AuraBorealisApp – Do You Know What’s In Your Python Packages



Do You Know What’s In Your Python Packages? A Tool for Visualizing Python Package Registry Security Audit Data


AuraBorealis is a web application for visualizing anomalous and potentially malicious code in Python package registries. It uses security audit data produced by scanning the Python Package Index (PyPI) via Aura, a static analysis designed for large scale security auditing of Python packages. The current tool is a proof-of-concept, and includes some live Aura data, as well as some mockup data for demo purposes.

Current features include:

  • Scanning the entire python package registry to:
    • List packages with the highest number of security warnings, sorted by Aura warning type
    • List packages sorted by the total and unique count of warnings
    • List packages by their overall severity score
  • Displaying security warnings for an individual package, sorted by criticality
  • Visualize the line numbers and lines of code in files generating security warnings for a specific package
  • Compare two packages for security warnings


Turn on your VPN (at IQT)

Clone the repository.

git clone

Navigate to aura-borealis-flask-app directory.

cd aura-borealis-flask-app

Install dependencies.

pip install -r requirements.txt

Run the app.


Navigate to the URL via a browser.

Feature Roadmap

  • Compare a package to a benchmark profile of packages of similar purpose for security warnings
  • Compare different versions of the same package for security warnings
  • List packages that have changes in their warnings and/or severity score between two dates
  • Ability to scan an internal package/registry that’s not public on PyPI
  • Display an analysis of permissions (does this package make a network connection? Does this package require OS-level library permissions?)

Contact Information (John Speed Meyers, IQT Labs, Secure Code Reuse project lead).

The lead developer and creator of Aura is Martin Carnogusky of

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