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First of all congratulations on finding the treasure. This project integrates excellent offensive and defensive weapons projects in the whole network, including information collection tools (automatic utilization tools, asset discovery tools, directory scanning tools, subdomain name collection tools…etc…), vulnerability exploitation tools (major CMS Utilization tools, middleware utilization tools, etc.), intranet penetration tools, emergency response tools, Party A’s operation and maintenance tools, and other security data items for use by both offensive and defensive parties. If you have better suggestions, you are welcome to make requests. This article includes excellent tools from the whole network, and you are welcome to submit them.

Semi/Fully Automated Exploitation Tool

project nameproject addressProject Description
ShuiZe_0x727 service, you only need to enter the root domain name to collect relevant assets in all directions and detect vulnerabilities. You can also enter multiple domain names, C-segment IP, etc., see below for specific cases.
nemo_go automated information collection
cosint Asset Information Collection and Vulnerability Scanning Platform
ApolloScanner cruise scan framework (available for red team assessment)
what colour is it Detection Framework
Railgun interface automation tool
online toolset cms identification|information leakage|industrial control|system|Internet of things security|cms vulnerability scan|nmap port scan|subdomain acquisition|to be continued..
AlliN comprehensive tool that assists ordinary penetration testing projects or quick management of offensive and defensive projects
AWVS-GUI Web Vulnerability Scanner GUI Version]
vajra highly customizable web automated scanning framework
bayonet asset management system from subdomains, port services, vulnerabilities, crawlers, etc.
kscan port scanning, TCP fingerprinting and banner capture for specified IP segments, asset lists, and surviving network segments

Asset Discovery Tool

project nameproject addressProject Description
linglong Infinite Cruise Scanning System
LangSrcCurise subdomain asset monitoring
ARL (Lighthouse) scout Internet assets associated with targets and build a basic asset information base.
AppInfoScanner terminal (Android, iOS, WEB, H5, static website) information collection scanning tool
Integrate GoogleHacking syntax for information collection

Subdomain Collection Tool

Project Descriptionproject addressproject name
Online subdomain collection collection
ssl certificate scan domain name
A powerful subdomain collection tool
ksubdomain stateless subdomain blasting tool
Easy-to-use and powerful subdomain scanning tool
Layer subdomain digger
src subdomain monitoring
Discover valid subdomains of a website by using passive online sources

Directory Scanning Tool

Project Descriptionproject addressproject name
Web path scanner directory scanning tool
A fast, simple, recursive content discovery tool written in Rust
Fuzzing tool written in Go
An advanced web directory and file scanning tool
Sensitive Directory Discovery Tool for Websites
Edgeworth Backstage Scanning Tool Collector’s Edition
Directory/subdomain scanner developed with GoLang

Fingerprint Identification Tool

Project Descriptionproject addressproject name
Red Team Key Attack System Fingerprint Detection Tool (edge ​​hole) 2.0
A full-featured web fingerprint identification and sharing platform with built-in more than 10,000 open source fingerprint information on the Internet.
A web application fingerprinting tool
Golang implements Wappalyzer fingerprint recognition
A fingerprint detection tool for red team survival detection and key attack systems in a large number of assets
Glass is a quick fingerprinting tool for asset listings

port scan tool

Project Descriptionproject addressproject name
TXPortMap is a practical tool for port scanning and service identification
High-concurrency network scanning and service detection tools developed using Golang
naabu Fast port scanner written in go
masnmapscan is a port scanner. Integrated masscan and nmap scanners scanner
gonmap is a go language nmap port scanning library
Online Port Scan 1 tools
Online Port Scan 2 Tools 2
Xiaomi Fan

Burp+ browser plugin

Project Descriptionproject addressproject name
A collection of plugins (not stores), articles and tips for burpsuite
A passive shiro detection plugin based on BurpSuite
A passive FastJson detection plugin based on BurpSuite
fastjson vulnerability burp plugin, detect fastjson less than 1.2.68 based on dnslog
Auxiliary BurpSuite plugin for HaE request highlighting and information extraction
domain_hunter_pro is a Burp plugin for asset management
GadgetProbe Burp plugin is used to blast remote classes to find Java deserialization
BurpSuite plugin for HopLa autocomplete Payload
Identification codes
fake ip address
Automatically send requests
Hack-Tools Browser Extension for Red Teams
Proxy plugin for SwitchyOmega browser
Chrome plugin. Find DOM XSS with DevTools
FOFA Pro view is a FOFA Pro asset display browser plugin
mitaka Chrome and Firefox extension for OSINT search
Git History View the history of git repository files History

Exploit tool

Information disclosure tool

Project Descriptionproject addressproject name
swagger-exp Swagger REST API information disclosure tool
swagger-hack automatically crawls and tests all swagger-ui.html interfaces
Packer Fuzzer is a scanning tool for detecting websites constructed by front-end packaging tools such as Webpack
SvnExploit supports SVN source code leaking the full version of Dump source code
git-dumper Tool to dump git repositories from websites
GitDorker scrapes sensitive information from GitHub by using the large dorks repository
Extract sensitive information from JavaScript files
A JavaScript detection automation script with more functions

Vulnerability Scanning Frameworks/Tools

Project Descriptionproject addressproject name
A framework for accurate detection and deep exploitation of high-risk vulnerabilities
Web Vulnerability Attack Framework
Open source remote vulnerability testing framework
Brand new open source online poc testing framework
A powerful security assessment tool
Network Security Testing Tool
is a web vulnerability scanning and verification tool

Middleware exploit tool

Project Descriptionproject addressproject name
Comprehensive high-risk exploit tools
Spring series of exploit tools
Comprehensive utilization of shiro deserialization vulnerability, including (echo execution command / memory injection) to fix the problem of NoCC in the original version
Comprehensive utilization of shiro deserialization vulnerability, including (echo execution command / memory injection)
FastjonExploit | Fastjson Vulnerability Rapid Exploitation Framework
fastjson_rce_tool fastjson command executes automated exploitation tool
fastjson one-click command execution
Jboss (and Java Deserialization Vulnerability) Validation and Exploitation Tool
weblogic utilizes the tool weblogic-framework
woodpecker framework weblogic information detection plugin
One-click quick attack test tool for Dubbo deserialization
jenkins-attack-framework Attack framework for Jenkins
Jiraffe is a semi-automatic security tool written for leveraging Jira instances.
STS2G Struts2 Vulnerability Scanning Tool – Golang version
Struts2-Scan Struts2 full vulnerability scanning tool
Spring boot Fat Jar arbitrary write file vulnerability to stable RCE exploit skills Jar

Key cms utilization tool

Project Descriptionproject addressproject name
Zhiyuan OA comprehensive utilization tool
Tongda OA comprehensive utilization tool
Bluelink OA exploit tool/front-end unconditional RCE/file write
Panwei OA vulnerability comprehensive utilization script
Ruijie Networks EG Easy Gateway RCE Batch Security Inspection
CMSmap A tool for security scanning of popular CMS
WordPress Vulnerability Scanner developed with Go
A Ruby framework designed to help with penetration testing of WordPress systems
WPScan WordPress Security Scanner
WPForce WordPress Attack Kit

General exploit tool

Project Descriptionproject addressproject name
DOM-based fast XSS vulnerability scanner
Very common XSS platform

Database utilization tool

Project Descriptionproject addressproject name
MDUT 2.0 Database Utilization Tool
Comprehensive high-risk exploit tools (including major databases)
sqlserver exploit tool
Perform lateral movement in constrained environments via a compromised Microsoft SQL Server via socket reuse
ODAT: Oracle Database Attack Tool

blasting tool

Project Descriptionproject addressproject name
A scanning blasting tool that combines excellent tool functions such as fscan and kscan.
Super weak password check tool is a weak password audit tool for Windows platform weak password checker
Web-Brutator middleware interface blasting
WebCrack is a web background weak password/universal password batch detection tool
zero-crack Web application (webapps) brute force cracking gadget
WordPress super fast brute force tool
ssb A faster and simpler tool for blasting SSH servers blast
rsync weak password scanning (blasting)

dictionary collection

Project Descriptionproject addressproject name
– Some common default device/app passwords organized online
– Some default password tables for Huawei series devices organized online
– Dictionaries collection items such as penetration testing, SRC vulnerability mining, blasting, and Fuzzing
Fuzz dictionary, one is enough Pentesting
– Web fuzzing dictionary with some payloads Fuzzing Box
Upload vulnerability fuzz dictionary generation script
Collection of multiple types of lists used during security assessments
Payload library for penetration testers and bug bounty hunters
Various weak password dictionaries based on actual combat precipitation
TOP25 parameter dictionary of various vulnerabilities
Extract and collect qualified strong and weak passwords from previously leaked passwords

Intranet penetration tool

webshell hosting tool

Project Descriptionproject addressproject name
“Ice Scorpion” dynamic binary encryption website management client
China Ant Sword is an open source cross-platform website management tool
One-sentence web management tool
Cross-Platform Chinese Kitchen Knife

password extraction tool

Project Descriptionproject addressproject name
Various password extraction
Used to read common program passwords, such as Navicat, TeamViewer, FileZilla, WinSCP, etc.
Xshell, Xftp password decryption tool
An export tool for decrypting browser data (password|history|cookie|bookmark|credit card|download record), supporting mainstream browsers on all platforms.
An identification code and verification code extraction tool for sunflower
One-click CobaltStrike script to assist in grabbing 360 secure browser passwords and decryption gadgets
BrowserGhost tool to grab browser passwords
win-brute-logon cracks any Microsoft Windows user password without permission
TeamViewer: Bypass anti-software tool to obtain Teamview password
Xdecrypt Xshell Xftp password decryption

Lateral movement tool

Project Descriptionproject addressproject name
Mimikatz Windows Password Grabber
sharpwmi rpc-based lateral movement tool with upload and execute command functions
File download command is generated quickly command
One-click generation of rebound shell commands shell
ATT&CK Lateral Movement Summary Tips
Pass hash to named pipe for token impersonation
Common lateral movement and domain control authority maintenance methods

Tunnel proxy tool

Project Descriptionproject addressproject name
A full-platform proxy tool that supports a variety of socks protocols
High-performance reverse proxy application focusing on intranet penetration
Lightweight, high-performance, powerful intranet penetration proxy server
Improved reGeorg version
It is a tool that uses the dns protocol to transmit tcp data
is a DNS tunneling tool
Intranet penetration proxy, port forwarding tool
A simple reverse ICMP shell
Forward/reverse proxy, intranet penetration, port forwarding
Pingtunnel is a tool for forwarding tcp/udp/sock5 traffic disguised as icmp traffic tunnel
pystinger – An out-of-network tool that uses webshell for traffic forwarding
goproxy is a lightweight, powerful, high-performance proxy tool
A tool that can perform reverse proxy and cs online without going online

O&M & Party A & Defender Tools

emergency response tool

Project Descriptionproject addressproject name
Automatic and comprehensive detection script of the host-side Checklist
Practical notes on emergency response, self-cultivation of a safety engineer
Linux information collection/emergency response/common backdoor/mining detection/webshell detection script
APT-Hunter Windows log event emergency tool
uroboros – A GNU/Linux monitoring and profiling tool that focuses on a single process
A powerful emergency response tool under whohk linux
Malwoverview is a first responder tool for threat hunting
Attack Surface Analyzer can help you analyze the security configuration of your operating system
A tool for real-time detection of malicious web traffic based on IP reputation information
Rootkit Hunter Rootkit Hunter
SHELPUB.COM focuses on killing hippo webshell killing webshell
Fire Kylin-Network Security Emergency Response Tool (System Trace Collection)
Log analysis library, another usage of nuclei

The Defense Tool is a github repository by L0una