to node.js format. Here you will find 12 chapters. Some topics from the book are, basics of node.js, callbacks, HTTP responses, syntax, variables, classes, etc. 

16. Professional Node.js 

Node.js has become very popular for its scalable network programming and web development features. This book ‘Professional Node.js’ is a book where node.js has been discussed in-depth about all the features and topics.

People who are familiar with server-side or browser-side programming, as well as javascript, will find this book really helpful. The reader should also be familiar with a little bit of TCP and HTTP as this is a book for advanced people.

Though this one is an advanced book, you will also find the installation process, and the basic introduction needed to know about node.js. This book covers asynchronous programming, basic module, events, buffer, file systems, networking, and many more. This book of 25 chapters will find topics named module loading, scheduling function execution, controlling the external process, TCP server building, datagram using, etc.

17. Pro Express.js – The Node.js Framework For Your Web Development

Express.js is equally effective as node.js in recent days, and that is why the expert node.js writer has written this book where it explains the express.js basics. If you are already familiar with node.js, then you will find this book easy and helpful. You will get to learn from basic to abstract development problems.

Here express.js has been explained with simple exercises and examples for the reader’s convenience. You will also find the configuration, environment setting, middleware, and its uses here.

This book has been designed so that a reader can start from the very basic and gradually get into the intermediary level. Here you will find a total of 22 chapters. Some of the topics are starting with express.js, working with middleware, parameters and routing details, database and security tips, rest API, hack hall, etc.

18. Sam teach yourself Node.js in 24 hours

Mastering at node.js would not be that difficult if you are following proper stepwise guidance. This book ‘Node.js in 24 hours’ claims that following this one will ensure you can build web applications more quickly and with higher scalability if you follow the guideline accordingly.

This book will be helpful for people who are experienced with programming language especially javascript. This book of 6 parts has incorporated every basic and advanced topic that you might require to learn for understanding node.js in the shortest amount of time.

This step-by-step guide is very effective for people who are just beginning and those who have already had the experience of working with it. There are 24 different topics defined by ‘Hours’. Some of the topics are starting with node.js, node package manager, HTTP, testing node.js application, exploring node.js API, Buffer module, etc. 

19. Smashing Node.js – JavaScript Everywhere

‘Smashing node.js’ is a book where you will find the modern ambiance and techniques of working with node.js, where the author has tried to break the traditional perspective of learning Node.js. The theories and there are several examples through which you will get the node.js framework and how this platform creates amazingly scalable and efficient web applications.

This book contains the implementation of real-time apps, including Socket.IO and HTML5, etc., shows how javascript is beneficial for Node.js, and the best part is that it includes online samples as well. In this book of 5 parts, there are a total of 16 chapters. Setting up an overview of javascript, HTTP, express details, code sharing, and testing are vital topics from the book.

20. Developing Turn-Based Multiplayer Games with GameMaker Studio 2 and NodeJS

This Nodejs book will help you create turn-based multilayer games using a built-in networking function and a node.js server. It also introduces you to network programming and its issues. This book will get to know about the introductory node.js lessons and learn to create servers to send and receive data and connect the game maker with it.

You will be able to apply the multilayer game features for your server and build your own game according to your preferences. You will be able to discover the architecture of creating games through this journey.

You will find 6 chapters in this book. You will find topics like introduction to GMS2, making your first game, introducing node.js, building multilayer games, etc. Overall, choosing this book for your first approach toward game making will not disappoint you at all.


Mastering at node.js would not be that difficult if you are following proper stepwise guidance. Node.js has become very popular for its scalable network programming and web development features. Due to its single-threaded nature, Node.js is primarily used for event-driven, non-blocking servers. The uses of Node.js are augmenting day by day, and that’s why learning this has become so crucial. 

To make it easy for you, we have arranged a list of the top 20 best Node.js books that will make it almost effortless for you to learn Node.js. These books can guide you from the beginner stage till you become an expert at Node.js. If you have benefitted from this information, please do not forget to share it with your friends and family.