3klCon – Automation Recon tool


Automation Recon tool which works with Large & Medium scopes. It performs more than 20 tasks and gets back all the results in separated files.


Full Automation Recon tool which works with Small and Medium scopes.

ّIt’s recommended to use it on VPS, it’ll discover secrets and searching for vulnerabilities

So, Welcome and let’s deep into it



Version 1.1, what’s new?

  1. Editing the tool’s methedology, you can check it there :””
  2. Editing the selected tools, change some and use more tools
  3. Upgrading to python3
  4. Editing some processes to be as a user option like directory bruteforcing and port scan

Installation instructions

1. Befor ANY installation instruction: You MUST be the ROOT user

$ su -

Because some of tools and dependencies will need the root permission

2. Install required tools (You MUST run it even if you install the used tools)

chmod +x install_tools.sh

3. Running tool (Preferred to use python2 not python3)

python 3klcon.py -t target.com


[+] If you face any problem at the installation process, check that:

1. You logged in as ROOT user not normal user 
2. Check that you installed the GO language and this path is exist /root/go/bin  

[+] It will take almost 3 ~ 4 hours running if your target is a medium. So, be Patient or use VPS and sleep while running 🙂
[+] It will collect all the result into one directory with your target name
[+] Some of tools may need your reaction like entering your GitHub’s 2FA or username, password, etc.

Tools useds

  1. Subfinder
  2. Assetfinder
  3. Altdns
  4. Dirsearch
  5. Httpx
  6. Waybackurls
  7. Gau
  8. Git-hound
  9. Gitdorks.sh
  10. Naabu
  11. Gf
  12. Gf-templetes
  13. Nuclei
  14. Nuclei-templets
  15. Subjack
  16. Port_scan.sh

Wait the NEXT version with more and more new interesting features