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Top 20 Best Cloud Computing Projects Ideas

Cloud computing is a renowned and well-known new technology in which all the personal works, data, and all other software can be stored and used in a secure server yet can be accessed through any public operating system or browser. As a result, it provides us with decentralizing access control with anonymous authentication of data. It gives the user-independent and distributed access to the encrypted cloud database. It is divided into three criteria such as PaaS (Platform as a service), Saas (Software as a service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a service). This article tries to demonstrate the strategies used to develop the best cloud computing projects of today’s day.

Best Cloud Computing Projects

Cloud Projects
Cloud Projects

Ability to ensure maximum security in the cloud with easier access from anywhere has enabled the below-described ideas to take a pace in the list of best cloud computing projects. Besides, they can provide efficient and secure platforms to share collaborative and personal data.

1. eBug Tracker – Bug Tracking System

Bug Tracking System Project is a bug tracking cloud computing project that helps to identify the type and origin of a bug by only logging on to the app. The three major modules of this project include Administrator, Staff, and Customer. Admin can directly contact the customer, the bug that has been sent, and suggest solutions right on time.

Overview of this Project

  • The customer can register with username and password, and he can send the bug with the print screen right after a bug has been raised in the software.
  • The staff can also log in to the site and view bugs to identify if it’s related to them.
  • Admin can view the bug and analyze the bug case flow status detail and send a message to the customer through this app.
  • Admin can see bug flow detail along with other details at any time by inputting the ticket number.
  • Whenever a new bug takes entry, it generates a number that labels the bug. It makes the admin easier to find any bug afterward. 
  • This project solves bugs easily within a short time. However, the whole process requires the internet.

2. ChatBot

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence software that has the ability to exchange conversation and communicate to the human when a user visits the website. It can be referred to as the most popular cloud computing projects. Chabot is mainly assigned to websites for interaction, marketing, or to keep in touch with the customer frequently. Two basic models of a chatbot are Retrieval based and generative based.

Overview of this Project

  • Some chatbot gives a reply that has input patterns predefined. This kind of bot is used in most of the commercial websites to make it more goal-oriented. 
  • A list of response was given in the system, and when a user askes any question, the bot matches it with the system and send an appropriate answer. 
  • Another group of chatbots does not have a predefined response and gives a reply based on the seq two seq neutral network. 
  • The chatbot can be there as permanent stuff of a website where manual stuff cannot. Then it can serve the user with whatever the response it has to give. 
  • Thus, it attracts users to visit the website even more as they will have some helping hand when they fail to find anything on a particular website. 
  • One can customize the data of chatbot according to the business goal and the requirements. It is one of the most popular cloud computing projects.

3. University Campus Online Automation

It is a cloud computing system that helps to gather information on the number of students, faculty, or visitors who are entering the college campus. It consists of individual login portals for students, permanent faculties, and companies visiting the campus. Each individual has to register, putting details like id, department, position, etc.

Overview of this Project

  • Helps to gather and organize information that reduces the workload of recruitment faculty 
  • Checking student details and shortlisting students becomes easy as it can review automatically according to the criteria 
  • Beneficial for reviewing and managing applicants efficiently within a very short period of time. 
  • Only can be activated through the internet connection to continue the whole process
  • Only admin can access to all the portals who generally handles all the three sections of the app.
  • Once the data is sent to the app, it cannot be edited. Any kind of mistake is tough to resolve. Only the admin can change the data.

4. Uber Data Analysis

Uber data analysis projects can be seen as a data storytelling system that plays an important role in analyzing different operations done by the companies. Companies can have a look at this idea to visualize and improve understanding of results that would help them to cast a new strategy. It basically works with the data visualization concept.

Overview of this Project

  • It helps to plot the trips of an uber passenger by the hours in a day. As a result, the admin can understand the number of passengers fares throughout the day.
  • It can identify when the fare rate was higher and when the rate was lower than usual, along with the higher/lower number of trips at a particular time. 
  • Helps gathering data on the trips every day of the month. Admin collects the trip detail of the 30th day of the month. 
  •  It can also identify the number of trips that have been taken throughout the months of the year and helps visualize the months with higher trip rate.
  • It can create heatmap collecting all the data and create a map of the rides of a particular city.

5. Secure Text Transfer Based on Cloud

Technology always has techniques to keep private and sensitive information protected. Encryption is such a technique. It helps to protect the secret information with key or password so that it remains safe even after being hacked. The key needs to be decrypted for accessing the information. The Diffie-Hellman key exchange serves for both private encryption techniques and public keys.

Overview of this Project

  • It helps to exchange any kind of text messages in the most secure and fastest way possible without having a fear of being hacked and being leaked.
  •  It uses a two-way encryption technique that can be used for both public and private key encryption activities. 
  • Along with text messages, it helps to keep the exchanging images secure within the easiest manner. 
  • The technique is more secured as it uses the SQL database to store any kind of information that has been exchanged.
  • An internet connection with the Azure cloud server in necessary to activate the whole process.

6. Intelligent rule-based phishing website classification based on URL Features

This project helps to detect and identify the e-banking phishing website through an intelligent, flexible, and effective system. The system is based on a data mining algorithm to extract phishing data. Phishing websites refer to the sites which ask the user for their personal data for a harmful purpose. These websites can be detected through URL, Domain Identity and security, encryption criteria.

Overview of this Project

  • It can easily scan unused and not-secured websites and also gives safety from outside viruses and bugs. 
  • Some e-commerce sites use this technology to build a good relationship between the buyer and the customer.
  • It makes online payment secure and provides better performance with modern algorithms. 
  • It collects the project file and a database file in the Azure Cloud after any transaction by the customer. 
  • Admin needs to tag a website in block listed group to activate this service. Internet connection is needed for the whole process.

7. Cloud-Based Attendance System

A cloud-based attendance system helps to take attendance data with a completely automatic process. With the scanning process of employe’s/student’s id card, all the information and data about that individual stores in the system. As a result, details like date, in-time, out-time, total working hours have been stored. Admin can add new employees simply by filling up personal information and registering.

Overview of this Project

  • As the whole process is completely out of manual control, the user cannot add proxy attendance. 
  • The database is secured, and no one can access and edit the data except for admin. 
  • It counts in and out time in such manner that employee working hour is calculated without any mistake within a short period of time. 
  • This kind of cloud computing usages can enable the authorities to calculate salary with the deserved amount of overtime by calculating accurate hours of overtime.
  • To record attendance properly, an internet connection is a must. The attendance will not be recorded without an internet connection. 
  • It keeps records of old employers so that one can easily check the details in the future if necessary.

8. Student Chatbot 

Student information chatbot is an artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm that helps the student to provide any kind of information they are seeking on a website. The chatbot is programmed to give an appropriate answer to the student. If an individual doesn’t get an appropriate answer, he can notify, and the feedback goes directly to the admin. All the regular answers are transferred from the database with a graphical user interface that leaves the impression of a real person while talking.

Overview of this Project

  • The student does not have to be physically present to the institute to seek any query as he can contact through the chatbot.
  •  It enables a student to be notified about all the upcoming events and activities without even searching for it. 
  • It saves time for students and teachers as well, and one can seek for any kind of information from any places that are convenient to them.
  • Required internet connection to upload and update data along with up to date college activities. 
  • Students can add any query related to college activity, and the admin will set an answer for the particular question. 
  • No format is necessary to follow for students while asking any questions, and the chatbot is ready to answer as quickly as possible.

9. Android Offloading Computing Over Cloud

It’s a cloud computing project for applications to prevent automated offloading that is used by the developers of the applications. This framework enhances the ability of an app based on static analysis. Users can choose a process and a file for the process as a cloud with encryption and a TimeStamp is calculated. Without any need for other application’s help, this framework analyzes and offloads parts where necessary.

Overview of this Project

  • It makes it easier to identify if the company is on profit or on the loss so that an individual can take the necessary steps accordingly.
  • For easier and faster processing of any query, timestamp statistics make it easier to select a convenient process. 
  • All the analyses rebased on some particular parameters like the size of the input or the connection of the internet.
  • The application works according to the data provided on the system. Thus, any wrong data will lead the system to wrong or inaccurate results.

10. Online Book Store System

An online book store project is a cloud computing project that contains a database of various books along with the book title, cost, and author. It can work as a bookstore on the internet that has been developed using C# and SQL. The books are arranged in different sections and categories so that the user can get the desired book without being puzzled. A wide range of uses is handled smoothly by this system.

Overview of this Project

  • One can enter into the website with the availability of internet connection and just by online registration.
  • The user can book a particular book by selecting and filling up a form on the website.
  • There is a book inventory management for making this website more user-friendly. 
  • The user can check if the book is available or not. If the book is not available, a notification will go to the user. 
  • Various book-related details are there to enlighten the user about different criteria of books.

11. Secure File Storage Using Hybrid Cryptography

This project is used for protecting the files and data with the process of encryption and decryption. To encrypt the file, blowfish is used that takes minimum time with maximum output. Decryption happens from other symmetric algorithms. This hybrid technique gives security even in the remote server. With cryptography, the data turns into an unreadable form of data that secures it.

Overview of this Project

  • As the file is being encrypted by three encryption algorithms, the file becomes completely secured. 
  • It embeds the key in an image by LSB, and so the key remains safe and secured as well. 
  • The three encryption algorithms that make the data so secured are AES, RC6, and DES.
  • The system keeps unauthorized servers out of the server so that the data remains secret.
  • The cryptography technique consists of a symmetric key and public key for translating data into an unreadable form. 
  • The cloud server is authorized to be accessible for specific persons, whereas ciphertext data is visible for all.

12. Cloud-Based Online Blood Bank System

This project is an online blood bank that helps in a very effective manner for blood bank operations. It’s like a central point for various blood deposits, along with the details of the blood and the depositors. Details like blood type, storage area, and date of storage help maintaining and monitoring all blood depositors. This online-based system helps to check the availability of the desired blood depositor. Also, the system has patient details and contacts.

Overview of this Project

  • It helps to identify if a particular blood group is available in the nearby region. 
  • Blood details, along with the depositor details, are there in the system so that they can contact personally if they want. 
  • The system remains under proper monitoring with the data of storage and its type. 
  • In seek of a particular blood group, a help notification will be posted on the website so that it can notify depositors. 
  • One can book blood according to the need and can use it on the booked time.

13. E-Learning Based on Cloud Computing

E-learning technology of cloud computing is a modern platform for learners based on the internet, where a learner can easily search for books/ videos and download wherever required. Learning, sharing, and reusing are three major parts of the e-learning process. Learners can collect learning modules directly from websites without getting involved with other learning management systems. It stores and manages e-book information according to categories.

Overview of this Project

  • No need for a manual check to keep track of books and video information along with its availability. 
  • Admin can update the system whenever a new book or video arrives and provide it to the desired customer.
  • A learner doesn’t have to go to the library physically for searching for learning material rather search on an e-learning website just by connecting the internet.
  • To make it easier for the learners, the books and videos are organized in a systematic way according to the categories. 
  • It reduces the use of paperwork by maintaining all information in an electrical manner. 
  • Students can send feedback of this whole system to the admin by filling up the form.

14. Data Duplication Removal Technology

This project deals with unnecessary and inessential data in an accurate manner within a short time. It identifies if the data redundant or false positive or not. After uploading a particular file, the system crosschecks the data, and it will make a new database if the data is new. Otherwise, the system will not keep the data if it’s already there. The main concept of this technology is to reduce duplicate data as much as possible.

Overview of this Project

  • It helps to store data with a minimum number of duplication as possible so that the user gets maximum storage space.
  • It helps to reduce the complexity that happens with redundant files. As a result, the user doesn’t net to delete copy files manually. 
  • Easier to upload and download files just with a connection of active internet. 
  • It compares the newly uploaded chunk of data with the existing chunk of data and determines the decision. 
  • It increases the process performance so that the window gets affected and helps to run on a cloud platform in an easier manner.

15. Cloud-Based Bus Pass System

It’s a cloud computing project that provides the service of buying tickets over the internet 24×7. It solves many complicated issues like ticket being misplaced, stolen, or mispriced. As a large number of people visit through the website, it might perform slowly. And so, it is built up in cloud technology. Customers can pay for this e-ticket via credit card, master card, or visa card. By this, it became easier for customers to check the schedule of buses and the availability of tickets.

Overview of this Project

  • The system can provide an identification pass of the user by using the BAR code, pass renewal, cancellation, updating, etc.
  • One can check every detail and query about bus arrival through the website like pass renewal, update, or student discount.
  • By registering on the website, the user will get the chance to get verified, and after that user can book passes for any desired route he wants. 
  • As it contains all the information of bus passes, it helps the user to keep them up to date with any kind of delay on arrival without even being present on the bus counter. 
  • Users can easily research through cc debit cards when they run out of balance in the account within a short time.

16. Customized AES Using Pad and Chaff Technique and Diffie Hellman Key Exchange

Cloud computing projects with data encryption technology can protect the database from potential data loss. Computer, in one way, offers flexibility and, in another way, leaves the risk of data being lost or hacked or copied. This technology prevents those issues with an effective result. All the data, including medical or insurance, needs to be encrypted to be kept secure. The system will automatically merge any data that has already been stored in the database.

Overview of this Project

  • This application will keep all the data secured in an encrypted form where the admin can also decrypt the data whenever he wants. 
  • Only the admin can read the encrypted data, who has the key to the system. Also, a user who has been authorized can read the data too. 
  • If any unauthorized or third party tries to access the data, he cannot read the encrypted data. Only some random strings of bits will be seen. 
  • It keeps identifying data private along with increasing the ability of high-quality integrated data. 
  • Encryption algorithm turns the data into a secured form, and so it becomes tough to be leaked or hacked by any unauthorized user. 
  • It gives excellent results; however, if the data is not provided accurately, it will not give an accurate result.

17. Detecting Data Leaks via SQL Injection

This project refers to the prevention of SQL injection data leaks and to make the database more secure. With a connection of the internet, this system can be run online without any kind of system implementation. While paying through the card on online shopping, all data of the card is encrypted and stored. The system also stores user information in the AES encryption form. This project enhances security and prevents the data from injection hacking.

Overview of this Project

  • It ensures the security of the user while making payment via card and keeps the system strong from being hacked with SQL injection. 
  • It is a secure and robust nature system. The system is based on SQL Injection prevention. 
  • It requires only an active connection of the internet; however, it can be failed to output accurate data if incorrect data is being entered into the system. 
  • It doubles the security by handling SQL Injection capability code and going to be a connection between the cloud server and application. 
  • It detects the data leaks so that the data keep safe; however, it does not keep track of stock or order.

18. Storage and Energy-Efficient Cloud Computing

This cloud computing project is used for improving the cloud computing system by utilizing the storage space at its best and making it more efficient. Usually, the cloud computing system’s full storage space and resources are not efficiently used by the user. Some of the resources are occupied with hidden and unnecessary data. This project helps to remove those and make it completely available for the user. It improves the cloud system.

Overview of this Project

  • It reduces the limitation of cloud computing projects and enhances its ability toward the user. 
  • Helps to make a good overview by improving the whole system so that user become more interested in using the cloud when it comes to developing projects.  
  • It only solves issues that are related to cloud computing, especially in the sector where things are not economically utilized.
  • It also brings additional benefits like Bluebook, PowerPoint presentation, or project black book.

19. Rural Banking by Cloud Computing

Cloud computing projects in rural banking can develop the banking system in a rural area where people are lack of various facilities and amenities. With the help of it, rural banking becomes more connected to its users as they can do the baking without walking into banks for anything they want. It increases efficiency and fulfills the gaps in the banking sector and improves economic activities.

Overview of this Project

  • With a registration and login process, one can have their account that can be accessed through electronic devices like mobile phones/PC with a connection of the internet.
  • IT infrastructure can be easily updated and does not have to have a heavy budget. Banks can only pay on-demand for software and hardware. 
  • It improves flexibility and scalability as it can respond quickly to the market and customer feedback. 
  • It increases efficiency as it can integrate with new technologies and business operations to solve complexity within a short time.
  • As all the transition becomes online-based, it serves the client as faster as possible. Faster service leads to client satisfaction, which can increase bank demand easily.
  • It maintains the security of data and ensures that users can get in touch with new apps and technologies with maximum security.

20. Cloud-Based Smart Traffic Management

This traffic management framework is a combination of efficient, scalable, and distributed management processes by analyzing traffic big data. Traffic congestion is one of the most common challenges in recent days. Traffic management system (TMS) offers techniques to improve response time, improve infrastructure, etc.

Overview of this Project

  • It works with vehicle routing to shorten the time of going to work from home and back again. 
  • Prediction of traffic that helps to indicate bottlenecks to maintain clear movement while parking. 
  • Use of wireless sensor and communication technology with modern methods to make it more efficient in practical scenarios. 
  • Wireless sensor networks, communication machines, social media techniques, floating car data facilities are there to manage this smart technology. 
  • Information on traffic for real-time is collected with these methodologies, and then the decision-making process starts with data mining and extraction of knowledge. 
  • It is a three-layer framework that contains open source components by using the Hadoop ecosystem.


Cloud computing is something that has been used so frequently on a daily basis that one doesn’t even realize that s/he is using it. Any kind of online facilities starting from online text editing to listening to music or any other online services is cloud computing projects. It’s making life easier by making every service accessible via active internet with ensuring strong protection from potential threats. It enhances productivity, reliability with excellent performance, and higher security.