Best Data Science Podcasts



Podcasts can be referred to as an excellent source for learning new things and utilizing your time to the fullest. It can enable you to keep pace with the trends and latest technologies. When it comes to data science, it is essential to remain familiar with the recent developments, which can even come every week. There are always so many things happening around data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. If you want to become a key player in this industry, data science podcasts can give you that extra edge that will help you to establish yourself at the top. 

Top 25 Data Science Podcasts You Must Listen

Data science podcast concentrates not only on data science but covers big data analytics as well. Besides, you will also get a chance to get an in-depth idea of big data tools, data science platforms, data storage through the below described useful, informative, and engaging shows.

1. Linear Digressions

This weekly data science podcast is hosted by Katie Malone and Ben Jaffe. They are known for presenting all the recent developments in data science in a nice way to make them easily understandable. Besides, they are friends and motivated to help people to explore this field. 

Insights of this Podcast 

  • If you want to enhance your knowledge in machine learning and artificial intelligence to extend the power of data science to a great extent, you should listen to this show. 
  • All the episodes are easily accessible. Besides, if you are a beginner or new to this industry, this podcast will boost your confidence. 
  • Already consist of more than 100 episodes, while each episode is half an hour long and can provide an in-depth understanding of a certain topic.
  • If you are a beginner in this field, you may become interested as it starts from the fundamentals and advances through complex terms like Fourier transform.
  • They are available on many platforms such as RSS, iTunes ⋅ Podbean ⋅ Player FM, so you can easily listen to this weekly show from anywhere, anytime. 
  • The best part of this program is you can easily contact the hosts to discuss a trending subject or clear your perception of any topic. 

2. O’Reilly Data Show

It is one of the most impressive data science podcasts available out there, led by an experienced data scientist, Ben Lorica. Besides, a professional individual joins Ben to share his knowledge and discuss various data science topics. You can listen to this program at RSS, iTunes, Podbean, Player FM and find their Twitter page.

Insights of this Podcast 

  • The basic or fundamentals of data science and the analytical part are prioritized in this presentation by discussing real-life problems. 
  • Get all the remarkable things required for your career, like mastering a new skill, building expertise in critical topics, or solving problems. 
  • Alongside podcasts, they also provide books, videos, and live training, making it an ideal place for online learning. 
  • Focuses on keeping content always up-to-date to enable you to be ahead of the curve and establish a strong position at your organization. 
  • You can expect all episodes to run at least  30 to 40 minutes, and if interested, you can easily access the program from anywhere in the world. 
  • Every podcast is followed by an event to share more information and knowledge of the topics. You will find many conferences on their website covering Strata Data, AI, etc.

3. SuperDataScience

Kirill Eremenko directs this data analytics podcast. He is a lifestyle entrepreneur and intends to influence people by sharing his experience through this big data podcast. You can follow this program to use big data to achieve business goals and gain revenue.

Insights of this Podcast 

  • This is one of the best data science podcasts for motivating listeners to incorporate big data in traditional operations to improve efficiency. 
  • Covers almost every branch of data science and represents how business can take advantage and bring necessary changes as well. 
  • It comes with a new episode every week and discusses with prominent data scientists and data analysts to share how one can succeed in this industry. 
  • Most high-level topics like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Tableau, R programming, BlockChain, Deep Learning are covered alongside the principles. 
  • Besides, you will find conversations with industry experts in the form of a minisode called Five Minute Friday on their site, which has already got many people’s attractions. 
  • You can listen to this podcast in RSS iTunes, Podbean, Player FM and improve yourself as a data scientist and advance your career further in this domain. 

4. Data Skeptic

If you are looking for a big data podcast that brings all the topics under one umbrella, then you should try Data Skeptic. You will surely love it. It discusses statistics, machine learning,  artificial intelligence, and the analytical part of enabling you to collect more precise information and hidden meaning from big data.

Insights of this Podcast 

  • They are available on every popular platform like RSS ⋅ iTunes ⋅ Podbean ⋅ Player FM, while a Twitter page is also available. 
  • You can listen to over 200 episodes available on their site, and even if you are a beginner, you will be able to understand the fundamentals and dive into complex topics. 
  • To cover the latest development of data science and broad topics like fake news and interpretability, recently, they have started releasing themed episodes. 
  • Naturally, the two types of presentations are streamed while you will find discussions with leading experts and minisodes focusing on high-level data science concepts. 
  • Hosted by Kyle Polich, who is accompanied by Linh Da Tran in some episodes to provide better knowledge of natural language processing and k-means clustering.
  • This weekly podcast is impressive and has already established itself as the most granted data science podcast accessible out there.

5. Becoming a Data Scientist

This big data program is intended to help listeners to become data scientists. It is hosted by Renee Teate, who releases this podcast every week to motivate people to try to indulge themselves in this field. In other words, this program is nothing but what the name suggests.

Insights of this Podcast 

  • Designed to help beginners as it shares the experience of an industry leader. It highlights the path that should be followed to be a successful player in this field. 
  • Although she is not currently releasing any new episodes, her site already contains many episodes, and you can take a lot from that. 
  • You will get twenty-hour-long episodes and a tremendous amount of data science-related information accessible anywhere from the world. 
  • You can listen to this podcast in the mainstream feeds like RSS,  iTunes, Podbean, Player FM, and @BecomingDataSci is their Twitter page. 
  • It was created to act as a Data Science Learning Directory to take help from the archives and guidelines. 

6. Partially Derivative

Just like the previous bid data podcast described already, this podcast is already discontinued. But there is still everything available on their site, and you can access it anytime, anywhere from the world. It has a lot of information focusing on data science, although it is a personal project. 

Insights of this Podcast 

  • Arranged by Jonathon, Vidya, and Chris. They are data science experts and emphasized the implementation of techniques used in data science. 
  • Contains discussion with industry experts and professionals who have already innovated many data science solutions and created new opportunities. 
  • Used to discuss the latest addition to data science and how you can integrate with the existing solutions to increase productivity or efficiency. 
  • Each episode can be twenty minutes to one hour long, but you will never get bored as the presentation is engaging and easily understandable. 
  • You will get more than one hundred episodes on their site and a chance to have a look at the past year’s trending new stories or magazine covers. 
  • Learn how you can explore how backlog works alongside topics like data scraping, bias models, pair-programming in Python, and SQL.

7. Learning Machines 101

Dr. Richard Golden hosts this data science podcast. He shares his thoughts and knowledge of Cognitive Science and Electrical Engineering in this program. It is designed to reach the maximum audience and motivate people to be data scientists. All the latest additions to the field of big data or data analytics are also presented to keep you updated. 

Insights of this Podcast 

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are used to increase the power of data analytics, and this podcast gives ML and AI the highest priority. 
  • If you are entirely new to this area, then you may find the presentation quite technical, complicated, and tricky as it covers most of the advanced level stuff. 
  • Focused on enabling you to integrate data science techniques knowledge representation, expectation-maximization, and spectral clustering with your business.
  • Each episode is at most half an hour-long, although you will need to listen several times to clearly understand the topic. 
  • Although this podcast can be an ideal guideline for any data science enthusiast, the frequency of releasing new episodes is pretty low. 
  • Get a highlight of the high-level branches of data science before diving into the core or enrolling yourself in a data science course. 


This weekly big data podcast discusses the latest developments of data science and brings light to the diversifying opportunities that can be created. From machine learning, artificial intelligence to Data Mining and Statistical Analysis, and Business Strategies are covered in this program.

Insights of this Podcast 

  • This program is hosted by Sam Charrington, who is used to take interviews with industry leaders and experienced professionals in data science. 
  • The target group includes academics, students, business entrepreneurs, data scientists ML, and AI enthusiasts.
  • Not suitable for the newcomers as it targets the group of industry professionals. As a result, as a beginner, you will not be able to follow everything. 
  • Even though you are working in this sector for many years, you should go through all the fundamentals before listening to this podcast. 
  • More than two hundred hour-long audio contents are available on their site, and you can also listen to all popular platforms like RSS, iTunes, Podbean, and Player FM. 
  • To know the latest strategies in data science, check the most recent episode, while archives are also there to see the history of ML and AI development. 

9. Not So Standard Deviations

When you get a chance to know the personal experience of a successful leader in any industry, it helps to boost your confidence and guides you to the right track. This is one of the best data science podcasts if you want to work with data and become a data scientist.

Insights of this Podcast 

  • Discusses the open-source tools that you can use to enhance the credibility of data science as well as R programming language, ad hoc data analysis, and Moka pots. 
  • You will also get a brief idea of developing business models, evaluating performance, illustrating perceptions of data science, and starting thinking to generate solutions. 
  • This program is hosted by Roger Peng and Hilary Parker, who love to talk about text-based formats and implications for statistical modelling. 
  • Listen to the discussion to forecast the future of a specific system and know how predictive analysis plays an essential role in business organizations. 
  • Besides, data frames and big data in military and intelligence applications and how the responsibility of data science may vary from one enterprise to another is explained. 
  • Most of the episodes may last from one hour to one hour and 30 minutes, allowing people to give more time on a particular topic for better understanding.

10. Data Science at Home

This podcast is created to make machine learning easy for everyone. It also wants to make people motivated enough to dig deep into this advanced field of data science. This program is hosted by Francesco Gadaleta, and he is popular when it comes to solo presentations. 

Insights of this Podcast 

  • You will find two types of episodes while one example refers to the discussion with industry experts, and the other is solo performances by Francesco himself. 
  • Although Machine Learning is emphasized in this audio streaming, the topic is not fixed. But the schedule is not also set, and they release new episodes randomly. 
  • The length of the program is not fixed. Discussions may last for one hour, but he can take up to one hour and twenty minutes if the host discusses any topic. 
  • Explains deep learning to provide a better perception of activation functions in deep learning, such as rectified linear units or ReLU. 
  • Francesco shares his opinions on a wide range of topics like AI winter, data optimization strategies and discusses his perspective as well.
  • Expect the latest and most relevant findings regarding data analytics, neural networks, data anonymization, and reproducible machine learning.

11. Talking Machines

This data science podcast is arranged by a former radio producer Katherine Gorman who can make any program impressive and attract people towards data science. He has created this program to create more engagement around this industry to avoid any further AI winter.

Insights of this Podcast 

  • Talks about data science, data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to make people understand the power of data analytics. 
  • Professor Neil Lawrence accompanies Katherine throughout the program, discussing various topics and different branches of data science. 
  • Industry professionals, business leaders, and data science students fall under this show’s target audience. 
  • Intended to enable people to use advanced tools of the famous big data service providers alongside the latest technologies as well. 
  • Each episode may last up to forty minutes to one hour, while after completing the discussion, they love to answer some of the listener’s questions. 
  • If you are looking for an awesome podcast, then you might be happy to know that this show is engaging, informative, and tries to display the transparent picture of this field.

12. DataFramed

It has taken place in this list of best data science podcasts as it has successfully attracted many listeners and become trustworthy. You can entirely rely on the information and enhance your significant data knowledge to a great extent. You can listen to them on iTunes, Podbean, and Player FM as well.

Insights of this Podcast 

  • This program has got much attention due to its host, who is  Hugo Bowne-Anderson, and he has already worked as a data scientist, writer, and educator. 
  • This weekly podcast discusses the opportunities data science has created and its impact on a business to achieve objectives. 
  • An industry leader or academic expert joins the discussion to accompany Anderson and makes the show more informative and meaningful. 
  • If you are a data science student and looking for new project ideas, listen to this show that has already demonstrated a wide range of big data projects. 
  • You will get a brief idea of developing a data science project from scratch and how you can create new spaces using a massive amount of data. 
  • DataCamp powers this show, and you can expect the same quality from this data science focusing podcast.  

13. Artificial Intelligence in IndustryDataFramed

Unlike other data science podcasts of this list, it focuses on artificial intelligence in the context of data science. You can follow this podcast as the producers of this program are maintaining the schedule since the first release and come up with a new episode every week. 

Insights of this Podcast 

  • You can listen to this podcast anywhere from the world, and they are available on all the platforms such as RSS, iTunes, Podbean, and Player FM. 
  • Talks about the real-life implications of artificial intelligence and how we can integrate with the business applications. 
  • This big data podcast does not bore people as the host tries to limit the length of the program and make it compact, resourceful, and easy to understand. 
  • This show has engaged a vast number of audiences as it explains the power of big data in industries such as finance, government, retail, and education.
  • They pick a specific topic and discuss it carefully to enable you to go even more profound if required. 
  • Besides, you can contact to ask questions and have explicit judgments. You can also take help to know more about AI hardware and possible AI integrations. 

14. Data Leaders

Data Leaders is a great data analytics podcast as it represents how an entrepreneur can take help from data science to establish a business. In each episode, any leading AI entrepreneur is invited to discuss the implementation techniques of data science in various aspects of life. 

Insights of this Podcast 

  • You will find 29 episodes have already been released, while each episode lasts around twenty-five minutes. 
  • As mentioned before, this show brings a lot for the small business owners and helps to use data during the decision-making process. 
  • Content creators, marketers, and financiers get the invitation to attend this show, and they let people understand how data science fits in their profession. 
  • Discusses AI product development strategies, Algorithm Performance, Future of AI, BigCommerce, and how to fit products in the existing market. 
  • Besides, this show is informative and insightful, while unlike other podcasts, it focuses on guiding you to the right track for achieving business goals. 

15. Data Crunch

Curtis Seare and Ginette Methot host this big data podcast to bring light to all the branches of big data analytics. You can expect to learn and know a lot of information, as Curtis is a data scientist, while Ginette is a technical writer. The duration of each episode is not more than thirty minutes. 

Insights of this Podcast 

  • Gives artificial intelligence the highest priority and discusses the recent researches and popularization of AI concepts and prototypes. 
  • Discusses all the tools that one should know to get a job in this field, such as Excel, SQL, Google Analytics, and Data visualization platforms like Tableau as well. 
  • Highlight the programming language for data analytics like Python and R while also recommending tutorial sites and the most suitable platforms. 
  • Shares data manipulation techniques, digital analytics strategies, and other online resources to meet the specific requirements of its listeners. 
  • There is no fixed topic that may vary from politics, corruption, brainwash to disaster recovery, data modelling, and patent laws.
  • You can subscribe to this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Android, Email, Google Podcast, Stitcher, TuneIn, Spotify, and RSS.

16. Adversarial Learning

The author of the book “Data Science from Scratch” hosts this program. His name is Joel Grus. The show has become one of the most popular data science podcasts. The host is impressive in presenting data science concepts in a more simplified manner to make things easier for listeners. 

Insights of this Podcast 

  • If you start following this podcast daily, you will find everything associated with big data analytics covered. 
  • He is focused on sharing all his knowledge of a specific topic from scratch to enable audiences to use the tricks if required. 
  • If you visit their website, you will find there are already fifteen episodes that have already been published, while the duration may last for fifty to sixty minutes. 
  • Alongside data science, the host loves to talk about math, computer science, big data analytics, advanced tools, and data storage. 
  • Data managers, data scientists, industry leaders, and business experts are also welcomed to share real-life complications that can occur anytime in this field.

17. IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub

IBM WATSON is one of the significant data science service providers around the world. Especially when working with deep learning and artificial intelligence, IBM is the leading player and the most used platform right now. This podcast has been brought by IBM to create awareness around their service. 

Insights of this Podcast 

  • This big data podcast has created an enormous opportunity for data enthusiasts to listen directly from the IBM experts and enhance knowledge to a great extent. 
  • All the latest developments and the trending business-centered data science applications are overviewed. The average duration varies from twenty to twenty-five minutes. 
  • Brings light on the data problems that can affect the industries and hamper operations to discuss possible solutions in depth. 
  • Focusing on sharing information on data and analytics strategies. Besides, this show breaks down AI opportunities in the banking and financial industry. 
  • Get a chance to know how data and media can be blended alongside the advantages the creative process can attain from big data. 
  • Portrays the importance of platforms like Apache Spark and Hadoop and what makes IBM so unique when it comes to developing AI-based services. 

18. The Cyentia Institute Podcast

This podcast is the result of the heart and soul effort of Wade Baker and Jay Jacobs. This show has already attracted a massive audience with effective data-driven research methods. The hosts are also the founder of the Cyentia Institute and work to promote data science among the professionals and students. 

Insights of this Podcast 

  • Instead of data science, this show gives much more attention to cybersecurity and tries to help people understand the necessity of security to protect data. 
  • The hosts are intended to create awareness among the people and industrialists by spreading the best practices in the big data field. 
  • Usually, the hosts welcome one expert from the field of cybersecurity to discuss the existing problems on the web and how they have overcome them. 
  • If you start following this course, you will find that all the episodes are named after the guest’s name, so it’s easy to find a particular episode or lecture. 
  • Data-driven strategies are useful for gaining more insights from the massive amount of data, and this podcast also highlights algorithms, techniques, and data modeling. 
  • Already eighteen episodes have been released while the duration of the episodes fluctuates between forty to fifty minutes.

19. Python Bytes

You should know at least one of the programming languages between Python and R to do anything with data. Handling big data remains the most challenging job for a data engineer. Most people choose Python over R due to its features, usability, and thousands of available resources to learn. This podcast talks about Python. 

Insights of this Podcast 

  •  Michael Kennedy and Brian Okken are responsible for releasing this big data weekly podcast designed to give people essential insights into Python. 
  • Interviewers love to ask questions relevant to Python as it is a dominant tool for the data science industry. 
  • If you are looking to attend job boards to start your career in this industry, you should follow this audio program to know the most frequent data science interview questions. 
  • Intended to examine new applications, latest trends and evaluate the insights of jobs that are highly useful for the people looking for a kickstart in big data analytics. 
  • Demonstrates projects to share the detailed testing process of an independent API and how we can deploy it in the testing frameworks. 
  • Advanced topics like MongoDB, Dropping SQL are also highlighted. Their site already contains more than 73 episodes, and the duration can go up to twenty minutes usually. 

20. Data Stories

Data visualization is vital to represent the correlation between data and hidden patterns. We can not extract the most out of big data without the proper presentation. Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner host this program to provide a precise idea of data visualization. 

Insights of this Podcast 

  • You will find more than one hundred and nineteen episodes in total on their site, while each episode may last 45 – 50 minutes. 
  • As the leading data analytics podcast, this program is a crowdfunding model powered by the listeners, which authenticates its popularity. 
  • Claims to share everything associated with data science, from art to statistics. You will get a lot of help if you are trying to research data visualization. 
  • Get a huge boost to developing your career in this field of data engineering by listening to the tips and tricks that this program used to broadcast in each episode.
  • Can be divided into different segments and listen to data science concepts from a feminist viewpoint, data visualizer, comic artist, data ethics, etc.
  • Although this podcast shared philosophical thoughts most of the time, it covers any particular topic in depth.

21. Podcast. INIT

Podcast. INIT is completely focused on sharing knowledge based on Python, like the Python Bytes data science podcast that has already been discussed in this list.  Python is a crucial tool to compute big data analytics and data manipulation. You can try this audio presentation before enrolling yourself in any python course. 

Insights of this Podcast   

  • Highlights the powerful features of the Python programming language and discusses various Python methods, tools, and applications. 
  • Unlike Python Bytes, it is not suitable for the newcomers in Python as it discussed some of the most complicated and advanced techniques. 
  • If you are an intermediate or understand the fundamentals of Python, you will get the confidence to incorporate it in data science. 
  • Natural Language Processing, ERP Framework, Machine Learning, Xanadu AI, Task Scheduler, and Portable C extensions are also discussed. 
  • Provides an overview of the game building with Python, web development, sustainable open sources, APIs, and data repositories as well. 
  • This podcast is backed by companies like Kite and Linode. Already published over 156 episodes and each episode lasts from thirty to fifty minutes.

22. Concerning AI

Big data management is quite tricky as we need to go through several steps like pre-processing, analysis, representation, etc. This data science podcast is focused on establishing AI so that people can understand its impact in this field and how it is used for predictive analysis.

Insights of this Podcast   

  • Established itself as the most comprehensive data analytics podcast available right now. Also, it discusses the statistical techniques and computing algorithms. 
  • Highlights the implementation techniques of AI technologies to enable enthusiasts to forecast future trends and identify risk factors as well. 
  • It does not hesitate to let audiences know the factors needed to be taken care of while incorporating AI or data science technologies in an existing solution. 
  • Get to know different types of innovations, future possibilities, and results that can be achieved as the outcome of data science strategies. 
  •  If you want to become a data scientist or enroll yourself in the field of AI, Neuroscience, or Deep learning, follow this podcast to know career opportunities. 
  • There are already over sixty episodes available on their site, while each episode lasts up to forty minutes. Besides, you can always share your thoughts with the hosts.

23. Plumbers of Data Science

This podcast is recommended for data engineers, data analysts, and data architects. It covers all the latest trends and adoptions that the professionals in this industry must follow to cope with the ever-growing challenges. This big data podcast can be a perfect companion to remain ahead of the competitors.  

Insights of this Podcast 

  • Expresses the expert’s opinions on the latest arrivals or developments and evaluates their performance for precise justification. 
  • Professionals, as well as the people looking for a job in the field of data engineering, can follow this podcast to learn about various tools, platforms, and techniques. 
  • Designed for beginners as it is intended to make things easier to understand, and one can use the fundamentals for diving deeper into big data problems. 
  • One of the major problems of this data podcast is no one can know when the new episode will be released, and the average length of the program is thirty minutes. 
  • The host Andreas Kretz strives to enable audiences to generate solutions for data science platforms by sharing his experiences and the best practices.
  • Video podcasts are also available on youtube to emphasize the big data problems and how we can generate solutions and forecast accurately. 

24. Data Futurology

This data analytics podcast acts as a bridge between data enthusiasts and industry leaders. It has opened the door with many possibilities for many audiences interested in working with big data. People can learn from the experiences and skills of professionals who have been working with data for many years. This show is inspiring and helping people to achieve goals. 

Insights of this Podcast 

  • Experts from around the globe are invited to this show to share their stories, problems they face, and how they generate data solutions. 
  • Enables users to learn the fundamentals, essential, and advanced tools that a data engineer needs to use regularly. 
  • If you are an entrepreneur and want to bring disruptive innovation, you can listen to this program to build a world-class data science team for your organization. 
  • Implementation of data strategies, data validation, fraud analysis, anomalies detection, and applications of ML/AI are emphasized. 
  • Learn to track your business growth and incorporate big data to make it secured and stabled as this program explains various business solutions like automation. 
  • Speaker and data science advisor Felipe Flores hosts this program. He comes with a new episode every week, and the length is restricted to one hour only.

25. Data Able

Dave and Matt are the hosts of this big data podcast. Usually, each episode of this program concentrates on the insights and discussion of the analytical data problems. Industry experts join the hosts to share their knowledge, thoughts, and experiences they have earned over the years while working in this industry.

Insights of this Podcast 

  • This show is perfect for organizations looking for digital transformation and want to incorporate big data to sustain innovation. 
  • Emphasizes the possibilities that could be achieved through data storytelling and motivate people to engage with this field. 
  • Although most of the industries have already shifted data-centered operations, it identifies the lack of data technologies when it comes to education. 
  • Get a chance to explore the roadmap that you should follow to become a data analyst or data advisor. 
  • Understand the organizational psychology and industrial work pattern through this weekly show. 
  • It is available on all the leading platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, pkt cast. The length of the program may vary from nine minutes to forty-five minutes.


Data science has reshaped the business processes and revolutionized the operations through its functionalities, offerings, and extensibility. It has opened a new door of opportunity in every aspect of life and how we achieve objectives. More and more jobs are creating every day, and covering all the basic and advanced stuff has become part and parcel to hold a place in this vast market. Data science podcasts highlighted above will keep you always modernized so that you can explore the diversifying branches that data science can provide.